American Idol 2013 Premiere Continues Tonight With Chicago Auditions

Ryan Seacrest and Haley Reinhart at Chicago auditions

Tonight on American Idol the Season 12 auditions press on as the judges travel from New York over to Chicago with Golden Tickets in hand in search of more talent.

Last night’s premiere part one episode is followed up tonight on FOX at 8PM ET with yet another two-hour block of auditions so get ready for more performances and catty bickering between judges.

Let us know what you thought of the judges in last night’s premiere show and what you hope to see more of, and less of, from them tonight.

We’ll have another recap of the American Idol Chicago audition highlights after tonight’s show plus videos of the best performances for you to enjoy.

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  1. I found the nasty banter between the two divas most annoying and distracting from the IDOL contestants….If this continues I will be watching the other new programs in that time slot…..Quite disappointing,I must say……

    • Expect the nastiness to kick it up a notch tonight in order to increase the viewership next week, yourself an exception of course. If it was a battle of wits I would probably enjoy it somewhat, but it seems to be a battle between a b*&^&^ and some lost soul from outer space. Hardly riveting stuff I must admit. Actually to Nikki’s credit on the occasions she focused on the singers, she did seem to have some advice to offer, something woefully lacking last season, but the editors of the show seem more interested in the silliness.

  2. It’s like they have no clue or are just ignoring what everyone says?? They really don’t care what we think. Are they just thinking it isn’t as bad as it looks?? Just about every comment I read last night said get rid of Nicki, they act like it will go away! LOL! Note to American Idol it isn’t going away until she does! They have been bombarding FB trying to entice people to watch. Not happening!

  3. not sure if Nikki is there to start trouble, get a date or to find the
    next AI but I really don’t like how she talks to the others she should
    be humble that she is on the show and just do her job

  4. This year’s American Idol is soooo painful to watch with Nicki Manaj. Her rude taking-charge pushiness, and her nasal,ear-piercing voice is so very hard to bare. God help us who are watching this with her. I may not be able to continue watching. I love Mariah Carey, Randy and Keith, however. Why do we need nasal, nasty Nicki? Fix this Ryan Seacrest!

  5. I find the nasty banter between the two women very, very annoying too. I think Keith Urban goes home at night. Or calls home and says Honey these two crazy women are driving me crazy! He said he felt like a scratching post in the middle. LOL! He probably never has been betweent two divas like them in his life. But to say it in a calmer way, My husband and I are getting tired of all that baloney going on at the judges table period. They never shut up! And poor Keith goes under the table. What a mess!

  6. I am in Nicki’s corner…I think she did an exceptional job in New York, especially with the kiss to the asian kid…I think she was well focused on putting through people she thought was good for the show…I think there are too many reporter’s giving the show a bad vibe by dissing the judges…I never heard of Nicki before she was an AI judge…and thought, based on early reading, she would NOT be a good judge…after the NY show, I am a FAN…I think she is doing a great job

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