American Idol 2013 Top 8: Now Who Has What It Takes To Win?


I’ve been keeping a close eye on the American Idol 2013 standings this season and have made a few predictions. So far I’m doing pretty well. I haven’t gotten the order exactly right, but I’ve been pretty spot on with the bottom twos and bottom threes.

But after another person goes, it’s time to rethink rankings. So here I go again, taking another look at who has what it takes to win this thing.

The Top 8 Assessment 

1. Angie Miller. I’m keeping Angie in this spot for now. I do think Candice and Kree could give Angie a run for her money. If one of those weeks Angie’s fans get complacent and the judges’ save is gone, it could be another Melinda Doolittle moment. But for now, I think Angie is solid and will ride this wave harder and faster than Phillip Phillips rode his the whole way last season. Final Placement Prediction: Winner of American Idol 2013

2. Candice Glover. As I said above, if Angie doesn’t win American Idol, Candice might. I still think Candice SHOULD win, but right now I’ve got her coming in second place. Final Placement Prediction: 2nd or 3rd place

3. Kree Harrison. Again, Kree is a force and if anyone slides, she could move in. And if Janelle goes home before her, she’ll pick up all the country votes, which could definitely boost her. And she’s definitely worthy of the win. She’s got a pretty fantastic sound. Final Placement Prediction: 2nd or 3rd place

4. Lazaro Arbos. I don’t think Lazaro deserves in the Top 8 much less the Top 4, but fans are singing a different song than I am. I thought his Top 9 performance was so atrocious that he should have been eliminated on the spot. But people love his story and as arguably the cutest guy in the contest, the girls will keep digging him. And if he keeps crying on stage, he might get bumped up even higher. He could even sneak into the finale. But I’m hoping not. Final Placement Prediction: 4th or 3rd place

5. Janelle Arthur. I’d love to put Burnell Taylor in 5th place, but I just don’t think it will happen. This season is going to go very predictable, so I see Janelle landing somewhere here in the middle. She was originally poised to do very well, but then Angie, Kree and Candice came along. Final Placement Prediction: 5th place

6. Burnell Taylor. Like I said above, I’d love to put Burnell higher. I think he deserves Top 3, actually. But I’m sounding like a broken record already, so I won’t even go on about it. Final Placement Prediction: 6th place

7. Amber Holcomb. Her bottom three visit this week might keep her out of the bottom for a week, but she’ll be back in it and likely go home. Final Placement Prediction: 7th place

8. Devin Velez. This will be the third week in a row I’ve had him picked to go home. And I think this pretty much HAS to be the week. But hey, maybe he’ll prove me wrong once again. I don’t think he should go home. Not at all. I enjoy Devin. But fans aren’t exactly clinging to him. Final Placement Prediction: 8th place




  1. theoretically the final two should be angie and candice. but…this is american idol and we both know how many times america got it WRONG. and the judges also.

    • Pretty much it at least at this stage. I prefer Candice right now but don’t see her beating Angie.

      • We will never let them forget Season 8…..The worse upset in AI history!!!!! At this point in time I think it should be Angie and Candace in the finale but I haven’t been right since Carrie Underwood’s season!!!!!

      • hey namesake!! in the interim adam is touring is scandanavia and having a ball. and where is kris allen??

      • Kris who??? I wish Adam would come back to the USA. Last I knew he was in the Orient!!! Wow, he is busy….

  2. First, let say that I have ABSOLUTELY no confidence in the process. It is manipulated to have the results that they want.
    The last 2 seasons when the title was STOLEN from James and Jessica, both of whom were clearly better that the winners, should serve as proof.

    Now, 2 points. Paul was better that Devin but got eliminated because of political correctness.

    The reason that the order of the voting, particularly the top 3, was not announced was because the same 3 would win every week, Angie, Kree and Candice.
    Finally, although you could make a case for any of the contestants, they are all very talented, my top 3 are clearly above the rest. I am really concerned about manipulation of the final 3. Angie is the best and will win.Kree will be there, but management will not allow the top 3 not to have a guy so Candice will lose out to Burnell which serve 2 purposes, first to get a guy in the top 3 and second to keep a black contestant in the running. This should not happen, it should be based strictly on talent, but it never is. Candice is much more deserving.
    I welcome comments.

    • I used to think that 1 guy would be reserved for the top 3, but I’m not so sure anymore. If the producers are so determined that a girl win this year as most, not all, but most are saying, then I don’t think race as a separate factor is going to figure into the top 3, not to the point of the voting being manipulated at least. There’s really no reason for that.

      If it looks as though it will be Candice, Angela, Burnell with Kree voted off, I don’t think judges will use the save. I think producers will be content with that. But, if its Angela, Burnell, Lazaro (God forbid) or Devin with Candice voted off, they will use the save on Candice in hopes of one of the guys leaving the following week. If Janelle makes it that far and figures in to the top 4 and is voted off, the judges would not use the save on her either. I don’t think the scenario of all three guys or even two making it into the top four is likely.

    • You’re forgetting, Season 3’s Top 3 were all females. Actually Season 3’s Top 4 were all females. Two of which were black. In case you haven’t been watching Idol is pushing for a female winner this year, so most likely, the Top 3 will be Angie, Kree, and Candice.

  3. The teeny bopper votes are evidently going to Lazaro-much like they did with Lee DeWietz. Both are “not” great singers. If Lazaro goes, who then will get these votes-Burnell? He needs to get rid of the Irkel look (glasses, etc.), if he whats to win by teeny bopper ruling-that has taken place “consistantly” “recently”!.

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