American Idol 2016: Vote For Best Top 3 Performance [POLL]

The American Idol 2016 Top 3 have been revealed and need your votes for one last elimination round. This is your next to last chance to support your favorite ahead of next week’s season finale for American Idol.

Trent Harmon sings on American Idol
Trent Harmon sings on American Idol – Source: FOX

Read the details on how to vote for American Idol and don’t miss this opportunity. Next week will be the series finale where all three will perform, but only two will be competing for votes to become the season’s champion.

Once you’ve made your official vote we want yours here too for our poll to determine who you want to move on to the Top 2 next week.

Cast your vote here and then share your comments below. We want your opinion!




  1. All three are fantastic but I’d love to see Trent and LaPorshia battle it out for the win. Dalton will do much better if he doesn’t have the American Idol contracts to hold him back! I look forward to Daltons first album.

  2. Trent, and La’Porsha to the finals. They both were awesome, but Trent should win it all. I totally love both.

  3. Trent, and La’Porsha to the finals. They both were awesome, but Trent should win it all. I totally love both.

  4. Dalton Rapattoni is the best. But he will go out third just like Chris Daughtry. He’s the only one I would listen to, I just don’t get the same vibes from the other two

  5. The judges are always speaking of how important song choices are. Yet, the judges and the Director of American Idol chose songs for La Porshia dealing with “begging a man to stay with her” when she had personally gone through an abusive relationship. Who can put their heart into singing songs like that after her experience??????

    • Yes o I don’t understand the judges if though she does not feel the song, she still nailed it. Go La porshia u rock and we love u……..

  6. Trent was 3 for 3! I simply worried he couldn’t top last week but he just keeps slaying. And La’Porsha sounded great but looked bored. I can’t even remember her last 2 weeks. As far as her being thrown under the bus, all of them, at some point this season, have had to do songs they didn’t feel-like poor MacKenzie & remember that Counting Stars song Trent sang 3 or 4 wks back? It stunk.
    I thought La’Porsha slayed the Stay With Me song Borchetta picked for her. I do understand he could’ve been more sensitive since she was in an abusive relationship in her past. I think he picked it up because of it’s beautiful melody & her range, not because he wants her gone.

    I know a lot of the songs Trent covers & I am more drawn to him, from his amazing audition, then when he didn’t quit when he was sick during Hollywood week and even had to sing his group round ALONE because he was contagious! He had to sing their parts too & nailed it! RESPECT!

  7. Dalton for top 2 now
    I don’t care people said what about Dalton
    I have got the Dalton virus that is Daltonized
    No need to say something please haters
    Just look at what audience reaction when he sing Dancing In the Dark, all are followed him Dancing include Jennifer Lopez
    I said it many times again
    Dalton may not has the best vocal but he has a whole package to be gone far and star rather than Trent
    If Dalton was eliminated in this top 3. It was wrong already from American Idol 2011
    2011 : winner is Scotty McCreery (true winner Hadley Reinhart)
    2012 : winner is Phillips Phillips (true winner is Jessica Sanchez even though I want the winner is Hollie Cavanagh)
    2013 : winner is Candle Glover (true winner is Angier Miller)
    2014 : winner is Caleb Johnson (true winner is Jena Irene)
    2015 : winner is Nick Fradani (true winner is Clark Beckham even though I want the winner is Joey Cook)
    Same like last year, joey cook got eliminated then I joined TeamJax. Then Jan eliminated at third and I really stop watching even I don’t know what song did they sang. Same that goes here. If Dalton eliminated next week then the show is finished because Olivia and Sonika wasn’t there anymore and my Dalton got eliminated so why I must watching America Idol again, I hope if Dalton not make it, then La Porsha better win rather Trent

    I don’t know. I still love and Dalton still win my heart this week followed by La Porsha and Trent. La Porsha vocal are awesome and I love her vocal and sound very much but la porsha hasn’t had a whole package like Dalton did. So for me, Dalton and La Porsha top 2, I don’t know why, I just want to putting Trent over la porsha in my report card because his performance last week was awesome but I really don’t like some of Trent fans said something bad about Dalton at Dalton performance. So I just want to say that just vote and support your Idol. Don’t take down the other contestants because Dalton, Trent and La Porsha are friends at American Idol, so be fair and support your own Idol!

    • Don’t you see your favorites never win. That should tell u something about your opinions on this singing competition! It’s also extremely hard to take u seriously when your grammar is so poor!

      • My dear lovely Collin
        It’s up to me
        I have one pair of ears to listen and one pair of eyes to see so you can’t judge me like this. I have said it nobody is perfect!
        I have my own favourite so up to me what my comments is
        I love them because they have the whole package
        Yeah I know my grammar is bad because I’m out of US region. I know I lost to someone like you who was very expert!
        I just said don’t judge the book by its cover!
        Maybe I lost to your expert grammar, but I don’t same like you who was always put negative words to other peoples!

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