BREAKING: Randy Jackson Quit As American Idol Judge

American Idol 2012 judge Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson quit American Idol in a statement made today to E! News. The 12-year veteran as an Idol judge has decided to part way with FOX and will not be returning as one of the American Idol 2014 judges.

Randy kicks off his official statement in true Dawg fashion:

“Yo! Yo! Yo! To put all of the speculation to the rest, after 12 years of judging on American Idol I have decided it is time to leave after this season,” he says.

“I am very proud of how we forever changed television and the music industry. It’s been a life changing opportunity but I am looking forward to focusing on my company Dream Merchant 21 and other business ventures.”

FOX declined to comment on Randy Jackson’s announcement, but this goes with the expectation that all four judges would be replaced for the 2014 season. Perhaps that Harry Connick Jr. as a Season 13 judge isn’t all that crazy after all, huh?

What do you think of this shocking news? I call it shocking because come on, Randy has been there forever! He’s served his purpose and made a lot of money off this gig. Best of luck out there, Randy. We wish you the best.

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  1. Thank You! Now can they get rid of the other three also?! No constructive comments made to assist these kids as they start out. But then other than Mariah they had nothing to say to those kids that they needed to know.

  2. I do not find it shocking, it has been reported all day that all 4 judges would be replaced next season. since ratings are down another 22%.

  3. Do you blame him? This was by far the worst season yet. Good luck to Randy and American Idol!

  4. Randy was american idol but after this year its time for him to go. And even more importantly its time for the producers to go. This was the worst year ever with all the judges trying to sway votes a certain way which backfired on them and the show. The talent was there but it was overshadowed by the judges and their actions. Horrible season and im glad its over

  5. Great news. I liked Randy for the most part, but his catch phrases were getting stale….. How many more times did we need to hear “She/He’s in it to win it”

    Hope they do wipe the slate clean and replace all 4 judges. But for God’s sake, put some thought into it this time and get some people that know the business and can give these young kids some good advice/feedback.

  6. There are reports saying that all of the judges will be replaced. I think Randy is quitting before they can fire him, though I wouldn’t mind if he were there next season. I say he can stay and so can Keith just get rid of the two bubbleheads that share the table with them.

  7. Randy will be missed. He is probably leaving at the right time…Idol ratings are dropping and is faced with very good competition within the singing contest genre. The Voice probably has a higher level or better group of talented singers overall this year. Idol was instrumental in reviving these types of competitions and probably needs to revamp the show by allowing broader age groups to compete. The judges need to be more interactive and become better coaches than mere critics.

  8. I love the show and found the judges eccentric and accurate! I am loyal to the show regardless of the judges.

  9. The last original judge is leaving. No more “yo, dawg, or in it to win it.” As viewers we’ll never really get a feeling for the long audition hours or what actually goes on between the producers and the judges, judges and mentor, or judges and other judges. I thank this blog for making me aware of Randy’s qualifications for being a judge. What I don’t like about any judge is not stopping at critique but going on and telling us personal opinions like which contestant we should vote for, saying a performance was the best ever, who won the night, or who should win it all. Give us a little credit. Many of us have watched this show for years. The standing ovations are getting stale because they often feel fake or manipulative and not a true evaluation of a performance. If Idol continues, will some of us be wishing Randy would return in the future? When Simon left, many were happy about it, but now others are expressing a wish to see him return. Randy, thank you for the years you spent on Idol and good luck in the future.

  10. well i think it is time for him to leave…….. I think Mariah Carey needs to leave show she is terrible as a judge makes no sense when telling them things… Nicki i think she is good, she is honest at least? Keith Urban should stay he is good …

  11. It’s time. It was so tiresome this year when all he could say was “Yo yo yo” and “Dawg”. Hopefully now he will have time to spend some time on I proving his vocabulary. Up until the last couple of years, he has been really good.

  12. Randy Jackson is like family and the greatest and I enjoy thoroughly his unique comments. I believe ever letting him go would be a travesty for the show. I believe he helps keep the ratings better than they ever would be without him. There’s a lot of competition out there now and its sure not Randy Jacksons fault. American Idol should keep its signature of whats good and add on from there. Its never going to have as much ratings as it originally did but can still be very successful. Nikki was doing much better and giving good critiques in the later part of the show. Keith Urban was excellent and should also be returned if possible. Mariah was decent and genuine but had some trouble expressing her critiques. Sorry can’t remember the mans name but the other man who coached the fellow that studdered was awful at times. I didn’t like a lot of his critiques because it was like he was trying to promote a certain brand of person and favoring them and trying to sway the voters. The voters don’t like to be manipulated.

  13. Thank god….the others need to go to….how can people like nicki minaj judge music when she sings trash….and as far as keith urban je isan eembarrassment to the country music industry…..BRING BACK SIMON AND STEVE TYLER

    • they all 4 need to go ! VERY UN PROFESSIONAL ! trying to sway voters, for there favorite ! all these websites, its all rigged, the show is gone to s— !!! & YES ! this site right here was caught cheating last night, trying to get votes for Candice by using KREE’S name ! & using Candice # got the PROOF , got pictures of all of it & all comments, so yall, there all in it together !!! the only way Candice wins is by her fans CHEATING !!! her in to win it !!!America knows who’s the REAL WINNER !!!!!!

  14. now the dawg can join the x factor or the voice now i can see him join it scine idol going down hill it be good to see him move to a good show and show us what it spose to be like judgeing on a show we all like the dawg idol isent idol anymore i dont see it going anywere now

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