American Idol 2013 Top 5: Now Who Has What It Takes To Win?

American Idol 2013 Top 5

For the first time since I started doing this post each week, a new person moves into the top spot of who I think has what it takes to win American Idol 2013.

For the past five weeks, it’s been all Angie Miller, all the time. And I’ve been watching as Kree Harrison crept up on her and she finally past her up this week. Of course my decision is mostly based on what happened on Thursday night’s Idol. We said goodbye to Lazaro, but we also learned that Kree and Candice Glover were the Top 2. So things have changed just a bit.

The Top 5 Assessment

1. Kree Harrison. As I said above, I’ve had Angie in the top spot for weeks. But after Kree’s growing popularity and her passing up Angie this week in votes, I think it’s time to move her up. American Idol fans love the country singers and so do Idol producers. Could Kree be their next top-seller/award winner like Kelly and Carrie? Maybe. Final Placement Prediction: Winner of American Idol 2013

2. Angie Miller. Even though Candice also passed up Angie this week, I think Candice was just coming off two really AMAZING performances. I think Angie’s fan base is stronger and will probably keep her closer than Candice to the top of the pack. Final Placement Prediction: Runner-up/2nd Place

3. Candice Glover. Regardless of the order, these three girls WILL BE your top 3. And right now, I’m pretty confident it will play out in this order. Of course anything can happen. And if I’m being completely honest, I think Candice should win. And if she keeps up the kind of performances she had this week, she could do it. Final Placement Prediction: 3rd Place

4. Janelle Arthur. I think Amber and Janelle are easily the next two to go. But in what order is anyone’s guess. I think the judges over-hyping Amber has backfired and will get her sent home before Janelle. Final Placement Prediction: 4th Place

5. Amber Holcomb. After being in the bottom this week, Amber will likely go next. I think the judges will use the save on her, because next week is their last chance to do so. They’ll like the drama and it will keep Amber around for another week. Then she and Janelle will probably go home in a double elimination. Final Placement Prediction: 5th Place

How do you think the American Idol 2013 Top 5 will play out?




  1. totally agree. kree, angie, and candice are AMAZING PERFORMERS, the best since season 8 ( i HAD to get that in!!) regardless of who comes in first they will all have wonderful careers in the music biz and will be around for a long time to come. you go, girls!!!

  2. Kree is amazing and has been consistant week after week with all her performances not just the ballads as only some can sing not mentioning names. I have picked her to win from the beginning & I agree Angie should be runner up & Candice in 3rd. I think Amber will be voted off next & then Janelle! My preditions exactly! Then again it’s close so anything goes!

  3. I’m sick of people saying Angie will win. She is clearly not the best in this whole competition. She is not consistent. If someone should win, it must be Candice. Clearly she is the best.

      • It’s a singing contest not athiests versus christians.
        She can win because most of the 12 year old girl vote lost Lazaro last night. She’s the obvious person to get that vote. Personally I’d love to see those votes go to Amber. She’s 18 years old also.

      • I’m pretty sure that it there were a god, it would have more pressing issues than who is in winning what here on Earth.

    • You are so right, Bro. Angie is clearly not the best singer, but she has a lot of followers who will vote for her anyway. We cannot help that. It is a shame that the right person does not always win. Candice is certainly the best of the bunch, then Kree, Amber is actually better than Angie and then there is Janelle. She would be higher up on the totem pole if Kree was not in the competition. That is how I see it.

    • I half agree! I also think Angie is not the best but I don’t think Candice is either. If forced to choose I’d say Amber but I find all of the contestants to be rather dull and not nearly as talented as past contestants. It’s almost like they gathered a group of people who all won their high school talent shows – sure, they’re better than some but not better than most.

    • clearly candice is the best? what im sick of is people basically saying that the others suck when they are all good in their own right. For country janelle is far above the others.. Just because you have a fovorite doesnt mean that people need to say the others are bad when truth be told 90 percent of these people that are running their mouths about who is better couldnt sing their way out of a wet paper bag

  4. When Kree and Candice perform they make magic happen. Just listened to various singers perform Help me make it… including Kriss Kristopherson himself but only Elvis and Kree brought it to another level! The Cure should be very happy that Candice put her unique spin on their song to evoke such a spine tingling sensation I thought I hadnt heard it before till I recognised it sung by the Cure. I would not have bought their version but Candice’s version is now on my playlist.

