Nick Fradiani Says American Idol Win “Does Not Seem Real Yet” [Interview]

It’s been a day since Nick Fradiani was crowned the winner of American Idol, but his win is still surreal to the contestant who beat out a tough challenger in Clark Beckham for the Season 14 crown.

American Idol 2015 winner is Nick Fradiani
American Idol 2015 winner is Nick Fradiani – CR: Michael Becker / FOX

No one might have been more surprised at his success than Nick himself. Speaking with FOX Audio Central Nick admits that he might not have thought he’d win the competition, but that comes with his humble approach. “You know, I’m tough on myself and I don’t usually give myself a ton of credit. It doesn’t seem real yet to be the American Idol. It’s crazy.”

Being shocked by the win might have even set Nick back that night farther than expect as he explains being overwhelmed with emotion. “It’s hard to explain because I can’t process everything right now, my brain is kind of like a big cloud. But I’m just so happy and it’s just, you know, the most emotional thing that’s ever happened to me,” Nick told FOX Audio Central.

Whether or not he won the competition, American Idol had shaped up to be the best experience of Nick’s life. “It’s crazy how one, you know, decision of just trying out, changes the, you know, outcome of your entire life. You know, it altered my life forever and it’s really a crazy thing, but I’m just so thankful for the show. It changed my life.”

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Source: FOX Audio Central