American Idol 2016 Recap: Judges Head To Philadelphia

It’s time for our first real joke audition of the season. And it’s Ellis Banks,who came in in a sequined speedo and a “Jesus hairpiece.” Unfortunately his version of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” was not as fun as his attire. He gets three fast nos and heads home empty handed.

Quirky doesn’t even begin to describe the next person up. Everything points to us (OK me) not liking Jenn Blosil or her audition. Yeah, I was right and wrong. The judges loved her and you’re all going to love her too, but I am going to not like her. So that means she’ll make Top 24 and probably Top 10 and Top 5 all to drive me crazy with her phony, quirky, gimmicky stunt-singing. So it goes without saying that Jenn Blosil is off to Hollywood.

So equally as annoying is Harrison Cohen. Not because he’s too quirky and gimmicky, but because he’s cocky. His performance was actually pretty entertaining as long as you didn’t look at his creepy expressions. He’s a weird one, but I liked him and his original song. Don’t expect him to make it very far, but he got his golden ticket to Hollywood.

Closing out the night is John Arthur Green. After telling the story of losing his brother to an accidental shooting, he took the audition stage. And he would be a great contender had Nick Fradiani not just won American Idol. And by that I mean, they won’t let him get to public voting because America might just vote for him as well. But for now, John Arthur Green’s talent and star quality got him through to Hollywood.

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