American Idol Judges 2015: Who Is Coming Back? [REPORT]

According to insider reports, the American Idol 2015 Judges will be… Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Randy Jackson! I’m kidding! Harry Connick Jr., not Randy.

American Idol judges
American Idol 2015 Judges line-up – Image Source: FOX

Yes, per People magazine, the entire current “Dream Team” panel, including Jennifer Lopez, will be back next year to judge for American Idol Season 14. People mag reached out to FOX for confirmation, but received no comment.

Considering JLo’s extraordinarily high price tag, supposedly over $17 MILLION, and dropping ratings, which means less revenue for the show to work with, I thought for sure JLo would be out and Grumpy Cat would be in as the replacement judge.

This mostly makes sense because like JLo, people love Grumpy Cat, but unlike Jennifer, GC does not drop F-bombs on live television. Okay, you know I’m just kidding around.

What do you think of the return of the American Idol judges in 2015? Do you think familiar faces at the panel will boost or slow slumping ratings or would some new, cheaper views from the center table be more beneficial for Season 14?

Share your thoughts and tell us what you think of the news!

Source: People via MJs




  1. That’s terrific news!! I love the panel…wouldn’t want to change it at all!! Besides that, Harry and Keith aren’t too bad to look at either!!

  2. Jlo, has talent if you like her, but she’s bias first there was Pia, then Jessica S now Jena… She needs replaced.

      • good thing, jessica sanchez was terrible all year long. she couldnt perform a decent song for me ever.

    • Now, look, Paula Abdul had her closet B/F.

      Diva Queen Minaj could hardly keep her pants on every time a hunk walked by. Yes, I know, some of that was just-for-show… but some was definitely not.

      Judges will have their bias. That’s why they’re judges.

      The good news is, many of us are intelligent enough to see through their bias. Its plain as day when they heep adulation after adulation on a given contestant. I do not think their bias affects the whole of the Vote as much as you may worry it does.

      Finally, just know that one’s vote is hardly the end-all for A.I.’s decision on who stays and who goes. Its part of a myriad of factors they weigh in determining who’s light gets turned off.

  3. Glad to hear about Harry and Keith–JLo not so much. She’s certainly talented in her own right and not the fiasco that Moriah and Nicky were, but she’s very disrespectful toward Harry’s musicianship. Would much prefer a Jewel who surprised many of us on “The Sing-Off” with her class and acumen.

    • I sort of like JLo as the more emotional and naive counter to Harry’s musicianship. I do think that works well sometime. However, the bias has to stop, as that is taking things too far.

  4. Let’s just be honest, The Voice, has a much better celebrity panel. They are positive, encouraging, and coach the singers into better performers.
    JLo just promotes her favorites, and destroys the confidence of the competition. And don’t let off of Harry and Keith, they may be less obvious about it, but they know they are there to carry her water.

    • I am very happy all the judges are back, since they are fun to watch and don’t cause a lot of drama, but I do want them to change how they critique the singers, since they were very biased this season.

      • They could quell the antics a bit… no more ear touching, prodding / interrupting / smirking at Jen while she’s trying to give serious feedback.

        I really think, deep down, Harry’s got the Hots for J-Lo. … which is part of the reason why he’s relatively harder on the female contestants than the guys.. but, that’s just my perspective.

      • I always took that as Harry just being weird more than him liking her, but you may be right! I did like most of the male singers this year above the female ones, tho, at the same time.

      • Harry, especially in the first few weeks, had some really pointed remarks for a lot of the female contestants, particularly the good looking ones (i.m.o.). At first, I thought it was to show he was not affected by their beauty… to prove to his wife and own girls.

        But now, I’m starting to wonder about Harry’s true motives. Sometimes, he acts like a 3rd grade boy trying to get JLo’s attention… in awkward ways. The ear touching, the odd quirky moves, … even though this is all on-cam, I sometimes wonder if he’s not trying to ‘impress’ her in a 3rd-grader manner.

    • The Voice, singing to back of chairs. The two guys on there should quit acting like they are 12 years old, especially Blake Shelton. They are a bunch of clowns.

  5. Let’s hear it for the producer’s pawns. Adjustable ethics, party of three. Sick of the manipulation.

  6. I’m just happy Harry will be back! Thats probably the one thing I wanted most to happen.

  7. To Cathy A Albertorio… If in your ugly fatty life you was near to who JLo is, I’m sure you would’ve been in a mental hospital because that’s the reason you are who you are !!

  8. Without JLo American Idol will not have season 15 that’s for sure. If you hate her cuz she is so damn hot, hey one as advice to you all .. There is a place called Gym and a thing called Diet!!!

    • I love Keith Urban because he doesn’t have a big ego and is very honest with his judging. On the other hand, I think Harry has a big ego along with J Lo. I do think Harry has a big crush on J Lo.

  9. I do not like celebs as judges. Too much money is wasting on them. Let persons who has studied music and has great experiences do the job !!
    Expand the prices for the contestants. Give five a homecoming and five contracts . 1 st gets 5million , 2 nd 4million , 3 rd 3 million , 4 th 2 million and the 5 th gets 1million ($). Total is 15million.Five contestants and others who are working on the contracts earns that money.
    (only Jennifer gets 17 million)

  10. Keith Urban, my favorite, he has it all, looks, talent, kindness letting contestants know how they can improve, have I mentioned good looking and sexy. All I can say about Keith is WOW !!!!!

  11. I think this year’s judges are doing the best job yet on Idol. Harry and Keith play so well off of each other. Harry is the most entertaining of the three, but they are all great. Harry is such an authority on everything musical and he is extremely fair.

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