American Idol 2016: Vote For Best Top 5 Performance [POLL]

American Idol 2016’s Top 5 have been announced and now they need your support and votes. Tonight is your chance to grab your phone and cast your votes to keep them in the competition to be the final winner of American Idol.

Trent Harmon performs on American Idol 2016 (FOX)
Trent Harmon performs on American Idol 2016 (FOX)

We’ve got all the details for how to vote for American Idol and you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Next week we continue with single eliminations but the pressure remains. Once you’ve made your official vote we want yours here too for our poll to determine who you want to move on to the Top 4 next week.

Cast your vote here and then share your comments below. We want your opinion!




  1. I would absolutely LOVE to hear Trent sing The Eagles song … One Of These Nights… Right up his alley and I’m sure he’d kill it!…

  2. Dalton. I am voting. For you. Every. Day. I hope. It counts. For you to move. To the top 4 next. Week. Okay. Dalton. You’re. Hart. And soul. Die. Hard. Biggest. Fan. Please. Win. The last. Final. Season. Okay. Beat Trent. And laporsha. Out with. My vote and sing. You’re. Heart. Out every. Week. That is why. I am voting. For you. To move. On it counts. Okay. Victoria. Lynn. Conrad. From. New. Berlin, Wisconsin.

    • Dalton, you have my vote too . . along with friends and family too!!. I just bought your Lost and Found album through itunes!!
      We love you!! You are our first choice in this competition!! Your voice is the best and true in your soul and your creativity is awesome among the great musicians that are in history and you too are that great!!!! Your music is awesome. Go Dalton!! We vote Dalton Rapattoni!!

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