American Idol 2015 Finale: Harry Connick Jr and Keith Urban Interview

American Idol judges Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban

American Idol 2015 judges Harry Connick Jr and Keith Urban sat down with FOX Audio Central after last night’s kick off to the Season 14 finale to discuss Jax’s elimination and the Clark Beckham/Nick Fradiani pairing.

“You know it was sad to see Jax go,” Harry said. “We’ve all come to love her you know. But she is aware as we all are, that’s the competition and anything goes. The good part about it is there wasn’t a front-runner in my mind. You know it seem like anybody could have gone home and you know a lot of Nick and Clark, I couldn’t tell you who’s going to win. So it’s exciting.  It keeps it exciting.”

Keith says that the race was so tight, there wasn’t much of a surprise.

“Well I thought it was going to go either way,” Keith said of Jax’s elimination. “The fact that it was such a narrow margin was probably the only thing that wasn’t a surprise.”

So who wins American Idol 2015 tonight? Neither are touching that answer with a 10-foot pole.

“Clark is undeniable as a singer and a musician,” Harry said. “He’s just absolutely extraordinary. He’s gifted. That kind of voice, that’s just pure gift.  And you can’t deny that, and he’s a Tennessee boy so I have a soft spot for him but I also really love Nick because he’s such a fighter and he has a fighter spirit. He’s got a good heart. He’s the kind that every man can really relate to him a lot so it’s going to be interesting to see what of all of those attributes connected with America the most tonight.”

Harry was even more tight-lipped than Keith on the subject.

“They did a great job. I mean they did with they had to do,” Harry said. “They stepped up and they sang strong and performed well and did what they had to do.”

Source: FOX Audio Central



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