American Idol 2015: Jax Sings ‘You And I’ – Showcase Week [VIDEO]

Jax sings “You And I” during tonight’s Showcase round on American Idol 2015, but will her creative choices put her Idol journey in jeopardy?

Jax sings on American Idol 2015 Showcase
Jax sings on American Idol 2015 Showcase – Source: FOX/YouTube

In her performance of Lady Gaga’s song Jax has the audience right there with her and proves again why she’s made it so far in the Idol competition for Season 14. Then in dramatic fashion Jax stops her performance with a drawn out pause before resuming and finishing it out. She hopes the Judges appreciate her attempt to keep the audience hanging. Uh oh, doesn’t look like they all did.

We see Jennifer Lopez giving a shake of her head at Jax’s decision and later in her sit down with the Judges we hear Jennifer say that while she appreciates taking risks, it was a dangerous thing for Jax to do.

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What do you think? Was the move too risky or maybe just not as well executed as Jax had expected? Watch the sneak peek performance video below and see if you think she deserves a spot in the American Idol Top 24 for 2015.

Jax sings “You And I” on American Idol 2015: