American Idol 2015: Idol Fan Save Says Goodbye

American Idol Live Twitter Voting twist on Season 14
American Idol Live Twitter Voting twist on Season 14 – Source: Idol

The American Idol 2015 season introduced a new twist: the Idol Fan Save that let viewers take to Twitter for a live vote and support their favorite contestant in a Bottom Two showdown. Starting tonight the contestants will be on their own as all Saves are gone and done. What the voters decided before the polls closed will be final. No second chances from here on out.

Rayvon Owen dominated the Idol Fan Save this year in its debut season having won every round since its introduction. It was an incredibly impressive run considering when the Twitter Save kicked in he had ranked lower than the next four singers to be eliminated yet he pulled through week after week.

Now with the Idol Fan Save off the table there will be no second chances for any of the American Idol 2015 contestants. That makes your votes more important ever if you want to help your favorite singer make it on to the season finale.

Despite the complaints and inherent issues with a live vote I did enjoy the extra drama this twist added especially with the Idol Results show going the way of the dinosaurs this season. I wouldn’t surprised to see it back next season if there is another season at all (fingers crossed!).

What did you think of the new Fan Save this season? Was it a good trade off from the usual Judges Save that was clearly used early to open the path for this new save twist.