American Idol 2014 Poll: Vote For Best Top 6 Performance

The Top 6 contestants on American Idol have doubled down tonight with their dueling performances of Country and Rock. Now it’s your turn to tell us who did it the best this week. Vote for your favorite artist in our poll below and share your thoughts on what makes him or her the very best Idol Hopeful.

Alex Preston on American Idol 2014
Alex Preston on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

FOX’s official voting opened at 8PM tonight with the start of the show thanks to their Google Search Voting method and the rest of the voting methods have joined in as the phone lines were unleashed for calls and texts.

We want to hear who you think had the best performance of the night so vote in our poll below and share your thoughts!




  1. I’m not trying to be snarky, but I truly don’t get Jena. She starts every song mumbling and then shifts into scream mode. It must be just personal taste.

      • I believe she thinks she’s going to win… because of what they say…. not fair to the other contestants…

      • Agree totally !!! And the judges sure promote her, and downplay some of others even though they did great.

      • If you don’t think you’re gonna win then you have no business competing in a competition. Of course she thinks she’s gonna win, that’s called confidence.

      • Exactly. And someone with lack of confidence shouldn’t be an “American Idol”. She’s never shown any over-confidence. She’s just comfortable, because she’s better at the whole thing than any of the others. Sam is scared of his shadow. As Simon Cowell always said, it’s not just about the voice.

      • Jena is going to be a mega recording artist (whether she wins Idol or not). Thank goodness she doesn’t sound like every chick singer on the radio these days.

    • i think she has trouble with the annunciation the words to the songs, i could barely understand what she was saying over the band in the first one

      • Part of that has to do with the sound system. This year is particularly bad–unless one is belting it out, the singer’s mic tends to be drowned out by the band.

    • POOR CARRIE! I FELT FOR HER SONG! I’m sorry, I don’t get it! I’m sick of the judges shoving her on us!

    • I guess you never will then. And that’s ok people have their tastes in music, i personally can’t find anything I don’t like about her. She has a problem with singing certain words, but i personally don’t mind it. Cause I can still understand her when she sings. She’s musically and vocally connected all the time, whether you know it or not. She has not once had a problem with connecting from the very beginning. She sings amazing, I personally don’t see why people hate her, sorry.

      • Jena has a very unusual and beautiful voice. Thank God she doesn’t sound like every single one of the female singers who ALL sound alike on the radio these days. I can’t tell one from the other.

        Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan (among so many other great artists) were/are difficult to understand at times. But if musical talent is all about understanding every word, then art is dead.

        Some people don’t like her because they are used to the “cookie-cutter” singers out there.
        I think Jena is going to get up to super-star status. She’s SO young & will be put on fast-track to learning how to turn her talent into mega celebrity. Soon, she’ll get the best songs, best producers, promoters, etc. She’s going to be big.

    • its a matter of taste ,for me she is the most exciting singer this year
      her voice is unique , her performances draws you in , a great talent

    • I think she has like a thick tongue or something. She does this funny thing with her tongue and it makes her sound like she’s mumbling. Half the time I can’t understand what words she is singing. However, the past couple of weeks she has been more audible. That is what is making her move up in rank I think.

  2. i actually feel bad for sam. he has such a beautiful voice, but the producers of the show constantly harp on this cheesy “heartthrob” notion. i think makes it really difficult for people to take him seriously and look beyond his appearance.

    • I feel the same way! Sam is adorable and cute. But he shouldn’t be labeled like that.

      • Sam’s cuteness is not getting my votes. He is adorable and cute that is why I like, but I like his voice and his personality so that’s why I vote for him

    • Sam has a beautiful voice. But that’s IT. No charisma, no stage presence and not ready for Prime Time. It’s only the real young girls that think he’s “cute” that keeps him on the show.

      He’s not even close to being in talent league of Alex and Jena – on delivery and performance. (One of those two will be Idol this year…most likely Jena).

      I really love Caleb cuz he’s SO exuberant! And one helluva rocker. But, he’s not versatile in genres. Alex and Jena can rise and perform to any of the genres.

  3. Jessica stands out in a standout season. She has the unique voice that doesn’t sound like anyone else. We hope she wins so we can hear more from her. THis year’s show is so much more fun than last year, although Candice was a treat and a clear winner.

    • Definitely better than last year. It was like “Hey, a girl needs to win this time so lets pick the worst guy singers possible so it will happen. Lol it felt so staged I only liked one guy, and Angie. After that I pretty much stopped watching. Candice was the obvious winner.

      • I will never comprehend season 12. Four stand-and-deliver divas singing ballad, after ballad, after ballad.. and just when Angie starts to show youthfulness, the judges tell her to go back and sit at the piano.

        And, what are any of those 4 divas doing now? Having tea with Kris … Kris whats-his-name, the season 8 winner… Kris.. who-the-heck-cares.

      • It is well known that Idol winners get lost in the competition – after they win… because, honestly, the winners are never great! The really good ones are ‘eliminated’ by the judges and the producers (in the name of the voting public – Ha!). Kris Alan – no one knows him… he won over Adam Lambert — Everyone will always know who the better singer was that year — because Adam is the best Idol has ever had!

      • If you’ve ever listened to any of Kris’ music, you would realize how talented he truly is IMHO. His last album (which wasn’t promoted at all) is fantastic. He is working on a third album right now.

