American Idol 2015: Adanna Duru Sings “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”

If “It’s A Man’s World” then Adanna Duru looks ready to start taking things over in her American Idol 2015 performance for this week’s Showcase event at the House of Blues.

Adanna Duru sings on American Idol 2015 Showcase
Adanna Duru sings on American Idol 2015 Showcase – Source: FOX/YouTube

The Top 48 contestant is vying for a spot in the final 24 semi-finalists category with her performance and while she might still be working on the vocals Adanna is more than making up for it in stage presence and delivery.

Jennifer Lopez breaks out the stank-face which is pretty far up the ladder over Goosies for those keeping track at home. Adanna even gets Jennifer on her feet by the end of the song which makes me think her chances of moving on are pretty good.

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When it comes time to sit down with the Judges we hear Harry Connick Jr. tell Adanna Duru that the tough part of their work is cutting the artists because they’re artists too. Sounds like he’s setting her up for one of his “but that’s not a problem you’ll have tonight.”

Watch Adanna’s performance in the sneak peek video below and then join us tonight for American Idol and our live coverage!

Adanna Duru sings “It’s A Man’s World”: