American Idol 2013: Lazaro Arbos’ Best Moments

Lazaro Arbos

Lazaro Arbos had a long and solid run on American Idol 2013. Some might even say he outstayed his welcome. But that’s all over now as we said goodbye to him tonight.

Fans have been split on the sweet 21-year-old from Florida for the past several weeks because while he was an early favorite, his performances have been lackluster and best. And the judges have ridden him hard for weeks. But his fans kept him going, but even they ran out of votes this week because the girls are just too good this season.

Regardless of what you think about Lazaro, he did have his moments and we’re going to give him a nod by looking back at those now.

Lazaro Arbos’ Best Moments on American Idol 2013

Bridge Over Troubled Water, First Audition. When we first met Lazaro, we got a remarkable story about a guy who can barely speak without stammering, but sings crystal clear. His touching story and courage pulled a lot of us in. That coupled with his first audition, had me sold. I loved his story and his version of Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Angles, Hollywood Week. Lazaro continued to shine during Hollywood Week with his version of Robbie Williams’ Angels. He of course broke out the song again last night, but it didn’t have the same impact that it did during Hollywood Week. Clearly.

Tonight I Want To Cry, Sudden Death Round. Lazaro bravely took on the Keith Urban song Tonight I Want To Cry and it helped land him into the American Idol 2013 Top 10. It’s probably his best performance from the season, but it was all sort of downhill from there.




  1. Like him or not Lazaro has GUTS!!! He can have a great career as a singer if the “experts” direct him into the genre he’s most comfortable with and accentuate his talent. Although, there’s always a modeling career as an alternative……….

  2. Well I figured he was going to be safe and I was thankfully wrong. I actually have more sympathy for him now. Never felt he was strong enough to make the top 10, but was pushed by the producers. He really hasn’t looked happy the past few weeks, and I think the pressure has really been getting to him. His handicap alone must be tough enough, then I’m sure he hears a lot of the anger from fans that want him off, throw in the judges and Jimmy and I wouldn’t want to have to deal with that. It looked to me like he’d become a pariah on the show, possibly become the ratings boom could have backfired. At the end of the day I think it is the producers most at fault. Hopefully this will make him stronger to do whatever he chooses and not throw him back into a shell. He seems a nice kid but wasn’t ready for this. Best of luck.

    • Very well said. I COMPLETELY LOST RESPECT for American Idol coz of THE WAY THE 3 JUDGES CRITIQUE LAZARO DURING THE LAST COMPETITION. I wouldn’t even call it critiquing! IT WAS HARSH & RUDE, LITERALLY THEY BULLIED HIM on live tv just to make a point! Maybe it was pressure from the PRODUCERS BUT THEY COULD’VE JUST BEEN TRUTHFUL & JUST GIVE OBJECTIVE OPINION! Obviously their goal was to cut-out the outpour of votes being given lazaro’s way, but TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC THEY’VE BEEN CRUEL, AN OVERKILL AIMING AT STRIPPING LAZARO NOT ONLY OF VOTES BUT ALSO WHATEVER DIGNITY HE’S GAINED WHEN HE JOINED AI. A sad form of irony coz AMERICAN IDOL HAD TO USE LAZARO’S BACKSTORY OBVIOUSLY TO INCREASE RATINGS, AND THEN USE THAT SAME BACK EXPERIENCE TO CUT HIM OUT OF THE COMPETITION. People before have been sayin it was all sympathy votes that made him stay longer than he should in the competition but me honestly I really have faith in his potential as an artist & was always looking forward to his performance. What breaks my heart is the fact that Lazaro has only nice things to say about MINAJ,URBAN,CAREY & all the others who LITERALLY BUTCHERED HIM & MADE HIM A LAUGHINGSTOCK. I SALUTE YOU LAZARO, YOUR #LAZIS LOVE & SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY.

  3. It seems to me that he needs some training, more live stage experience & some music classes. But he does have raw talent. I think right now he could be a great model. That doesn’t require much talking. He’s also good at singing acapella, because his musicality issues don’t occur when he’s singing acapella. He should go on The Sing Off, or if they do a sequel to Pitch Perfect he could be a singer, or he could join an acapella group, or be a church cantor. All good options for him while he’s taking some music classes & getting more experience & training.

  4. Well Lazaro left, now its Amber’s turn to go. IDK why they say she sings like Whitney Houston!!!! She sounds nasal and annoying.

