American Idol Spoilers: Judges Save Retired

Just as we expected and discussed earlier this week, TIP is reporting a new American Idol spoiler that the Judges Save will not be part of Season 15.

American Idol Judges Urban, Lopez, and Connick
American Idol Judges Urban, Lopez, and Connick – Source: FOX

With a shortened season, American Idol 2016’s finale is April 7th, there wasn’t much time in the schedule for even the Top 10 to perform with weekly eliminations much less the chance for a do-over. Sure enough, TIP says that’s the case.

As projected, the Top 10 will have a double elimination along with the Top 8. Once we reach down to a Top 6 things will slow to a more regular pace with once weekly elimination vote-off’s until we’re down to the Top 2. Those final two singers will be the only ones competing during the finale week so no chance of a three-way showdown.

What do you think of the Judges Save staying in the closet this season? I wish they had ditched it years ago, but it’s a nice gimmick for production to keep their hands on the wheel. Now with the Judges/production selecting eight of the final ten there may have been less concern this time around. I won’t miss the Save at all. What about you?



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