American Idol Will Be Renewed, Original Judges Could Return?

Great news for American Idol fans! Despite the show continuing to drop in the ratings, Fox entertainment chair Kevin Reilly has confirmed that American Idol 2015 will definitely take place, and it will not be the show’s last season.

American Idol judges

The Fox executive also said the network would not be adverse to having original American Idol judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson come back for the final season, whenever that might end up being.

“It’s coming back next year,” Kevin Reilly told Vulture‘s Josef Adalian in an interview about the future of American Idol 2015 and beyond.

As for that rumor that the original American Idol judges might be invited back for a future season, Reilly said that wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility. “Yes, possibly — for the last season,” he said. “But I’m not yet in that place where [next season] would be the last season.”

So there you have it folks, straight from the Fox entertainment chief’s mouth. Not only will American Idol be renewed for season 14, but it looks like we’ll at least get a season 15 as well. And, we might just be seeing American Idol judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson back again someday!




    • After the Drunken Sailor showing last night, I think it may be time for Ryan to retire from the MC spot. He’s not able to comfortably keep up with the quips and jabs of Keith & Harry. It comes off as awkward every time he walks up to the judges bench, just behind J-Lo… and tries to enter the conversation there.

      And, Ryan’s gotta stop putting his hands on the girls’ shoulders—beit Jessica, Jena, or J-Lo, he’s forever got his hands on THEM. He hardly lays a finger on the guys. I’m all for the heterosexual moments, but the Drunken Sailor may need to sober up a bit.

  1. the show NEEDS simon back. paula may be a ditz but she does know the business. randy?? I’d rather have keith

    • I said that last season that they should have the original judges come back for the final season and it looks like somebody was listening!!! LOL

  2. Even though the ratings are slipping, other than the judges salaries it can’t be a very expensive show to produce so I’m sure it’s still profitable

    • Why don’t you check out Jennifer Lopez’s salary first and then say that again, haha! 🙂 …. you know just picking on you but for real her salary is their most outrageous expense! And I don’t think the show even needs her that much.

  3. Yes Original judges would be great but if not …bring back idol alumni as judges like Underwood, Daughtry, Clarkston. That would be cool. NO JLO my god she looks old.

      • How great would that line-up be. I would actually watch. Unfortunately, Fox won’t be shelling out for Underwood and Clarkson full-time. I remember them already pursuing this to no avail.

    • There’s a difference, though, as we have seen. Just because one is an awesome performer / singer / idol, it does not always translate into being a decent judge on the bench.

      I think it would behoove Idol to keep these three – if anyone, swap out J-Lo with someone else – and have a fourth, guest chair, for one past Idol winner each week.

      The Idol Guest judges on Wednesday night, sings on Thursday during Results night.

      • hey this is cool i agree w/you for the first time genuinely . ty

      • i am ty and no i’m not bipolar either, but previously we never agreed on anything and now we do, i think its pretty amazing and progress and i liked ur idea about the judges. i’ve never been on a blog in my life but circumstances put me in a position w/too much time on my hands and as an AI watcher for 7 years i thought i’d just communicate this way even-though it is passing time and strange for me and probably will not become a habit. i just spoke my mind and sometimes i was not so nice, but by all means and respect this kind of entertainment can get just about anybody w/a different opinion to react badly. it’s actually more provocative since its kinda anonymous. that’s all!

      • In our age, its common for a bit of agitation to swing one’s mind to one side or the other very quickly, rather than a slower, logical progression.

        I blame t.v. culture where drama shows (reality shows) artificially support and promote ‘in-yer-face‘ reactions as a means to stir the senses and hype up the drama. (More drama = higher ratings = more advertising $$.) Sadly, the general population has incorporated a good deal of this, and it often spews forth in these anonymous blogospheres.

        Anytime you watch news, you’ll see what I mean: politics will get your emotions riled up in no time… (and, one party is far better at stirring the emotional pot than the other, which is their way to avoid rebuttal and win the argument at-hand).

      • i’m glad I don’t have to react badly towards you anymore and you are right again.this is probably why i never engaged in these activities. things get blown out of proportion and is so petty when u really think about it. for what??? we’ll i call it FYE first year experience. hopefully i’ll be back on my feet next AI season and not have to rebuttal have a great day.:)

      • i’m all for it ty and at least i can say out of experience its the lowest form of entertainment to slam people and i’m not that good at it even if it seemed that way, it was a horrible feeling afterwards………..and got me a lot to think. yeah politic and religion would probably set people off in this setting.i’d rather stick w/we are all worthy no matter if we don’t agree. honestly i was blowing off steam for some bad circumstances and i’m not proud……..rather relieved we have the power to change just like jessica can and hopefully caleb. i can’t really sit there and judge them now b/c we say things we regret all the time and for me i never feel better. same for these contenders, i always made it a rule silence is gold and when i stuck to that i did not have to feel bad over stupid juvenile things i said and acting out as a hypocrite. life is too short. 🙂

  4. Just wish the judges wouldn’t be so obvious about pulling for their personal favorites, and backhanding the others. I believe that’s one reason The Voice is doing better.

  5. I like the judges there are now. I hope they come back – especially Harry.

  6. I do not think that the judges are good. I like Keith and Harry, but not as judges. Simon could give a look or in very few words identify the flaws of a performance. Harry and Keith want to show off their musical knowledge and it is a waste of time when you do not have trained vocalist who understand what the judges are talking about. Jennifer is just annoying and chooses a girl to be rude to every year. With the brief time the kids get to sing why do the producers insist on panning to the judges? The biggest problem with the show is the lack of talent of the contestants. Could they have found homelier guys? I thought this show was about finding talent that was good to go, not singers who were trying to learn how to sing. I think that the tour this year will be a big flop again. No one has star power. I am spending my money this summer on Adam and Queen.

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