American Idol 2015: Ryan Seacrest Will Return! [REPORT]

Earlier today, we brought you the fabulous news about the reported lineup of American Idol judges for season 14. Now, we are pleased to tell you that despite some rumors to the contrary, host Ryan Seacrest will be returning for American Idol 2015!

Ryan Seacrest & Grumpy Cat

According to Deadline, Ryan Seacrest will definitely return for American Idol season 14 as part of a new contract with FOX. In addition, he will have the option to come back for American Idol 2016 as well, should the show be renewed again after next year.

Since FOX entertainment chair Kevin Reilly has already said he does not see season 14 being the last one for American Idol, we anticipate we’ll probably be seeing Ryan doing his hosting duties for at least a couple more years. We doubt he would refuse to take the option of doing season 15 if it happens. Especially if it turns out to be the final year and the original American Idol judges come back in a grand exit for the show.




  1. And that’s just basic decency on his part – the show that made him rich and famous beyond his wildest dreams deserves some loyalty forum Seacrest.

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