American Idol Predictions: 2014 Top 5 – Who Will Make It?

The latest American Idol predictions for tonight’s results show are in. Let’s look at who is projected to be voted out tonight based on your votes in our weekly performance poll.

Caleb Johnson performs on American Idol 2014
Caleb Johnson performs on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

* UPDATE: Find out who went home on American Idol tonight in our elimination show recap!

After weeks of seeing one singer taking a commanding lead in these polls the playing field was surprisingly level across this week’s top 3 finalists on American Idol 2014. Caleb Johnson took in 23% of our poll’s vote, Jena Irene is at 22%, and Sam rounds out the top three with 21%. All three of these singers are most likely safe and I’d be shocked for any of them to leave the stage with a swan song tonight.

Caught in the middle of the Idol pack we’ve got Alex Preston at 15% and Jessica Meuse just behind him at 13%. They’re down in the polls, but a healthy step ahead of the last place contestant in our poll this week. That’s right, CJ Harris is all the way down in last place with just 3% of the vote. Week after week we’ve seen CJ circling the drain in our polls but he manages to pull out “safe!” move each time.

The Bottom 2 this week for American Idol 2014 has got to include CJ. Who joins him could be a toss up between Jessica and Alex, but based on her appearance there last week I’ll give that unfortunate honor to Jessica.

Based on your votes, the readers here project CJ and Jessica will be in the Bottom 2 with CJ finally signing off and heading home. If it’s not CJ, well then my goodness he’s got some enviable vote support out there that I wouldn’t want to be competing against.

Do you agree with the polling projection this week? Share your thoughts!




    • Any of the rest but Jena, please send her home. Top 3 will be Caleb, Sam, and Alex. Jessica should be safe tonight.

      • You’re worse than Kokosnoot! I really think CJ should go home before Jena… don’t you?

      • CJ has something about his performance that is getting him fans. I have heard the pitch problems, last night they were there again, but Keith says it doesn’t happen in rehearsal, and it isn’t an issue in his AI studio recordings, those sound good. Jena is an interesting study, because they set her up and talked her up to be more than she is, so she’s doing all of the checklist of the stuff that people are supposed to do to get fans, but I don’t like her singing voice. The night they gave the audience the glowsticks so that she could look and feel like a star, that was enough for me. I’d keep CJ (with all of his problems) because I think he will draw a bigger fan base than Jena. I can see CJ opening for a band, working on his craft, getting better. I see Jena not going anywhere much at all. So no, I don’t think
        CJ should go home before Jena, I think Jena should go home tonight. I would never buy her music. I also dislike when the judges push someone at the voting audience, when they don’t deserve it based on talent.

      • I definitely see what you’re saying and all of your points are entirely valid. I do suspect that CJ and Jessica will gain many of Dexter’s votes. I do get a feeling every time I hear Jena speak that it’s somewhat scripted and/or that she’s try too hard/being a tad fake. I definitely don’t love her voice, but I do enjoy some of her choices.

      • Debatable. I think they each have faults that are holding them back, and they are also both a bit damaged. They are two of my favorites, but I don’t see Jessica in the Top 3.

      • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree then. Jessica’s voice is so pure when she sings. Both she and Sam have trouble with connecting but Jessica is making headway on that front and, to me, Sam looks like a little boy in a place where he’s overwhelmed and frightened.

      • I think part of Sam’s “problem” is that he’s been “forced” into the Heartthrob role… he writes his own songs and has his own way of doing things. I think he’s most uncomfortable with the fact that he’s not entirely able to be himself.

      • I also think that he maybe he doesn’t know who he is just yet. Sam looked that way to me before the producers “pushed” him into that role. His eyes are dead/blank to me when he sings and he doesn’t seem to have any connection to the words he sings. It’s like he doesn’t understand them and that’s possibly because he hasn’t experienced more of life. Maybe I haven’t done a good job of explaining myself but I’ve tried.

      • Totally understand what you’re saying. I’ve only watched the last few weeks so I can’t really say. But, when he sang his originals, I’ve seen less blankness and more passion.

      • He does fine when he does his own stuff or David Grey type music. But that’s not what the producers want him to do. You see it time and again on this show.

      • That’s a tough one. Jessica and Sam are both very good in different ways, although Sam would have the broader audience appeal. I think that the Top 4 should be Alex, Sam, Jessica, and Caleb, in whatever order it falls. CJ and Jena should be the next to go home, in whatever order they are voted off. If CJ stays longer than Alex, Sam, Caleb, and Jessica, that won’t be right.

      • Nope, Jessica shouldn’t be counting on getting any of his votes, I’m wondering if CJ might win after all. Phillip won and I admit I helped vote him to the top.

      • If CJ wins, I will NEVER watch this show again. Him winning would be a joke and an insult to the better performers.

