American Idol 2023 Episode 6 Recap: The Final Night of Auditions

Mikenley Brown on American Idol 2023
Mikenley Brown on American Idol (Photograph by ABC/Eric McCandless)

Tonight American Idol gives us the final night of auditions. For the last five weeks, we’ve seen some really talented contestants. This week should be no different. We’ll see two hours of great performances and the final contestants being selected to go to Hollywood week — which starts next week. We also have one more platinum ticket to see given away, so hopefully, that happens on tonight’s episode. This is bound to be a very exciting episode as we see more great performances, more of the judges’ antics, and more contestants who we can’t wait to see thrive in the competition.

Last week’s American Idol 2023 kind of ended with a cliffhanger. We saw Fire audition with her daughter but not quite make it to the next round. To give her another chance, the judges told her to come back and audition again. We will see that audition tonight. Hopefully, Fire can bring the fire and advance to the next round. No one wants to see an unhappy ending. We’ll also see a famous face help his daughter with her Idol dream. This is reminiscent of Phil Stacey‘s return with his daughter.

Sit back and enjoy the final night of American Idol auditions recap.

Week 6 Auditions

Who will wow the judges one week shy of the start of Hollywood week?

The first up is Kaeyra who sings Cold by Chris Stapleton. The think she’s an artist and that the universe put her here. They all give her yeses. Nate Peck sings “Lightnin’ Strikes Again” by Dokken. The judges get into the rock band-ness of it all. They call him the best rock singer he had but are worried that he can’t connect emotionally. They all give him yeses but Katy Perry warns him to be careful with his song choices.

Isaac Brown on American Idol 2023
Isaac Brown on American Idol (Photograph by ABC/Eric McCandless)

Mikenley Brown comes in with her dad. She talks about her eating disorder and finding her voice. She sings “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna. Katy says she sees her as top 24. Lionel Richie also said that she did crashing and burning before her Idol journey and now she got that out of the way.

Isaac Brown sings “Golden Hour” by Jvke. They’re so happy that he brought some sauce to the table. They also thought him being a good performer will be his ace in the hole. They also give him some advice, like they’re going to teach him to not do certain things with his voice. He gets all yeses.
Cam Amen sings “Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. After he finishes singing, all the judges hug him because of his emotional performance and his story about growing up in foster care and raising his siblings. Katy said that he doesn’t need to hold on anymore. He can’t let it all out. Lionel talks about divine guidance. He gets the platinum ticket. Sierra Harris sings “Barracuda” by Heart. They then ask her to sing “Firework” by Katy Perry to get a better listen to her voice. They tell her to not be gimmicky with her voice. Katy said that she was a no but now she’s a big yes. She gets two more yeses.
Phil Kane on American Idol 2023
Phil Kane on American Idol (Photograph by ABC/Eric McCandless)
Phil Kane sings “Osage County” by Phil Kane.  Katy said the song is so real and makes her want to visit it. She said that authenticity will get you so far. He’s going to Hollywood. Fire returns to sing “Love in the Dark” by Adele. She wanted to sing a more emotional song to show off her voice. Lionel and Luke Bryan aren’t sure if she has something that will take her voice to the next level. However, Luke gives her props for shifting focus and coming back stronger. They want to see what she can do in Hollywood. They finally give her yeses.
Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics to accompany his daughter, Kaya. She sings an original song called “Tattoo” that she wrote with her dad. Lionel said that she slayed it. The last contestant is Oliver Steele. He sings “In My Life” by The Beatles. They then let him sing “Change the World” by Eric Clapton to his father. He gets all yeses from the judges.


The judges love to create chaos and tonight’s episode is no different. Let’s see what they do this week. then we have a segment on the season having too much talent. We see Elise KristineSarah Mac, and Jayne Elise. They all get yeses from the judges to go to Hollywood week. We get a segment on parents being proud of their children auditioning. There is then a segment on some of the past contestants who made it and came back just for an appearance and to advise the new contestants.

The show ends with a preview of Hollywood week. Apparently, past American Idol contestants come to help the new contestants. Idol will also air Sunday and Monday next week.

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