American Idol 2014 Wants Harry Connick Jr To Judge

Harry Connick Jr & Kree Harrison

Harry Connick, Jr. returned to the American Idol show this past week as a repeat mentor for the Season 12 finalists, but if Idol’s production team gets its way we’ll be seeing a lot more of him.

Connick confirmed to TV Guide that yes, producers have approached him to be a judge for American Idol 2014, the 13th season of FOX’s series.

“They wanted to know if I would be interested and it’s a blast, but I don’t know, it’s hard to make a commitment like that,” Connick said backstage.

Considering Harry’s dust up with judge Randy Jackson during last week’s results show could there be a potential for a repeat of the Mariah-Nicki clashing if he were to replace Keith Urban?

That brings up another question. Who would Harry Connick Jr be replacing on the American Idol 2013 judges panel? I’d think production would be starting with a search to replace the female occupants before the males. Keith Urban is there at a cut rate (a few million versus Nicki’s $15M) and Randy Jackson seems to be sewn in to his seat. Neither of those two are stellar, but both are relatively stable in comparison to who they sit between.

No matter what happens with the panel next year we might not see Harry as part of the solution. He told TV Guide it’d take a $600 million payday to get him in the role. Clearly he’s joking, but also shows he’s not dying for the job.




  1. I’ve been saying this for so many years. He knows music (as a singer and as a composer), and is funny as h*ll. If they are smart they should offer him the sun and the moon ( well! It’s just a figure of speech) 😉

  2. Hey Matt or Brendan I’m writing an open letter to the AI producers and don’t have a forum to post it in. Can you post it here, if so is there a way I can e-mail it to you? Thanks

  3. No Matthew! Please do not replace Keith Urban if he wants to stay. He seem to be the most cool headed judge there! And a lot of us LOVE him. He is such a calm nice guy! And the comments he makes are well thought out! He tsalks about their vibrato. Their stage presence. I really like Keiths calm thought out comments. He really uses his head. And he doe s critique what he thinks is not so good. But in a nice way! And he just says it.He does’t waver all over the place like Mariah. I am alway waiting ti hear what Keith will say after the other 3 have spoken! Maybe you do not have any control over the matter Matthew! But you can certainly tell the producers how many people likde Keith Urban !!! Thank-You Matthew! and Thank-You and Branden both for doing such a great job on this chat site for so may years! You guys have kept it so nice for so long! I commend you both,Thanks for another great year! Sherry K

    • Sherry, I have only one problem with Keith Urban: He seems to say almost the same thing to every contestant. He spins 150 words to say what only requires 10. If he could become a bit more concise, it would certainly help. I am, like many tired of the dramedy between Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey, but every time Nikki makes a point about the music business, it seems to come from knowledge rather than the often self-indulgent drivel coming from Mariah.

  4. Harry would be good but don’t think you can afford him. Keith is good also as is Randy? There really needs to be a change in the judges, at least two. 1. Nikki needs to go! Rolling her eyes at the other judges responses is inappropriate and she is so rude, and antagonistic, and her inappropriate remarks to the contestants, really! . 2. Mariah, we do not need to see the girls on a family show shes not going to the ball!, and I don’t know what she’s trying to say half the time and not sure she does either! Darling!

    • Hello Diane, I agree with you so much! I cannot stand Nicki and she definitely needs to go! Nicki and Mariah both needs to get the boot! American Idol needs to get rid of them both. I think they should bring Steven Tyler back as him and Keith would make excellent judging partners. I also loved Jennifer Lopez as I would love to see her come back! What do you think?

  5. Keep Keith and replace the Randy and the two girls. Tired of hearing YO!!!!! YO!!!!!! and She’s in it to win it. Randy doesn’t add anything to the show anymore. Nicki and Mariah are both horrible. Harry would be fabulous, or bring Steven Tyler back.

  6. If Harry can be convinced to join the show he should replace Nicki. Mariah could relax and hopefully her critiques could rise to the level of her talents just the way Idol imagined when they hired her.
    Keith would no longer have to endure Nickis adoring gaze and batting eyelashes. Unfortunately her hand mirror probably wont get off so easily.
    Randy would remain the same, nothing will ever change him.
    Overall the addition of Harry would be an improvement and make for a nicer atmosphere, I think anyway.

  7. I don’t think we’d see a constant Harry vs. Randy bitch fight because Harry obviously has no issue with calling out nonsensical bullshit (still the single best thing about this season, including the contestants) and I don’t think that Randy has the backbone to try to keep up defending himself for an entire season.

  8. Please get rid of Nicki. She has to go, she’s awful. AI should never have hired her in the first place. They can make amends by letting her go for next season or I will not watch the show in 2014. We need to keep Keith and Mariah. Randy needs to take next year off, never to return, unless for guest spot on the show. Harry Connick, Jr. would be a good judge. Paula Abdul would also make a good judge and would please all the people who want her back. Goodbye Nicki!

  9. Seems like all the judges are getting caught up in the feud between Nicki and Mariah. Since their inappropriate behavior was allowed, beginning with the auditions, it has escalated to even guest mentors being brought to the judges’ table and arguing with them. Too many voices are spoiling Idol, and I don’t mean the contestants. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is tired of seeing the contestants being embarrassed by the judges’ rude comments. Keith seemed out of character when he brought Harry up to the judges’ table so I wonder if that was staged? The judges are making Idol more about themselves than the contestants. Now Mariah is pulling a JLo and promoting her new single. Originally, this show was about the contestants and helping them improve their performances. If all of this “stuff” has been staged to increase viewing, it has backfired. Use judges for auditions and up to the top 12. Then let America decide without all the theatrics. An impartial mentor would be good if one could be found.

  10. I think Harry, Keith, J.Lo or Kara Diogardi will be great. Get rid of Randy. He is so annoying most of the time. Pimping contestants he is so irritating to listen to. Anyway, he has been on Idol for so long and his vocabulary has never increased. Except with once in a while use of the word “ginormous” which he copied from Simon Cowell. I thought Randy is a producer. I haven’t hear Randy producing anything for anybody he pimped on American Idol. Nikki is so cheap.

  11. I think American Idol should get rid of Nicki and Mariah!
    I cannot believe they had both of them together fighting all the time in public on American Idol! That is not being a professional judge. They look ridiculous up there fighting! AMERICAN IDOL: GET RID OF NICKI AND MARIAH!!!!

  12. I absolutely love Kieth! I hope he stays! American Idol needs to replace Randy (since he is quitting), Nicki, and Mariah! But keep Kieth right where he belongs, as an American Idol judge.

  13. Diana, Steven was good at auditions but pretty much said the same thing week after week during the competition. JLo talked about getting “goosies” all the time, but did not offer that much in critique. Keith lost my support toward the end of this year when he went from Kree’s champion to her obvious critic. Seemed like once Janelle left so did Keith’s support for Kree. I think Idol has to “clean house” and make careful choices. Only 3 judges are needed. However, I will continue to watch Idol because I like the basic concept for promoting new talent. Get back to the basics, Idol!

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