Jessica Sanchez ‘Mad’ About Malaya Watson Elimination

Former American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez is not happy about Malaya Watson being eliminated this week on season 13. Jessica voiced her support for the American Idol 2014 finalist back in March, happy to see another contestant of Filipino-American heritage in the competition. When Malaya was voted off by viewers, Jessica took to Twitter to express her displeasure.

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 2012

Back in March, Jessica Sanchez — whose mother a Filipina — told ABS-CBNNews she hoped Malaya Watson “makes it really, really far. I hope she does well.” Malaya’s mother is also a Filipina, originally from Manila, Philippines.

Although Jessica said she had not been watch the show much, she heard Malaya was doing “awesome” and wished her good luck. “I’m here to support,” Jessica said. “Just stay strong, don’t give up even if there are haters out there.”

When Malaya was eliminated on American Idol 2014 on Thursday, Jessica took a moment out of her busy schedule to post her reaction to the vote on Twitter.

Quite a lot of our readers disagree it seems, as Malaya had a very strong following on our site, especially among those of Filipino heritage.

Do you agree with Jessica that Malaya should have been safe this week?




  1. Yeah, Jessica Sanchez you weren’t even that great like you thought you were. They wasted the save on you. You flopped after that Whitney Houston song. You lost the connection between the music. Stick your nose up somewhere else, who cares what you think. Jeez.

  2. I think the judges should not have used their save last week for Sam, though Sam did a great job Wednesday night (much better job), but Malaya has been consistent in improving every week. Sam should have gone home last week, but that’s how it goes. Apparently, Malaya’s fan base didn’t carry her through (maybe Jessica Sanchez) should have voted and got more of her friends to vote for Malaya. On the other hand, you do not vote for someone just because of their ancestry (where they are from), but how good are they and I really think Malaya sings better than Sam. As for the remark about Harry Connick, Jr., people should read about his personal and professional life. He knows so much about music and comes from generations of musicians. He tells it like it is when he judges, but with respect — not like Simon Cowell. He does not just like Louisiana music. His background is jazz but sings many genres. He is admired and respected all through the musical industry. I think these three judges are the best American Idol has ever had and I hope they will keep them all. I love Randy Jackson as a mentor, too.

      • No, it wasn’t. And even this past week, his singing was better but still surrounded by all those girls, he never looked at one of them. He needs to go and come back in a few years when he matures and has more stage presence.

      • Sam enters the Berklee School of Music in Boston this fall, he will be perfecting his craft there. He’s 17, Malaya is 16, these teens have a lot of time to improve their performance ability, but they each have vocal quality that will help them make it. Sam more than Malaya.

      • Good to hear about Sam. My husband and I have being saying for weeks that he reminds us of a young Ricky Nelson (more his shyness and when he puts his head down, he resembles RN), which is who Harry Connick, Jr. told him to look up on youtube. He does have great potential.

      • Sam was saved due to his overall vocal quality, not that one song on a single night. Sam will have a recording career. The judges likely thought it would have been CJ’s turn to go this week, and he will likely go soon. Sam’s voice is very special, hence his sales and charting on iTunes, vs. none for Malaya.

  3. No one, no one, cares what Jessica Sanchez has to say about an Idol elimination two years after her ridiculous save. When Jessica was voted off, she should have stayed off, but the producers managed to force her into a top 2 spot by giving her every advantage possible in order to keep her on. She has sold about zero records. They all get voted off, one by one, and it shouldn’t be so shocking that the Top 8 is now down to a Top 7, even with the extension for the Top 8 by a second week. Sam’s voice is better than Malaya’s, it’s expected that Malaya would go before Top 5 or so.

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