American Idol 2013: Paul Jolley Performs ‘Tonight, I Wanna Cry’

Paul Jolley on American Idol 2013

Remember a few seasons back when JLo expressly forbid singers from covering her songs? Well American Idol 2013 has made a 180 because everyone wants to do a Keith Urban song and Keith can’t stop thanking them for doing it!

Paul Jolley delivered on the challenge last night on American Idol with his performance of “Tonight, I Wanna Cry” and it earned him a seat in the coveted Top 20 where he’ll be joined by nine other guys and ten girls.

Every round this season I’ve been waiting for Paul to be cut and every round he just keeps on going. Next time it’ll be up to the viewers to decide if he should stay in the competition or be sent home.

Watch Paul’s performance from Las Vegas and see if you would have made him part of the American Idol 2013 finalists.



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