American Idol 2014 Auditions: Harry Connick Jr. Cradling Idol Hopeful Munfarid Zaidi

After an American Idol 2014 night of hearing from so many singers how Jennifer Lopez was their favorite it was nice to see Harry Connick Jr. cradle a little attention too!

Harry Connick Jr cradling Munfraid Zaidi
Harry Connick Jr cradling Munfraid Zaidi – Source: FOX

American Idol audition Hopeful Munfarid Zaidi, a 19 year old student from Texas, let it be known that he was in fact a very big HCJr fan. So much so that he read Harry’s Wiki page every night before bed. While some of us might have become worried Harry decided to embrace the fandom and promised a prize if Munfarid won them over.

That prize was Harry Connick Jr cradling him like a baby for his second performance. It was an offer the singer couldn’t refuse and one Harry managed to keep after Munfarid wow’d the judges with Adele’s “Crazy For You.” Sure enough, Harry Connick Jr went over, picked him up, and let him sing on his shoulder before carrying him out the door.

I think I’m going to like have Harry around a lot more than some of those judges from last season! What about you?

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