American Idol 2015 Finale: Clark Beckham Interview

Will Clark Beckham be the next American Idol winner? If the fans here on our site had anything to say about it in the American Idol votes last night, he very well might be. The charismatic young singer has been a fan favorite with our readers for quite a while. Regardless if he is the one who won American Idol tonight, all he really wants is just to “keep singing” no matter what.

Clark Beckham performs on AMERICAN IDOL
Clark Beckham performs on American Idol 2015 – FOX

Even with all the exposure of being on American Idol 2015, Clark Beckham knows that even if he wins, it isn’t easy to turn that into a successful music career.

“It’s hard, man. I did all I could. I just want to keep singing. People keep talking like what do you want to do? I just want to go out and sing for people again,” he told Fox Audio Central. “With Idol, it’s incredible because it’s the best platform I think in the world for an artist that wants to be someone, go from zero to hero if you will. But it’s hard because we only get to sing one, two or three songs and that’s it for a week. I can’t wait until after this when I’m hopefully into a steep career where I just get to sing and sing for people over and over at concerts. That’s what I’m most excited about more than anything.”

On one hand, Clark Beckham says it feels like his American Idol journey has been incredibly fast. “I feel like just the other day, it was top 48 in the House of Blues,” he said. But on the other hand, he feels like he has “been on this show for 10 years.  I feel like it’s been such a long process because we’ve been doing so much and it’s been an amazing process but it’s weird, man. I’ll never forget this chapter of my life for as long as I live.”

No matter who walks away the next American Idol winner, Clark Beckham told Fox Audio Central the finale is going to be awesome for the fans, as well as the top two finalists. “We are going to rock out so hard. I’m telling you, the guy I’m singing with is one of my all-time heroes in every single aspect of a person and an artist,” he said. “I respect him and love him and hope to be very much like him. We’re going to rock out. We’re going to get some good ol’ soul music coming through so I can’t wait for tomorrow.​

Source: Fox Audio Central