Aubrey Cleland Excited For American Idol 2013 Tour (VIDEO)

Aubrey Cleland

Aubrey Cleland may have been cut from the competition just before reaching the finals, but she’s got a big reason to still be excited for what’s ahead.

Thanks to viewers Aubrey was selected to return to the group of American Idol 2013 finalists and become the 11th singer on the summer tour. Aubrey calls this a “dream come true” and something she’s always wanted to do. We’d say it was a good choice by viewers over Charlie Askew who clearly expressed reservations about stepping away from a long-term relationship he was trying to recover.

Watch Aubrey Cleland’s American Idol 2013 interview and see just how happy she is for this opportunity.

Do you think Aubrey has what it takes to move beyond just a summer tour in the music industry? We’ll have to wait and see if she can convert this chance of a lifetime in to something even bigger that she can take beyond the borders of American Idol.



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  1. If there wasn’t a divide of 1/2 boys and 1/2 girls she’d be at least in the top 6 or seven!

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