American Idol 2015 Recap: Hollywood Week – Part 4

Over two hundred singers on American Idol 2015 arrived at the start of Hollywood Week but tonight only 48 contestants will walk out of the theater with a chance of reaching the Season 14 finale after the official Idol results are announced.

Elimination results revealed on American Idol 2015
Elimination results revealed on American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX

Follow our live coverage of tonight’s big reveal of the Top 48 contestants reveal following what looks to be fantastic performances during the solo round on the last night of Hollywood Week. We also have the American Idol Top 24 spoilers here.

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Loren Lott – “Skyfall”:
Jennifer tells her “very nice” and calls it the first superstar performance she’s seen. Loren Lott is feeling very good after this one. Judges confer and agree that was exactly what they were looking to find.

Daniel Seavey – “I See Fire”:
Daniel has his guitar for this performance and despite his nerves he’s doing a great job. Jennifer calls it “crazy” in a good way. Keith says, “you have such a joy about you” and likes how he’s so happy and joyful with his presentations. Daniel Seavey is pleased, but admits there’s always room for improvement.

Big Ron Wilson – “Let’s Get On”:
Big Ron is having a tough time with his rehearsal and doesn’t like the feedback he gets from Rickey Minor. Ryan teases that this could be the last performance for Ron.

Ron hits his stride with the performance and it’s great aside from an off ending. The Judges advise Ron on how to close it out, but Ron takes that chance to insult Rickey and comments on the music director’s height. Harry comments on why that’s not such a great idea. Ron Wilson isn’t worried though.

Shi Scott – “All I Can Do Is Cry”:
Backstage Shi is very nervous and plays that up in the narrative we’ve been getting from her that she’s too shy to be singing in public despite being fully capable. Yeah, I don’t buy it.

It’s a great performance but Harry points out that her nerves took away from her performance. He says this was not her strongest display for them. Shi says she’s proud of what she did though.

Adam Lasher – “Free Fallin'”:
Adam isn’t worried at all though and says this will be a piece of cake. He’s right. It’s a great performance from Adam.

Keith was concerned about the octaves, but Adam is pleased and says he didn’t want to sound like everyone else singing that song.

American Idol Results:
Eliminated: Ron Wilson, Adam Lasher,
Safe: Daniel Seavey, Loren Lott, Shi Scott, Maddy Hudson

Quentin Alexander – “Riptide”:
Quentin comes out ready to perform with a large coat which starts its own story when the Judges start playing along and JLo goes up to gather it from.

The Judges are clearly impressed with Quentin Alexander’s performance. Keith gets on his feet for Quentin and says it was a “really good take on that song.” Looks good for his chances.

Can’t wait to find out what happens next? We’ve got your American Idol Top 24 spoilers list revealing which Season 14 Hopefuls survive the upcoming eliminations.

There’s a fast montage of successful singers including Maddie Walker and Trevor Douglas, but now it’s Alexis Granville’s turn to perform and she wants to prove she can take the heat of the stage.

Alexis Granville – “You Light Up My Life”:
Alexis is pressed to impress the Judges this time and it might not be happening here. Harry stops the performance and lets her restart but when she is off from the band again he calls it quits for her. Harry says once is permissible, but twice is not. She leaves in tears.

Jax – “Let It Be”:
Stepping down in to the audience Jax sings her song to her parents which clearly moves them. The Judges don’t need any more time to decide. She’s through to the next round.

Micheal Simeon – “Try”:
Jennifer says it’s not just his voice, but it’s his heart that shows through in his performance. She says that what they want in this competition.

Nick Fradiani – “Babylon”:
Nick tells the Judges that he knows this is his last chance as he prepares to age out while surrounded by 16 year old competitors.

Keith says he likes how Nick Fradiani changed the song to his own cover. Harry says he thinks Nick’s age is his advantage. JLo says she really likes him.

Katherine Skinner – “Alone”:
I still don’t get Katherine or how she’s in the comp, but here she goes. Ugh. Sorry, but she’s just as bad as she ever was. Not good.

Harry says she has extraordinary vocal capability, but her “pedal to the metal” vocals might not have been the right move. JLo tells the other Judges that Katherine didn’t deliver.

American Idol Results:
Eliminated: Katherine Skinner, Jessica Lamb, Alex Shier, Piper Jones
Safe: Michael Simeon, Emily, Nick Fradiani, Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph

Clark Beckham – “Try A Little Tenderness”:
Leaving his guitar behind Clark Beckham wants to show his multifaceted talent and it’s a powerful performance that’s sure to win over the judges.

Mark Andrew – “Skinny Love”:
Mark decides to ditch his guitar and his exhaustion is taking its toll. Mark trails off at the end forgetting his words. Harry warns Mark not to do that anymore.

American Idol Results:
Eliminated: Brianna, Naomi, Travis
Safe: Clark Beckham, Alexis Gomez, Mark Andrew

Joey Cook – “Across The Universe”:
Joey is very nervous heading in to this after forgetting the lyrics in her Group performance. No trouble with the lyrics this time and Joey Cook should be very pleased but is instead starting to freak out and panic that she’s ruined her chances at Idol.

A montage of contestants and great performances with Lovey James, Tyanna Jones, Rayvon Owen, and Riley Bria. All are great performances since we’re almost out of time and don’t want to hang up on the lesser deliveries.

American Idol Results:
Safe: Riley Bria, Rayvon Owen, Joey Cook, Tyanna Jones, Hunter Larsen

Many of the eliminations and “Yes” decisions were not shown. Read the full list of Top 48 contestants here.

There’s no rest for the weary though as we’re on to the House of Blues next week with two more nights of performances coming next week. There we will see the Top 48 become the Top 24 (spoilers) for American Idol 2015.

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