American Idol 2016: Vote For Best Top 24 Round 1 Performance [POLL]

Who was the best singer tonight on American Idol 2016 from the first round of Top 24 performances? Share your vote and support your favorite Idol Hopeful while we await the Judges decision on who goes home this week on American Idol.

La'Porsha Renae sings on American Idol 2016's Top 24
La’Porsha Renae sings on American Idol 2016’s Top 24 – Source: FOX

American Idol voting this season won’t start for a few more weeks, which means these next ten eliminations are controlled by the Judges. In the meantime we can still vote here in our polls for who are the best singers in the competition this season.

So who pulled off a victory in tonight’s Top 24 performances? There were great song picks and there were some really terrible choices and should be a lock for elimination. We’ll know for sure with Thursday’s American Idol results show.

Cast your vote here and then share your comments below. We want your opinion!




  1. Omg..I can’t stand listening to L
    aPorsha! UGH. My favorite was Stephany Negrete! She is beautiful to listen to and to watch! She is a star and I agree with Danny Philbrook above, LaPorsha is another Candace Glover who can sing but does not have that young American Idol star quality! Simon would have kept Stephany and sent LaPorsha packing in the good old days when Idol was Great! I love the personalities of the judges but I don’t like their taste in music! They don’t keep the favorite singers so we have no one to vote for and that’s why people stopped watching! You would think they would have realized that by now. Oh well, there are still a few I’d vote for (NOT LaPorsha) in the top 14 so I’m hoping they keep one of them!

  2. I cannot believe they let Stephany Negrete go! She is so perfect! A beautiful voice, performance and appearance! I’m sorry but I do not think LaPorsha looks Or sounds like the American Idol! I love the judges but sometimes I hate their taste in music and choosing an idol! Simon wouldn’t have let Stephany go and would’ve sent LaPorsha packing after that sad, comical karaoke imitation of Tina Turner which is all she really can do! She is awful! Can’t they see by now that the Candice Glover types do Not succeed as an Idol? Ugh! That’s why people stopped watching; they get rid of the Best Idol singers and performers before we can even vote!! There are still a few good choices left… I hope they keep someone we can vote for this year!

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