American Idol 2015 Finale: Nick Fradiani Interview

At the end of the American Idol 2015 tonight, either Clark Beckham or Nick Fradiani will walk away as the next-to-last American Idol winner. Both singers feel they gave everything they possibly could have in their final performances for the voters on Tuesday night. Now it just comes down to who America thinks has more star quality.

Nick Fradiani performs on AMERICAN IDOL
Nick Fradiani performs on American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX

“I kind of let it all loose [last night]. I tried to at least and it felt so good out there,” Nick Fradiani told Fox Audio Central. “The energy was incredible and yeah, I mean, whatever happens, happens at this point.”

“I can’t even believe I’m here so that’s why when I went out there today, I was like, just give it every ounce of everything inside of you and just put it out there. If it sounds a little pitchy, whatever, just leave it out there for everybody and that’s what I did. I hope that it got through the cameras and into the screens and I hope people related to it.”

Nick said it feels “completely surreal” to have made the American Idol finale for season 14. “Something I never would have thought would have  happened in my life and it’s all happening and it’s wild,” he said. “It really is wild and I can’t be more happy and just honored and blessed and all those crazy words that I’m thinking right now because it’s hard for me to even comprehend all of this.”

Now that the American Idol voting is over for the year, Nick Fradiani hopes to just relax and have fun during the finale. No matter who won American Idol 2015 in the end, he said they just “got to have fun at this point.”

“Me and Clark will be up there on stage together at the end and whatever happens, American Idol I think is going to have a good winner in either one of us,” he said. “I told him today, I was like, ‘Man, let’s crush these performances and enjoy it tomorrow.’ We’ll never get tomorrow back. Tomorrow’s going to be an incredible day of celebration and music for us so I’m just going to try and let it sink in and enjoy it tomorrow.”

Source: Fox Audio Central