American Idol 2016 Finalists Meet With Mentor Sia [PICS]

The American Idol 2016 Top 5 finalists are preparing for Thursday night’s performance show thanks to the help of mentors Stevie Van Zandt and Sia, the latter of which met with the singers on Monday. Of course that led to some interesting photos.

Sia mentors American Idol 2016 finalists
Sia mentors American Idol 2016 finalists – Source: FOX

Of course we don’t see any front, face-revealing views of Sia who has started doing her new thing of remaining hidden during public events. We’ll have to see just how much we see of her this week when she appears both as a mentor and as a guest performer before the American Idol Top 4 are revealed thanks to your votes.

Check out the photos below as Sonika and Sia pose along with Trent doing his own best Sia impersonation. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how the Top 5 take on Sia’s catalog which has a lot of great material to cover.

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  1. Please show us the ratings of voting on the contestants like you usually do. Things can change in the mean time! Thank-You Hot contest this year! Sad to see the show go!

  2. I really love the first picture which is Sia with my two top favourite contrstants Dalton Rapattoni and La Porsha
    Just hope they will be facing the Top 2 even I want is Sonika Vaid and La Porsha, then Dalton will be my third. But I think its hard for Sonika. If this Sia week she doesn’t sent home then next week will be her turn. Top five sometimes make me curious. Last year from top 5 I love Tyanna Jones after Joey Cook eliminated and I putting Tyanna and Clark as my top 2 but america said different that my dearest Tyanna must sent home at top 5. I really sad after Joey Cook eliminated then Tyanna. So everybody will possible to sent home also like Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Colton Dixon. But if look at their last week performances. I think its Sonika turn even I want it was Mackenzie sent home because Sonika still deserved to Top 4. Let we see who will became my first, second, third and forth rank this week. Last week I really love the performance of Dalton Rapattoni and followed by La Porsha, Trent Harmon, Sonika Vaid and Mackenzie Bourg. So my prediciton will be between Mackenzie or Sonika went home. Just hope Mackenzie. And just hope still Dalton and La Porsha will be my first and secont rank this week
    If just I could vote. Last week Dalton, La Porsha and Sonika will get my vote. Even last week for me Sonika still lose to Tristan performance and so weak with Clarity performance but she was my idol with La PorSha and Olivia Rox

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