      • He has that little something that makes him stand out, he’s just as good as anyone else, some like his voice some don’t. It doesn’t always have to be the best voice to make the best songs.

  1. I agree that it has to be CJ who goes home this week. His tenure has got to come to an end and as much as I’m not a fan of everyone who is left, he really doesn’t deserve to stay at this point.

    • Would rather keep CJ and get rid of Jena with her mangled words and boring performances that are usually just loud, but not good.

      • I have to disagree with you about Jena. She is leaps and bounds better than CJ in my book. While I haven’t loved all of her performances, there have been several that I’ve really enjoyed. I can’t say that about CJ.

      • I know that people like Jena, but I haven’t enjoyed a single one of her performances, and I remember that I didn’t think she should get a wild card pick. Way back then, I would have rather had Marquise (I think that’s how it is spelled) and George Lovett stay in the competition, over Jena, Kristen, Emily, and MK. Also Casey should have been in the live shows, but I think they felt they had too many country guys. Who do you think is in the “shocking results” that American Idol tweeted about for tonight?

      • I agree with you about MK and especially Kristen. That was a waste of a spot IMHO. As for the “shocking results,” I think it could be either Jena or Alex possibly. I hope it isn’t Jessica or Caleb but as the past on AI has shown us, a frontrunner always goes home before their time and before someone more worthy. Chris Daughtry comes to mind.

      • I was just thinking that a “shocking result” wouldn’t be someone that has been in the bottom before. That would leave out Sam, CJ and Jessica and put Caleb, Jena or Alex on the chopping block.

      • That was the second or third week though so I think it is still a possibility. She’s been the “golden” child to the judges or so it has seemed so maybe…

  2. RANKING: Most Likely To Be Eliminated From Top 6:
    1. CJ Harris
    2. Jessica Meuse
    3. Caleb Johnson
    4. Alex Preston
    5. Sam Woolf
    6. Jena Irene

  3. I hope they even out the playing field next week and have a singer/songwriter theme and maybe some adult alternative theme. Obviously, rock and country really opposite of Alexs usual genres.

  4. Everyone knows Caleb is going to win ,, It is plain to see. Everyone knows he has been the judges favorite. I hope Jessica is in second place at least and they need to send Jena home.her voice is awful.

  5. I just recently watched AI this season. As I have been overseas. I am truly amazed at the over all lack of talent this year. In my viewpoint, there are only 2 worthy top 5 finalist. That would be Caleb and Jena. The rest of those remaining should not have even made it much past Hollywood week. And doubtful they would have on any season past. But, I will not be surprised if Sam Wolf wins it all … with the pre-teen girl vote and the religious vote. As the guy has that “humble” personality that that church goers vote for, year in and year out.

  6. Who will take the title – American IDOL among the TOP 5 Finalists? Here is the ranking for me….

    5. JENA
    4. JESSICA
    3. CALEB
    2. ALEX
    1. SAM – will get the title!

  7. I would like to add the MAJOR ISSUES of each of the Top 5 American Idols: (just based on my observations):

    5. JENA IRENE – enunciation and arrangements of songs, voice clarity
    4. JESSICA MEUSE – rhythmic ability
    3. CALEB JOHNSON – musicality
    2. ALEX PRESTON – mannerisms during performance
    1. SAM WOOLF – he has fixed his minor issue, “connection”! No more No Less. Performance wise he is now becoming intense in his performances and musicality.

    • Jackie, I agree the whole thing! I think JENA will go next! I can tolerate JESSICA to stay at least another week because She has good enunciation! JENA is trying hard to be IN but again …anyway that’s just my opinion though!

    • I agree with your rankings. This is really how I see it.
      5. JENA – I can feel that the judges seem to be forcing themselves to like Jena for her to win. She’s also acting as if she’s humble, though she’s not. The problem is that she always get the praises making her confident that she has it without even trying to improve.
      4. JESS – When you look at her face while seeing, it’s all blank. And when she’s trying to move, it’s as if her head is not going with her body.
      3. CALEB – screaming and singing old songs. He was born at the wrong time.
      2. ALEX – He makes good arrangements with every song but I just don’t think he’s good enough.
      1. SAM – What makes me think that Sam should win is the fact that he always get not-so-good criticisms from judges helping him to grow. He’s an AI in the making.

      • Excellent assessment Eric! We really have the same judgement so far! SAM has been humble ever since the audition until now! I really believe he has all the package! You watch how he will win and take home the title!

  8. In the Finale of AI Season 13, I would like to see SAM and ALEX in the FINALE 2 of AI! These two AIs are the only once who could showdown as far as “musicality” is concerned! I can’t wait to see this day! Hey guys… This is just my wish!!!

    • Soo..agree, Jackie!! SAM and ALEX the Finale 2!!.. They are both excellent in creating and arranging songs! This will be an awesome showdown between the two! OMG… I really can’t wait it!

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