American Idol 2014 Premiere Recap: Season Gets Off To A Fun Start

Jillian Jensen American Idol 2014 - Source: FOX
Jillian Jensen American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

American Idol 2014 kicked off Wednesday night with auditions in Boston and Austin. So we got our first look at the new judging panel and the potential talent from the season. And I have to say, I’m impressed.

Sure the talent is there, but I really like the chemistry between Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. I’m really glad Harry is going to tell it like it is, too. That’s something Idol has been missing for quite some time.

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Let’s take a look at the standout auditions.

Troy Durden, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” After he started his audition out by twerking I thought we were in for our first joke audition. But then he breaks out with this classic and is actually a pretty solid singer. It was tender and sweet and put him on a stage with some music, then we’re good to go.

  • Going to Hollywood: Yes.

Sam Woolf, “Lego House.” This 17-year-old kid has some major star power. He’s cute and sweet and he has a fantastic tone. I really hope we see a lot more of this guy.

  • Going to Hollwood: Yes

Jillian Jensen, “I’m Not Over You.” Great tone. She seems to have matured a lot since she was on The X Factor.

  • Going to Hollywood: Yes

Taylor Hildack, “Before He Cheats.” I’m not really sure why she was featured because I found her pretty cookie-cutter. I mean she’s OK, but there’s nothing that stands out about her.

  • Going to Hollywood: No.

Stephanie Hanvey, “Price Tag.” She seems sweet and like someone who could be molded into something, which this season seems to be hinting at … so I don’t think she has what it takes, but I can tell where they were going with her.

  • Going to Hollywood: Yes

Morgan Diplitch, “Paris (Ooh La La).” She was pretty nervous, but at 15 she had a pretty solid audition. She clearly has the ambition and the look. I think she’s perfect for American Idol.

  • Going to Hollywood: Yes.

James Earl. This guy has about 15 personalities. He seriously auditioned in 5-6 different tones.

  • Going to Hollywood: No.

Austin Percario, “Titanium.” He’s got the look and the voice that can be fantastic with auto tune. So he’d be great on The X Factor, but what about American Idol? I’d say no. But what do I know.

  • Going to Hollywood: Yes

Kaitlyn Jackson. What a sweet voice. And she auditioned with an original song. That’s impressive. I like this girl a lot. Which means she’ll probably get cut in Hollywood.

  • Going to Hollywood: Yes

Keith London, “Roar.” Here we go. Time to hear acoustic versions of really bad pop songs. At least he sounds good. I could just do without the gimmick of a Katy Perry song on guitar. He’s a special guy, though. I like him.

  • Going to Hollywood: Yes

Savion Wright. His original song was definitely made me want to see more of him. And I think the judges agreed.

  • Going to Hollywood: Yes

Madelyn Patterson, “Up To The Mountain.” Well you go, Madelyn. She’s got some soul and some power. I don’t know if she’s a live show kind of girl, but I think this audition was great. There were a few too many runs, and Harry tried to point that out.

  • Going to Hollywood: Yes

Malcolm Allen, “Superstition.” This guy is a natural. His audition was the most effortless of the night.

  • Going to Hollywood: Yes

Rolando Guerrero, “Hold it, Don’t Drop It.” Well he had a moment with JLo, but his audition was hideous.

  • Going to Hollywood: No

Munfarid Zaidi. Well this was a very, very weird audition, but he has a great voice. It was definitely one of the best auditions of the night. So effortless. So powerful.

  • Going to Hollywood: Yes

In the end, 46 hopefuls got their golden tickets to Hollywood. Who do you think has what it takes to go beyond Hollywood Week based on what you saw tonight?





  1. Funny you said that Austin should be on X-Factor because I think he was. I think he was one of the Intensity kids on season 1 of X-Factor if memory serves me right(why I seemed to recognize him I don’t know).
    So far great show. Don’t know if I have a favorite yet, but only time will tell.

  2. Nice! Another season with Branden.
    A Very good start. I’m already have 2 fav:
    1- Sam Woolf: Incredible! I googled him and watched youtube videos. I can see him in live rounds.
    2- Marrialle Sellars: I read someone described her (Rihanna meets Miley Cyrus)! She is a contender.

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