American Idol 2014: What Should The Top 13 Sing?


Every season, we like to throw out our song suggestions for the American Idol contestants and it’s usually a pretty easy task because of the themes. But American Idol 2014 might be making that a little harder on us this season.

Apparently, gone are the days of specific themes like “Michael Jackson Week” or “Songs From the Year You Were Born.” Instead we’re getting themes like “This Is Me,” which I’m guessing means the contestants pick a song to perform that represents who they are. Some may even chose original songs. How am I ever going to pull this one off? Let me try.

What should the American Idol 2014 Top 13 sing this week?

Ben Briley. Well we know this guy’s a country guy. It would be nice to see him take a pop song and put a country spin on it, but since this is “This is Me” week, he should stick to pure country. Maybe Garth Brooks’ “The Dance,” or I’ve seen a video of him covering “Desperado” by The Eagles/Clint Black. So maybe we can hear something like one of those this week.

CJ Harris. I think CJ can sing anything (and he does everything from country to blues to pop). So it’s going to be hard to suggest what he should sing. I’ve seen him cover “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes and “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, so I think he could pull off either of those pretty well this week. If not those, then something within that genre.

Jena Irene. I sort of expect Jena to pull out an original, but if she doesn’t, I want to hear something pretty rock-ish from her. But then again, America didn’t respond too well to her singing the Rolling Stones. So maybe she could do something more modern, but with an edge. Pink perhaps? “Still a Rockstar”? This is a tough one.

Caleb Johnson. I can’t help but think of Meatloaf when I think of this guy. I don’t necessarily think he should sing a Meatloaf song (because no one should really), but if he did, I think it would make sense.  I’ve heard him sing a great version of “Good Times, Bad Times” by Led Zeppelin on YouTube, so I think that would be a smart choice for him.

Jessica Meuse. She has a large variety of original songs and covers out there so she could pull out anything this week. Of the things I’ve heard her sing, I’d love to hear her do her version of “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaac this week. It would be a great performance.

MK Nobilette. I can basically find nothing out there by MK to really know what her musical influences are, so I can’t possibly pick a song for her. I think she should stick with the emotional pull she has in her performances though. At least for another week. Then she can break out into something upbeat and fun.

Kristen O’Connor. I don’t think Kristen has much time on the show, so if she wants to stay, she needs to sing a popular song or at the very least have a moment. Again, I don’t know much about her yet, so I couldn’t possibly pick a specific song for her.

Emily Piriz. Let’s just say she should not be singing something sultry. We don’t need Harry Connick Jr. going crazy again. Let’s hope she does something more subdued like Taylor Swift. Ha.

Alex Preston. He seems to do a lot of Ed Sheeran, so if that’s not the direction he goes in, I’ll be surprised. But I’d like to hear him cover something like Lady Gaga’s “Do What You Want With My Body.” Seriously. Like slow it down and just jam it on the guitar. Sure it’s crazy, but it wouldn’t be boring.

Dexter Roberts. Well we know this dude is going to do country, but what country song will it be? Maybe some Johnny Cash would be good.

Majesty Rose. She’s so cute and upbeat, she definitely needs to do something that represents that. I want to say something young and modern, but maybe just young. Forget modern. I’d like for her to put her own spin on the Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” or “I Want You Back.”

Malaya Watson. There are so many things I want to hear Malaya sing. She’s my favorite voice this season, which means she’s probably doomed. So this week she would probably need to sing something modern and popular. But I’d love to hear her pull out some Aretha Franklin or Darlene Love.

Sam Woolf. I think Sam has some staying power, so he can basically sing what he wants this week. He seems to perform “Hey Judge” by The Beatles a lot and he does a great acoustic version of it. So it would be a pretty smart idea if he pulled that out this week.

So those are my shots in the (very very) dark. What are yours? What would you like to hear the American Idol 2014 Top 13 sing this week?




  1. I would like to hear Dexter’s version of Ricky Skaggs “Highway 40 Blues”, Craig Morgan “That’s What I Love about Sundays” or Marshall Tucker Band – “Bob Away My Blues”.

  2. Really, again who write these articles ? why do you keeping saying that Ktisten will not be on much longer, where is this dislike coming from ? She has one of the nicest voices of the other women, she sings the others scream, screaming is not singing. Well, most of the others do over sing. If you don’t like her just say so !!!

  3. Dexter – Wrong by Waylon Jennings
    MK – I’d fall In Love Tonight by Anne Murray
    Caleb – Night Moves or other Bob Seger
    CJ – Lay Down Beside Me by Don Williams
    Jessica – Hey Bobby by K T Oslin

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