  5. I think that Kree will win (but at the same time in my opinion she is overrated), Angie is bland and boring, i put her in 3rd place and my winner Candice 2nd and fighting to Kree.

  6. I think they ought to end idol. Does not compare to all the other reality singing competitions. Believe in yourself- if you are good and have a message-you don’t need Idol for a plateau. Outside of country artists what else can Idol produce!

    • There are still a lot of people out there who watch Idol. That’s the Idol advantage–public as well as producer awareness of the singer. I think anyone who is out there on their own would agree that being on Idol for a short time would do what it could take years to accomplish on their own. Even after 12 seasons, Idol is able to bring new talent that is worth watching. The part that needs to end is the “politics” involved. By now we can see through it in the order that the singers perform, the themes chosen, etc. Don’t start auditions showing the person’s life history. Right away viewers are distracted from the actual singing and identify with personal hardship. Maybe it’s time to take the best from the original Idol season up to now. Some things worked better than others. Go back to a different guest judge each week who will give a fresh perspective and different words to describe a performance. Have a week where the contestants have nothing but their voice to sell the song–no background singers, no instrumental music, no special effects–just back to the basics. Get rid of the save and have the bottom two sing and the judges choose who stays. It does not have to be unanimous. But most of all take away the feeling that the public is being manipulated by the producers. When that happens, we do exactly the opposite of what we think we are being manipulated to do.
      Right now 3 of the final 5 are not country singers. The pure country singer, to me, is Janelle. I think Kree is more of a crossover singer with a country preference.

      • All excellent suggestions. The ratings have dropped so low that soon advertisers are going to start to drop off and then they”ll be forced to make some changes. The show provides such a boost to aspiring artists that it would be a shame if it was cancelled. The idea that a talented singer will somehow make it in the music industry with or without Idol is ridiculous. I definitely agree about not showing the contestant’s life story before the audition. Save that for later on after their singing ability is established. It would save some unsuspecting kid a lot of humiliation. I dont know how his parents kept quiet.

    • It’s not really “America” anyway. They play it that way, but it’s really about those who vote and I am pretty sure it’s not a clear cut slice across all demographics. I suspect the majority of voters are teen females between the ages of 11 and 16 – not sure of the ethnicity of the voting group. I suspect that Candace because of the depth of her art will appeal to a slightly older crowd. Kree has the country advantage even though she is also an amazing vocal artist in her own right. Angie is amazing in her own way, certainly not vocally the same calibur as Candace and Kree, but she is more immediately marketable to the pop public. Honestly, I would listen to all three of them on the radio, so I am happy no matter which way it plays out. This is the right top three.

  7. I agree with the top 3 selection, but not the order. Candice is the only one who blows me away and sings with more passion than the other two combined. One of the judges told Angie that she needed to sing a song as though she was the author. Candice sings *every* song as though she penned it. If Angie wins it will only be because of her looks. Yes, she has talent, but both Candice and Kree are better. Even Amber is better than Angie! My order (as far as talent) is Candice #1, Kree #2, and Angie #3. I think the producers will see to it that Kree or Angie win because they may be more marketable.

    • I’m not an Angie supporter but still think she is a favorite. She is talented, has a strong support base, and has already proven that she has song writing abilities, which might prove beneficial if she makes it to the final. I agree with your order of talent (so far at least), but I wouldn’t count Angie out just yet, and no just because of her looks. Anyway I think the line up of girls is pretty impressive. Amber has a beautiful voice, and is improving each week, and even Janelle when she adapts songs to her style is a force to be reckoned with.

  8. Candice is a great singer,………but soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring. Amber bout the only one I would buy a ticket to go watch in concert.

  9. I believe Angie should win she is raw talent and is a musician no one like her has ever won and think she is kind and beautiful as well as that she has the strongest fan base and once she performs set me free again she will sure fire win!

  10. GO ANGIE!! and u ppl can reply to this comment all u want cuz i dont give a sh** about what u ppl think! Angie is AWESOME and has a chance to win this! I want the finale to be between Angie & Kree with Angie winning! Im not gonna sit here and bash the other contestants like everyone else is doing. and before ppl on here start saying they suck i would love to see u ppl perform on stage. Exactly…. Its TOP 5 they;re all deserving of a record deal!