    • Jessica will not win Idol but will be a very popular recording artist. Her voice is amazing & she’s a true artist. It’s just that her lack of stage presence & the “standing like a statue” that will keep her from winning.

  4. My favorites are changing as this season goes on. Sam continues to improve in the areas the judges want–connecting with the audience and putting expression into his singing. I thought he was good tonight. I also liked Jena’s and Jessica’s performances. I don’t agree with people who say Jena screams. That is usually something someone says when they are trying to get us to change our opinions. I also liked Jessica’s performances. I did not like Caleb’s version of country, and it seems neither did Keith who said he was looking forward to Caleb’s country song AFTER Caleb sang his country song. Just a clever way of saying Caleb put a country song in a rock format. Caleb’s individual performances are good, but I don’t think I would want to sit through a solid hour of it in concert. This week was the worst for Alex, IMO, and CJ just hurts my ears with his singing off key. CJ does have a way of tugging at the voters hearts. Last week it was his son. This week it was dedicating a song to someone he knew who had passed away. I would still send CJ home.

  5. I’ve tried, week after week, to really like Sam. I can’t seem to do it. I find his eyes dead/blank when he sings and it’s almost like he wants to get off the stage as quickly as possible. He seems so uncomfortable for whatever reason.

  6. there is such a unique talent in Caleb he has been around for always ..his voice is full of such goodness ..singer from his heart with the soul of a rocker ..realize this as you hear Caleb ..ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO STAY ..ROCK ON MY ROCKER CALEB …LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL

    • … hope the CAPS LOCK is not here to stay. 🙂

      Yes, Caleb rocks. He energizes the whole show.

  7. We have yet to have a surprise elimination this season, so I think this week will be it because once you get to the top 4 or 5 nothing is really shocking. Tomorrow, expect to see Caleb or Jena come in last in votes while CJ will land in the bottom for the fourth time but somehow manage to avoid going home yet again.

      • I didn’t watch last night,Dexter being gone and all, but anyway,. from what I read I think CJ and Jessica will be the bottom two, but I tend to agree CJ might be safe. He has had more chances then anyone and should have went home along time ago. Caleb for the win!

      • Jessica had a great night vocally and even showed an improvement rhythmically and by connecting. For some reason the judges harp on her week after week when they praise other performances that weren’t so great.

    • No way jena and caleb was number 1 & 2 for the voting system if anyone that is a shocker goes home it will be 6st place alex preston

  8. It’s too bad some contestants get votes for reasons other than their voice or performances. Sam is just OK, but other than CJ, is certainly bottom of the pack at this point. It’s crazy the support he gets, thanks to mainly the young girls. And CJ should have been gone a *long* time ago (other than always being off key, just hasn’t been overall as good as the rest for awhile). Other than their worst-of-the-pack voices, neither ever know what to say to Ryan or the judges. Just not American Idol material. I’m not an Alex fan, but he’s far better than these two.

  9. I have been watching this show for years and it is supposed to be a singing contest. If you close your eyes and just listen to the music Jessica far outweighs all the other contestants. Her voice is unwaveringly beautiful. Her connection will come in time with more practice. I almost hope she doesnt win as it has been the kiss of death for most of the winners (where is david cook’s music) and he was great.. I really have not understood all the negative thoughts and comments towards Jessica, i think they have totally confused her, they need to just let her sing. I do like caleb he rocks the house, Jena’s screaming is really starting to bug me and she is so off key during the beginning of her songs (always!). Sams voice is good but talk about no connection with his songs and the audience…cant live on cute in the music industry. why havnt they been nasty with him like Jessica. Alex is good but he sounds like every artist on the radio today not to exciting. Time for CJ to go home off key off key off key. I dont like how the judges are trying to sway the vote again.

    • If you close your eyes and listen to Jena, Alex and Jessica….they are the true great voices. Born with the talent & not forced. Those are the top 3 who will be successful at being recording artists. And I believe Jena is going to be a mega-star.

  10. The thing about caleb is he is very good in all aspects, but i can’t see him being popular in the music world. It’s a shame how much respect was lost for rock music. If he wins, i don’t think we’ll be hearing him on the radio. I hope I’m wrong, because it would be nice to hear a voice like his on the radio.

  11. Why do some people think it’s ok for Caleb to “scream” but it isn’t for Jena (although I don’t think she screams)? Why does Jessica have to move all over the stage but it’s fine for Alex to stand in one spot moving his feet like he wants to go somewhere but is stuck in place? Why don’t the judges just say that they thought CJ’s singing off key could be corrected but it can’t? Most of all, why doesn’t Idol get these contestants some real mentoring that will help them improve more than what they’re getting? If I were a contestant, that’s what I would really appreciate in addition to the experience of singing in front of large audiences.

  12. For best top 6 performances this is my rankings:

    1. SAM – rock n roll and country songs: 10 both musicality and performance
    2. ALEX – rock n roll and country songs : 10 musicality, 8 performance
    3. CALEB – for rock n roll: 8 musicality, 8 performance; country song: 7 musicality, 6 performance
    4. JESSICA – rock n roll: 8 musicality, 4 performance; country song: 8 musicality, 7 performance
    5. JENA – rock n roll: 7 musicality, 6 performance: country song: 7 musicality, 6 performance
    6. CJ – rock n roll: 6 musicality, 4 performance: country song: 6 musicality, 4 performance

    Musicality – includes: creativity, arrangement and choice of songs
    Performance – includes: rhythm, vocals: enunciation and pitch

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