    • Surely that is not the real Lulu … Lulu was very nasely .. it was her thing and she was a huge success ..
      I always feel with Amber I am getting the real deal , in that she does not try to copy anyone .. if she does sound like anyone that is because she does , not because she copies them ..

    • I love Amber. She’s my number 2! Love her voice and attitude. I’d rather see Janelle go next week, she doesn’t seem to be in the same talent level as the rest.

    • No way! Amber is unbelievably talented. Vocally, she is better than Janelle AND Angie. Angie has stage presense and can sing, but she cannot belt as high as Amber can, whether you like it or not. Amber’s vocal competitor is without a doubt Candice, who is super talented as well, but between them Amber is the complete package in my opinion. Kree is great too, but she is on a whole other genre so it is kind of hard to compare her to Amber. She is better than Janelle for sure though.
      If I had it my way, I would have Janelle leaving next week. This would leave Kree, Candice, Amber, and Angie in the Top 4. I would be completely fine with Amber going against either of them in the finale. Preferably, Amber/Angie. Either way, it is going to finally be a girl victory.

    • You got to be kidding, Amber is one of the best singers in this competition. She should not have been in the bottom 2. She gets all 50 of my votes !

    • I think comparing Amber to Whitney is not helping her in this competition. There are many Whitney fans out there who are annoyed and even angered by a comparison like that. In entertainment there are just some people whose talent will never be duplicated by anyone else–Elvis, Michael Jackson, Whitney, Patsy Cline, etc. That’s why they had the success they had. Amber can sing Whitney’s songs better than most I’ve heard, but she’s not Whitney. I think her voice sounds smooth, not nasal. I would like to see her in the top 2, but for some reason she’s not getting the votes. I like her enthusiasm when she sings–something that I don’t feel when Kree sings. Candice has a great, strong voice. Sometimes her voice is too strong especially when singing with the others. There’s a time to sing out, and a time to blend in. Wonder why the judges did not keep her the first time she auditioned? She made it through but was cut somewhere along the way. No matter what, from now until the final show, I will be sorry to see anyone leave because they all have something to offer as singers. Song choice, song interpretation, and stage performance are really going to be important and will separate who stays and who leaves. This should NOT be a popularity contest or a background story contest. These singers deserve better than that.

  5. I have a husband and a son who stutter, I understand the courage it took Lazaro to go on stage. I think if he gets some vocal training his singing will improve. He just didn’t have the knowledge about his voice that the other constestants have. He’s adorable as well!

  6. Saw these song spoilers somewhere.
    Divas Theme:
    1 Janelle Arthur “Any Man of Mine” – Shania Twain
    2 Candice Glover “The Prayer” – Celine Dion
    3 Angie Miller “My All” – Mariah Carey
    4 Kree Harrison “Turn On the Radio” – Reba McEntire
    5 Amber Holcomb “Greatest Love of All” – Whitney Houston

    Year they were born:
    6 Janelle Arthur “Wind Beneath My Wings” – 1989
    7 Candice Glover “The End of the Innocence” – 1989
    8 Angie Miller “Now And Forever” – 1994
    9 Kree Harrison “If Wishes Came True” – 1990
    10 Amber Holcomb “Without You” – 1994

    Just an opinion: Based from this order, I think I know who they want to eliminate and who they want to keep. Since Amber is in the bottom two this week, they are afraid she will go home next. I think they want to keep her, so they give her the pimp spot so she gets the highlight again. I think they want to eliminate Janelle so they put her on the first spot and after her Candice comes next. I can see now how they try to manipulate votes. I just hope that Janelle will hang in there and prove them wrong that she will not leave. Go Janelle! 🙂

  7. For God’s sake give Jummy the reponsobilty for the SAVE there is an obvious clash between the two female judges that the contestants are paying for.

  8. I hope to hear Amber with a whitney song again <3 <3 <3 Like: I will Always love you OR I have Nothing.

  9. The young man did very well and he’s to be admired for his courage. His performance since the top 10 was pretty poor and it appeared to me that he knew he could no long compete at that level. I can tell you that it is a god awful feeling to be part of a talented group and not believe that you have the same skill level as others. I have heard that he is headed to be a part of the TV show Glee. I think he is talented, would do well there and continue to grow as an entertainer.

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