Grumpy Cat Invades American Idol Season 13! (PHOTOS)

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat (aka Tardar Sauce) invaded American Idol season 13 this week and no one could resist her adorable charms. How can you possibly not want to get your hands on a kitty this cute? Even if she does have the grumpiest face ever?

american idol grumpy cat

Not us! Which is why we just had to pull out one of our favorite Grumpy Cat American Idol memes for you above. We think she’d make a great Simon Cowell replacement, don’t you?

Check out all the awesome pics of Grumpy Cat on American Idol this week! (Click the thumbnails for bigger pics or to scroll through.)

Grumpy Cat was all over American Idol 2014 this week and we were loving it. Host Ryan Seacrest was her personal chauffer. He and the American Idol judges all had to take Grumpy Cat selfies with Tadar Sauce. Even mentor Randy Jackson couldn’t resist having a pic with the world’s favorite frowning feline!




  1. I can’t believe how calm that cat is! The band, the crowd etc., my cat would have shredded Ryan!

      • I think that Grumpy is just one of those super mellow cats that goes with the flow. My cats would have had none of it.

      • Grumpy is a “peaced out” cat from what her owner says and everyone who has ever met her says. It may just be a condition of her dwarfism, but she honestly doesn’t seem to care less and actually seems to enjoy all the attention. Plus, she’s been doing this sort of thing since she was a kitten. Animals can be trained to handle any situation with enough patience and repetition.

  2. I think Jena and Jessica are the best on the show hands down! They should be the last 2 standing

    • One of them gals can’t sang a lick………..Don’t know why she is still hanging ………….the other one will come next till last……………

  3. you can suck buttcheeks Stacy Grant, CJ did hs best and made it far. And by the way Jena is not going to win. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • I dont really care who wins. now that CJ is gone (and I still stand with…CJ should have been gobe a looooooong time ago!), I’m fine with any of them that win it. My OPINION is that it will either be Jena or Caleb. They are the best two singers on there. If it was a contest of song writing, I would say Alex. If it was about who would make the most $ singing at a coffee house, I would say Sam or Alex. If it was for most attractive, I would say Jessica with Jena close behind. But it’s about the performance and voice and matketability…that brings it to Caleb and Jena.

  4. How many distractions do we need in a show? Particularly on Wednesday nights…

    I know they need filler time to reset the stage between contestants, but maybe recap on ex-Idols or something. At least stay relative to the show.

    No more Terry Bradshaws, UFC wrestlers, R-who selfies, or grumpy kittens… please.

    Ryan could take time to spell out some more of the prep-work leading up to the songs. For example, we used to get clips of feedback with the contestants rapping with other music stars. Where’d all that go?

  5. I love the kitty. Have 5 myself. Nice touch idol. Caleb or Jenna for the win at this point. Song selection is crucial at this point

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