American Idol 2013: Paul Jolley’s Best Moments

Paul Jolley On American Idol 2013
Paul Jolley

Thursday night Paul Jolley became the latest victim in the American Idol 2013 plot to send all the guys home right away.

No, I’m not saying the results were rigged, I’m saying that producers have planned every little detail of this season out so that no guy can possibly win this season. When was the best-looking guy ever gone home in week 2 of the live shows? But my analysis of Idol producers’ genius plot is not why I’m here. We’re here to take a look at Paul Jolley’s best moments.

So now that Paul is gone, lets take a look back at his standout moments on American Idol 2013.

Paul’s audition. Paul’s absolute best moment was without a doubt his audition. His version of “I Won’t Let Go” by Rascal Flatts had me convinced we were looking at the next American Idol. From then on he had a lot of ups and downs though.

Paul’s Top 10 victory song. One of Paul’s best song choices was Heart’s “Alone” following his announcement into the American Idol 2013 Top 10. He didn’t really perform it as well as he did during Thursday night’s results show. Thursday night’s version of “Alone” was actually one of his best performances. But it still wasn’t enough to get the judges to use their save.

Sudden Death Round. Paul had a really strong moment during the Sudden Death Rounds when he took on judge Keith Urban’s “Tonight, I Wanna Cry.” The judges didn’t really see him as a country artist, but that seemed to be when he was at his most comfortable. I won’t go into my conspiracy theory rant about this season again, but just think about that…. They tell him not to sing country even though that’s when he shines … just a thought.





  1. I knew it. My prediction was correct. Surprised why they did not reveal the bottom 2 though. My friend said it’s because Amber is in bottom 2? Amber should not be there vocal wise. Choose better song I guess.

  2. Come on America! This is not a pity party. This is supposed to be a singing contest. Stop voting for someone who is the weakest singer on the show because you feel sorry for him. And he should be booted off the show for not being able to take criticism without crying. Good grief! The music industry will eat you alive if you can’t take criticism. That just makes me want to see him off the show no matter what he sings.

    And he is obviously out of his league here. I would hate to see someone like Amber, who is obviously a waaaaay better singer, leave before Lazaro. It’s almost like Sanjaya all over again. And what’s with this story about AI changing his song at the last minute? Jimmy said that was not true. Not liking this at all…Wake up folks and start voting with your brain. It’s supposed to be about singing, for goodness sake!

    • agree with you wholeheartedly. however, the real talent will get signed to a recording contract whether they win or not. none of the guys are going anywhere after the tour. they’re terrible. and we all know why. the girls, except possibly for janelle, will be making records after the show and tour end. how long they’ll last in the biz is anybody’s guess

  3. And what are you going to do if he butchers another song next week? Keep voting for him over much more talented singers? Where’s the fairness in that? You all know that he will not be the next AI. Why deny other more talented singers because you feel sorry for a singer you have to admit is not that good. “Un-reality” TV…

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