  11. 1. Kree -she has a really smooth, wonderful voice. The country votes will make her win.

    2. Candice – she has crazy vocals. She got a lot of fans after singing Don’t Make Me Over and Love Song. I somehow think that she (or Amber) is the Joshua Ledet this season.

    3. Janelle – Really unique voice. She is the most ideal “artist” among the top 5. Again, country votes will save her from being eliminated earlier than this. I still want her to be in the finale and win this show. I don’t know why but I’m sure she can do that. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks.

    4. Angie – she is great but I think she is becoming inconsistent with her performances and I think her votes are flaunting ( is that the right word? haha)

    5. Amber – she is damn great but despite the judges praises for her, she still must work real hard to gather a larger fan base.

    My opinion/s: I’m sure the judges will use the save next week. I think Amber will be eliminated and then saved. But after that, she will go home on a double elimination with Angie ( sorry Angie fans). Well, anything can happen in this show. I’m still hoping for a Kree-Janelle finale. *fingers crossed*

    PS: Whatever the results may be, these girls will do great in their post-Idol careers. I’m certain of that.

    • If you’re ever unsure about a word you can always look it up in the dictionary before you use it. To answer your question, it is a word, yes, but it makes no sense in the context you’ve provided.

  12. My picks-#1Candice, #2 Kree, #3Amber, #4Angie, #5 Janelle. The talent is fantastic but, this is the order I prefer. #1, 2, and 3 have the best voices. #4 and 5 could go in either order as they don’t have the best voices. Of course, this does not account for popularity of the singers. These girls are so talented that we will just have to wait to see the results. Good luck to all! I do mean that it is luck that will get these girls to the #1 winners position.(not just talent)

  13. I think as it sits now…it’s Candice as winner, Kree runner up….what Jimmy Iovine said is true, if Kree wants to win she’ll have to find a way to put more of herself into a performance…Kree has amazing vocals and if she can take her performance level up a notch or two, she could easily win…either way I predict Kree/Candice as final two. winner and runner up positions will be decided in the next two weeks..

  14. Si esto no lo gana Candice, entonces la verdad es que ese pueblo no ha dejado de ser racista.

  15. I agree with Branden’s line-up 100%! ^_^
    Kree’s got what it takes to win! 😀

  16. I like the way you came up with the top 3. I think it’ll be very close for the one and two spot because it could turn out to be either one, but I give the edge to Kree because country music is such a big thing. That would leave Candice as number three, but that will be a very close one with Angie in number two. A lot depends on how they start faring once Janelle and Amber are eliminated. I will start placing all my votes on Angie now rather than be giving some to Kree and Cadice. I love the show so good luck to all.

  17. my order

    (1. Candice Glover – I think she deserves to win. I mean she has the voice i wasnt originally a fan but when she sang lovesong i gave all my votes for her. if she does this every week i think itll be enough to me make her win.

    (2. Kree Harrison – Last week proved that Kree had a strong fan base. so i think thatll propel her to the finale but losing to Candice.

    (3. Angie Miller – I think Angie is losing her momentum. i originally thought she was gonna win but when she wasnt included in the top 2 it became obvious that she would come 3rd.
    (4. Amber Holcomb – I think Amber will get the judges save at top 5. i guess a few more people will vote for her saving her for one last week.

    (5. Janelle Arthur – I just think that whe Amber gets saved Janelle will be left with the lowest number of votes. No offence but to me she is the weakest out of the rest of them.

  18. How I think things will play out this season.

    (1. Candice Glover – I think Candice really deserves to be the winner. I wasnt originally a fan of hers but when she performed last week I fell in love with her. Lovesong bought tears to my eyes. I think she is the front runner right now and she will become americas.favourite and win.

    (2. Kree Harrison – Last week proved.that Kree had a stong fan base. I think Kree will make the finale but the lose to Candice.

    (3. Angie Miller – I think Angie is loosing her momentum. It became obvious that shes loosing votes. She has a.good voice but she doesnt outshine Candice or Kree. I originally thought she would win but shes.getting weaker and.weaker.

    (4. Amber Holcomb – I think Amber will get thd judges save this week that should gain her more votes to last her another.week. Then she will be.eliminated at top 4.

    (5. Janelle Arthur – For me Janelle is the weakest of the girks. I think shell get eliminated next week as Amber will get the save making her the next lowest number of votes.

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