American Idol Fan Save: How To Vote On Twitter

The new twist on American Idol is the Fan Save which lets viewers vote on Twitter to save one of the Bottom Two contestants each week starting tonight on American Idol 2015. FOX has released our first round of instructions on just how this will work so you can be ready to vote.

FOX calls this new thing the “Idol Fan Save” and there are very easy steps to follow so you can support your favorite in the Bottom Two.

1) Ryan Seacrest will reveal the Bottom 2 singers and their special “Save” # hashtags for use specifically on Twitter.

2) The time frame to take action will last approximately five minutes so you MUST work quickly. Tweet messages that include the specific hash tag announced in favor of the contestant you want to stay on American Idol 2015.

3) Voting closes and the results are tallied so Ryan can announce the outcome.

4) One Idol contestant will be eliminated based on who gets the most online support.

Living on the west coast or can’t get home in time to watch Ryan Seacrest announce when to take action on Twitter? FOX will stream the final minutes of the show online for EVERYONE to watch at the same time. Details:

For those fans not able to watch on the east coast or on central time, you can follow @AmericanIdol on Twitter to find out which contestants are in the bottom two (and when the Fan Save window opens). You can also watch both contestants perform and the results of the vote in a special live stream from the studio by visiting

We will post all the details on our site as it happens live in the east coast broadcast so stick with us tonight and every show so you don’t miss a thing and have all the information.

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  1. So at eight minutes into Idols “April Fools Day” show Secrest leans over and slips a roofie in the Mountain and Pacific time zone drink. “But Sally it was your idea to take your cloths off in the Frat House”.

    Obviously there’s was a compelling need to speed up the Idol vote tonight but Secrests never says why. So he goes on to say (I paraphrase) To insure that the networks desired outcome happens tonight we will implement a smoke and mirror “twitter” shell game that just happens (by dumb luck) to bypass the voting fans in the Mountain and Pacific times zone; viewers who see the show three hours later. In your face. The West won’t be included in the vote tonight because their voting patterns are well know and they just don’t meet tonight’s needs.
    So now that you (the viewer) woke up in the Frat House and your on YouTube.. are you interested in going back for more of Idols engineered outcomes. Can’t wait to see what the spin doctors come up with.

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