American Idol 2015 Episode 5 Photo Gallery [PICS]

Not everyone could leave last night’s American Idol with a Golden Ticket, but even fewer showed up with their own Golden microphone. Kudos to Kemil on his showmanship, but we’d have to agree with the judges that it’s time to drop that plated mic and entertain us a different way.

Meanwhile we did get great auditions from the likes of Shannon Berthiaume and Jacob Tolliver that made the night in Minnesota pass by quickly. There’s still more American Idol auditions ahead in New Orleans and San Francisco before we wrap up and head to Hollywood.

For now check out the photos from last night’s show from Minnesota in our picture gallery below.

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Which American Idol Hopeful had the best presentation out of last night’s Minnesota auditions? Get ready for more next week!

Image credit: Michael Becker / FOX
Source: FOX