American Idol 2014: Hollywood Week Final Performances Part 2 [VIDEOS]

The final American Idol 2014 results from Hollywood Week will be announced tonight as the rest of the season 13 Top 30 contestants are revealed. We’ve already watched some incredibly talented singers go home, and the American Idol judges will have to make even more painful cuts tonight.

American Idol 2014 - The Green Mile 02

Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez aren’t the only ones, however, that will have someone’s hopes and dreams in the palm of their hands this evening. In a new twist for American Idol voting in season 13, the viewers will actually get to decide the final singer chosen for the 2014 Top 30.

At the end of the night, the American Idol judges will have two contestants left to choose from for the last person to move on to the semifinals. Instead of making up their minds between the two, they will pass off that chore to the viewers, who will vote for their favorite to join the rest of the season 13 Top 30.

If you can’t wait to find out who you’ll be voting for, you can check out American Idol spoilers on the two contestants whose fate you will be deciding. Or, you can hang out with us here for our live American Idol recap starting at 8PM and watch all the action with us!

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We kick off tonight where we left off on Wednesday evening. We have C. J. Harris and Casey Thrasher in the hot seats in front of the American Idol judges. Will one or both guys make it through to the Top 15 guys?

Harry Connick Jr. tells Casey he is going through, which leaves both guys looking sad that C. J. is not going to be in the semifinals. But WAIT! C. J. is going through too! Woohoo!

Now we have Marrialle Sellars, who is freaking out about how few places there are left for the girls in the Top 30. She performs “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus for her final solo performance. We love Marrialle, but we feel the rendition is a bit weak. The judges seem a bit torn over her. They talk to her about her inconsistency so far in the competition… but tell her that she is going to go through to the Top 30. She’s speechless and says she “forgot how to breathe.”

Jena Ascuitto is up next with an original song on the piano and it’s really quite beautiful. The American Idol judges are actually quiet while she is singing, which is a miracle considering how chatty they usually are. Harry Connick Jr. tells her she has made it to the Top 30 and she says her nickname is “The Sleeper” because she might just sneak up on the competition.

Caleb Johnson made it to this stage of the competition before, but was cut at the end of Hollywood Week. Will he make it to the Top 30 this time around? The rocker gave a rocking performance of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons for his solo performance that had Jennifer Lopez bouncing in her seat and the other contestants standing and waving their arms to the beat. You can probably guess, the judges passed him through even though they think he is too much of a “character” with his whole look and act.

We haven’t seen much of Ethan Harris since his original audition. His performance for the final solo round is cute and sweet, and the judges think he has some star qualities. However, the performance was not great and they think he made a bad song choice. Will they put him through anyway? Well, apparently they think he has more to give, and decide to put him in the Top 30 even though he had some “tough moments” during Hollywood Week.

Now we have some sad no votes from the American Idol judges, including Sarina Joi-Crowe, Nalani Quintello, and returning contestant David Oliver Willis. We are very sad to see David go home once again, that has to just be heart-breaking.

Majesty Rose York messes up her final solo performance of “Stars” by Grace Potter by losing the words, but her voice is once again stellar. Harry Connick Jr. tells her they have “rarely been so enthusiastic about a talent.”

Fifteen year old Briston Maroney is now up in the hot seat. His unique voice and style shined again during the final solo round, but is his sound just too different? Harry tells Briston about when he was young and wanted to move to New York after his mother died but didn’t get to until he was 18. He says Briston is just 15 and it is frustrating that he gets to go to Los Angeles because he is part of the Top 30! Briston says Harry is a “wicked man!”

Brandy Neely and Briana Oakley spend a short time apparently confused about how the elevator works before going in to face the judges together. Both of them gave lovely final solo performances that had J-Lo, Keith, and Harry looking pretty happy. Both of them have auditioned before. Could it be both of them will go through or will one or both go home? After some frustrating word play from the judges, the answer is… yes! Both Brandy and Briana will be going to the Top 30.

Back in Hollywood after a break and 17 year old Kenzie Hall is next in front of the judges. She is bawling her eyes out and Harry hands her a box of tissues. She’s had bad moments and good moments, but the good ones have won out because the judges are putting her in the Top 30. We like Kenzie and hope she’ll do only good going forward.

Next to see the judges is a very  nervous Savion Wright, who comes in playing his ukulele. We totally love this guy. He has been interesting and unique throughout Hollywood Week and clearly has talent. Sadly, the American Idol 2014 judges have decided they aren’t loving him as much as we do and they send him home.

The final two girls up tonight are Sandie Lee and Austin Wolfe. Only one of them can make it through to the Top 15 girls. Both of them head up to see the judges and find out their fate. Both of them have been strong so far, but there can be only one. Harry says both of them are special and it has been very difficult for the judges because of how talented they are. Unfortunately, Sandie is going to be going home, while Austin goes through to the Top 30.

Last to face the judges tonight are Ben Briley and Neco Starr. The two guys head up together, but there is only one spot left in the Top 30. Both guys have talent, and both have had their great moments and their not-so-great ones. We like them both and they are very different performers. It’s hard to figure out who should go through and apparently the judges can’t decide! So they’ve left it up to the voters to choose.

That means it’s time for you to pull out your phones and call or text, or go online and cast your vote for your favorite. Who will you send to the Top 30 and who will you send home? Cast your votes now!




  1. American Idol 2014 Hollywood week Final

    The show can easily be named American Pride not American Idol like something or someone we should worship. To me the show is representing American Pride, something that this young general does to measure their talents.

    This year American Idol 2014 has good judges and I love them. We ended up having our own Ant and Dec and Cat
    Deeley by accident. Don’t get this wrong, there is no copycat here. It happened very naturally. I don’t think our judges even know it.

    Talking about copycats, so far the one that stands out and gets on my nerves is the Miley Cyrus want-a- be. She can sing but not that good. I’ll never know what the judges keep praising her for. What the world!! We already have a
    Miley Cyrus. We don’t need another.

    I hope
    this year American Idol won’t keep annoying contestants
    for us to watch. Some that can’t remember the lyrics and can’t sing, but won’t
    shut up from begging, and tried to convince the judges that they can sing well.
    The other ones that I don’t like are the
    beggars, the poor little old me, the crybabies, the I am sick and can’t perform
    well, the crying for what I’ve already been through so let me
    be in, the copycats as I already stated. These were
    some of the annoying to me. They aren’t my favor. Please go get yourselves a real job because trying to make people
    feel sorry for you so you can get the votes is not going to get my vote either.

    We’re also having openly gay
    contestants now. They will have to run against each other and run against
    everyone else to determine if America Idol viewers are ready for them. What
    lifestyle they choose to live is their business but I hope this do not turn
    “politically correct” and not conceder talent only.

    all I do like the judges’ decisions, but face it there was some controversy as
    to who should have been there. It’s sad to see that some have taken the spots
    of some real talents away, and will have wasted this year competition before
    they get to come back again next year.

    there were a lot that deserved to be there and got to go through. I like some
    of them that made it so far. However, here is my favorite contestant so far:

    Standing out for American
    Pride needs to have a whole packet – no doubt Spencer Lloyd has it. I saw it on
    his audition. He has the best personality and the best looking guy. He spoke
    with a beautiful man voice and gave the best answers to the right questions.
    Gave a smile when got tease, and blend in well even with people who tried to
    put him in the corner in the uncomfortable situation. Spencer has it, the whole
    packet. I will pay to see his movie, if there is one someday.

    George Lovett. – This guy can sing.
    Besides he can carry the high and low notes well with the style; there is a
    high quality vibrato in his voice. It is a gift and can’t be copied.

    Someone else I like a lot is
    Munfarid Zaidi a.k.a. “Cradle Guy” Munfarid Zaidi can sing but I
    didn’t care much of him overdoing the funny part, and the outburst by his dad
    who seemed to forget Munfarid was not on his high school football field scoring
    a touchdown or something. I think he might turn me off as being my favorite. I
    would like to see them cease with the drama.

