American Idol 2015: Loren Lott – Skyfall – Hollywood Solo Performance [VIDEO]

Loren Lott is about to knock the socks off the Judges and audiences tonight on American Idol with her performance of “Skyfall” during the final round in Hollywood.

Loren Lott sings "Skyfall" on American Idol 2015
Loren Lott sings “Skyfall” on American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX/YouTube

While Loren has always been a strong vocal contestant on American Idol this season, we had yet to see her fully show off her abilities and I think that’s about to change.

In the sneak peek performance video below Loren brings Jennifer Lopez to her feet at the conclusion of a powerful delivery that is sure to earn her a seat in the Top 48 for American Idol 2015. Watch and see if you agree.

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Loren Lott sings “Skyfall” in Hollywood Week’s Solo round: