American Idol 2018 Premiere Continues Tonight On ABC

American Idol 2018 judges on ABC

Round 2 of the American Idol 2018 premiere continues tonight as the new Idol judges head to New York, Savannah, Los Angeles, and New Orleans in search of their Golden Ticket Hopefuls. Wait, New Orleans? Oh, I miss Harry Connick Jr.!

Last night’s season premiere for Idol was pretty great. The talent was strong, the show felt familiar, and the judges were most passable. So far I’m digging Lionel Richie but Luke and Katy still need more time for me to decide how that’s going to work out.

While ABC told us to expect a much more positive American Idol experience for Season 16, I think they still had a great balance with some of the auditions being maybe not so perfect and even featured one delusional singer for good measure. I liked it! What did you think?

We’ll get more auditions tonight in the two-hour episode starting at 8/7c on ABC. They’ve got another four cities to visit so that’ll keep us quite busy. We’ll have our recap of their performances up later tonight but feel free to hang out here on this post during the show and chat with us about your reactions to the latest talent.

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