    Kenzie Hall, she was
    giving an amazing performance, she’s rapping with her song, and I do really
    like it.

    I will post more comments soon. Next time I will keep
    posting who else I like and don’t like.

  2. I know
    J Lo didn’t want to look bad to the American Idol viewers this year , I can see
    clearly that she was responsible for some of the weirdo and drama contestants
    that were there. She said yes to everything that could move even a shadow
    maybe. I am glad that Harry and Keith saw them clearly and was able to say no
    to a lot of them.

    I hate
    it when some of them cry and whine for votes by sharing their problems with the
    world. Some would go so far as telling the world their worse childhood events. Some
    had the worse mother in the world. I know she’s really hiding now, and I bet it
    really hurt and regret her mistakes. Everyone has their own problems and it
    shouldn’t be told to the world, and not by you. This is a talent show where we
    all watch it for entertainment. If I want to watch a soap opera then I wouldn’t
    have any problems with their stories. I would love to see your raw talents and
    your personalities for my entertainment.

    are some of my favorites and some aren’t.

    Kenzie Hall – She’s one of my favorites. She gave an amazing performance, she’s rapping her
    songs, and I really do like it.

    Andrina Brogden – Another one of my favorites. I think
    Leah Guerrero can sing a little better than her, but Andrina has a better

    Briana Oakley – Another one of my favorites.

    Brandy Neelly – A lot of contestants that didn’t make it
    sounded like her, and I have to agree with the judges she was the best one of
    all of them.

    Kristen O’Connor – Can’t go wrong with a beautiful
    singing nurse, but she might have to go back to her patients afterwards.

    Austin Wolfe – All American peachy look. Please remember
    that we can hear a pin drop from our speakers. She might make it a little
    farther if she can clearly pronounce her words. It’s almost like she forgot her
    words and then let it slide through the tongue.

    Jena Ascuitto – Another one that mispronounces her words,
    but her singing was not too bad.

    Piriz – She seems like a girl who likes to click with few friends but not all. I
    can go either ways with her.

    Jensen – She would be good at a political event, introducing guest using her
    background and standard opinions.

    Watson – The judges like her. She’s a screaming Karaoke to me.

    Bria Anai – Jennifer loves her lipstick so she’s still
    here. For me I don’t like all that screaming when she’s trying to sing.

    Jessica Meuse – Drama always follows her everywhere
    so watch out for the pink streaking hair. Her singing didn’t stand but
    everything else did.

    MK Nobilette – She came with a whole packet of
    controversy, I wish her singing could top it.

    Marrialle Sellers – Miley Cyrus want-a- be. The
    judges love her.

    Majesty Rose – Jen says omg I love her, will this count
    for a vote? Nah, not for me

    Spencer Lloyd – A full packet, and my favorite to win

    George Lovett – The best vocal. He’s my second favorites.

    Sam Woolf – He turned me off for some reason. I think he
    will be good next year.

    Maurice Townsend – I like him. He’s cool.

    Dexter Roberts – I’m not sure. He sings like a Deep South
    country guy. Maybe that’s why Keith likes him.

    Emmanuel Zidor – He seems very nice but the other cry
    baby – oh no!!

    Jordan Brisbane – How can anyone not love him? With a big
    hamburger bun face with big lips to go with it, and he’s just turned 16.

    Malcolm Allen – I can go either ways with him.

    Alex Preston – I can go either ways with him.

    CJ Harris – I like him because I like country music too.

    Casey Thrasher – A likeable guy and a family man that can
    sing country music.

    Caleb Johnson – He’s another cool guy who can sing

    Ethan Harris – I can go either ways with him

    Briston Maroney – A good looking boy that might be good
    next year.

    [Either Ben Briley or Neco Starr] – Neco Starr has a
    little better look and that’s because I don’t much care for guys that wear
    hats. However, between the two of them I think Ben Briley can sing a little

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