American Idol 2013 Results: Top 6 Face Elimination


Tonight the American Idol results will reveal which finalist received the fewest votes for the Season 12 Top 6 and will fight for another chance with the Judges’ Save. If that doesn’t work, and if it’s the last guy I don’t think it will, then we’ll find out who was kicked off American Idol tonight.

Readers have predicted it will be Lazaro Arbos coming in last place, but he’s surprised us before, hasn’t he?

Be sure to stick around for our live blog American Idol recap of tonight’s show plus performances by Scotty McCreery and Kelly Clarkson!

Part of tonight’s show we get to see the Idol Hopefuls playing soccer in their Ford Fiestas that we saw earlier in our exclusive Q&A interviews. It looks like a lot of fun but kind of a dangerous example to set!

Ryan starts to form three groups on the stage. Angie goes to the far side, Lazaro to the middle, and Kree to the near side.

Before we go any further with the results we are treated to a great performance by Scotty McCreery of his new single “See You Tonight.”

Ryan now has Janelle join Angie, Candice with Kree, and Amber with Lazaro. Each represent a division of the results. I’d guess Lazaro and Amber are the bottom two, Candice and Kree are top two, and Angie and Janelle are the middle two. What do you think?

American Idol 2013 Top 6 – Bottom 2:

American Idol 2013 Top 6 – Top 2:

After 34 million votes, America decide Lazaro Arbos deserves to go. He’ll perform once more, but I think we know how the judges will respond with their Save. The AT&T live hashtag voting shows 60% of voters want Lazaro to be saved. Seriously??

Who Got Voted Off American Idol Tonight – Results:

  • Lazaro Arbos

And we have an all-girls Top 5 for Season 12. Wow. Is that a first? Nigel must be peeing his pants right now with glee.

What do you think of tonight’s results? Did America get it right?




  1. Can’t believe that Randy Jackson said that that was the best performance in the 12 year history of AI – surely there have been similar or maybe even better performances!

      • Please check out Clay Aiken’s version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” He sang it in the finals of Season 2. There are other great performances thru the years, but this one always sticks in my mind as the best.

    • Not The Best, but ONE OF the best. Surely Randy cannot forget Clay Aiken’s “BOTW” and Adam Lambert’s “Black or White” performances.

    • he is a fake then, hahaha. the judges have the same pronoucements every american idol. maybe lazy to study or make a new comments

  2. Why are my comments disappearing? The header, above, indicates “Top 7 – Bottom 2” but there are 6 left…

  3. Lazaro MUST go this time or those responsible for voting him in should be exiled to CUBA for eternal DAMNATION!!!

  4. I’m tired of Randy, and both the women judges .. don’t have any of them come back..

    • Yeah, All Idol needs is for Keith to sit there and comment and I would be perfectly fine. He is the reason I started watching the show again this year. lol

  5. I think Angie and Janelle are the bottom 2. I just don’t get the whole Angie worship. She’s okay (and a whole lot better than me – probably by a thousand!) but she’s not great.

  6. Amber doesn’t deserve to be in the cellar. Her version of “I say a little prayer” was at par with the best singers like Dionne , Aretha and the rest! Her Beyonce number was also great! Angie Miller should be in the bottom 2. She’s not consistent with her performances.

  7. So sad. Amber is next to go. I swear Amber has the best voice. But just like I’ve said a hundred times, when was the last time the best won?

  8. I’m so happy Janelle is safe!!!! I thought she’ll be in the bottom two again. And I’m even happier that Lazaro is eliminated! Go Janelle and Kree!!

  9. Ok, everyone, it’s time to think like a judge on AI. So, put down here comments you would have thought that Simon Cowell would have used if he was still an AI judge and saw Lazaro “perform” last night.

    • Lazaro-“If you want to know how that sounded, come pull my finger’. Note: somehow got moved up from your reply

  10. I really don’t get it America. Amber on the bottom two? Come on come on. She’s the only girl who has all the qualities to be a star. Vocally superb, young, pretty, tall, sexy, and with high sense of fashion. Very marketably current. Ifever she loses she will become another JHudson. Then America will try to hide her shame again.

  11. Yes, America got it right tonight. I will miss seeing Lazaro though. He sure is eye candy. I wonder what he could be picked up for since he is unable to speak professionally. He would perfect for a Ricky Ricardo part – it was like watching him come back alive.
    I think Candice will win with Kree second. Kree could win if she takes that guy’s advice to show some personality. Amber should be third, but America seems to not get her. Janelle is very good, and it seems like the country western crowd in past years have been strong in voting. Not an Angie fan at all, but when she plays behind the piano she can be amazing. Kree will be a country western star anyway even if she doesn’t win Idol.

  12. I <3 Candice!! Hoping she wins this season and glad she was in the top 2 tonight. She has a phenomenal voice! I can't wait for what she'll bring next week.

  13. Lazaro shouldve been went home…I believe for his speech problem he sings good but out of all the competition he shouldve left along time ago. We’re not here to have sympathy for people but to pick out who is the best singer…just my opinion

  14. The theme for next week will be The Song From The Year You Were Born and a song from the Divas. Go Top 5!

  15. These top 5 girls should all have futures ahead of them. Candice and Kree will be multi-award winners. And, in my opinion, Candice should be nominated for a Grammy with the “Love Song” performance = SO GOOD!

    • Lazaro< if you want to know how that sounded-"Come pull my finger"! Ha! Just joking!

  16. The singers who performed the best over the AI SEASONS are:

    Fantasia Barrino

    Joshua Ledet

    Jessica Sanchez

    Candice Glover

  17. Remember this everyone, I said it right here, here’s how it’s gonna turn out:
    I’m NOT saying this is how I WANT it to be.

  18. I’m thinking of a theory. Hope i’m wrong. Don’t we wonder why Lazaro went home during this week when the Save can be used last? I think the show manipulated the results, kept Lazaro up to this week for ratings purposes even disgusting everyone. I can’t believe Laz fans left him last night when every week he ruins his songs. Those fans don’t care bout how he sound, if there are really fans….what do you think?

  19. my boy got kicked off last week, he didn’t deserve that, the judges need to bring him back

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