American Idol Albums Released for Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina

You won’t have to wait to buy the American Idol 2011 winner album or even Lauren’s (zing!) because Idol has just released compilation albums for both of the season’s Top 2 featuring their songs from last night and throughout the season. Both albums contain 14 songs and can be picked up for $9.99 each. Not too shabby of a deal. Of course you can also just buy the individual tracks if you’d rather.

Direct links to buy Scotty’s and Lauren’s performance compilations:

The Lauren Alaina American Idol Season 10 compilation includes new single “Like My Mother Does,” along with her standout performances of “Any Man of Mine,” “Candle in the Wind,” and “The Climb.” The Scotty McCreery American Idol Season 10 compilation boasts his version of Lonestar’s “Amazed,” “Gone” by Matchbox 20, and Elvis Presley.

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    • yes me too. even I’m not in US but I’ll tell my friend to buy James’s first CD for me

    • Where’s my Haley album???

      Oh wait. I already made one. I just burned my favorite performances of hers to a CD. Which is ALL of them!

      Northern Guy

    • Yes I will be buying James and Casey and Haley Albums. These three have the most variety to offer.

  1. wow!
    Lauren Alaina is a best singer of American Idol in history!!
    Hope Lauren successful outhere!
    It’s still ok if Lauren not a winner .. i’m still proud with her ..
    TQ this info!

  2. it should be pia vs haley…or haley vs james..but good luck to scotty and lauren..

  3. Scotty, I Love You THIS BIG. It is one great song, can’t wait to hear it on the radio.

  4. Is the voting this year borderline racist? They weeded out all the “different” contestants until only southern twinkies are left.

    • You understand you’re implying America is racist with that statement, right?

      Oh to imagine an America where voting could even one day result in a minority President of the United States… Oh, wait.

      Have you stopped to consider the vocal abilities of some were not preferred to those of others? Sometimes it has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with talent, but you keep on with that cop-out and absolution of responsibility on the behalf of the contestants. Go right ahead.

      • I ask a simple question and get insulted? I thought that was against the rules.

        If it has everything to do with talent, then why have you, your commenters, and numerous independent polls disagreed?

        Your last statement doesn’t even make sense.

      • Larry, you weren’t asking anything and you know it when you answered your own question. You feel America is racist and insulted every voter with that implication.

        What doesn’t make sense with my statement that voting can be based on preference and not skin color? By suggesting a minority singer was eliminated not for poor performance but for skin color is a cop-out and shifting blame to the voters, not the performers.

    • No Larry, it isn’t. You may not like the vote results, but at least two of the top ten were given a couple of chances and still did not make it to the finale. Do you want us to vote until the outcome suits you?

      • You go Matt. Anyone, of any race,color,religious affiliation etc. can vote. Even minorities, Larry. Maybe AI should use a shadow screen so we cant really see the contestants and just hear the voice. Bet it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

    • Why do so many people seem oblivious to scotty being the only one to never sing an offkey note? He is the best!

      • I recall they used to say that about Johnny Cash and he laughed all the way to the bank!

      • Johnny Cash has great color in his voice and Scotty lacks that but some songs its not that needed.
        In 5yrs Scotty could be great but there is a reason there are very few young male country singers.

      • I have been in the Music business for 35 yeara and assure you Scotty sang off-key and flat a number of times plus he struggles with his high range.

        He needs vocal training to sort out the inconsistencies in his voice and learn to caress and sell a song.

        Lauren needs lessons as well to teach her breathing control and phrasing.

        Before anyone responds with comments about their ages, Il Volo who sung last Thursday are two 16-year olds and a 17 yr old (the guy with the glasses) and they won their countries singing contest 2 years ago singing that same song so were 15, 14 and 14 then.

        Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Frankie Lymon all had hits at 13.

        In the UK, Helen Shapiro had 2 #1 hits and a #3 hit while still 14. Her 4th record, at the grand old age of 15 reached #2.

        Cliff Richard was 17 when he hit the charts in the UK and holds the record for the most #1 hits.

        The point is that there is nothing new about teen sensations and I am sure many of you can list others. All the ones I have mentioned were in the “pop” business, which has a much wider international appeal than does Country.

        Footnote: Elvis was 19 when he first started recording but it was rockabilly music that was not very successful. After Parker signed him, he released Heartbreak Hotel but had just turned 21 when that was released.

        Apart from record sales and some tacky movies, Elvis made most of his money from Vegas Cabaret.

      • @David:

        First post from someone claiming to be in the Biz that had a good post.

        I think Scotty’s tone has him singer “over” notes which definately gives him a country sound, but if you listen carefully you can hear when it’s covering up pitch issues. Lauren has amazing pitch and a very clear tone with a mild country twang. Of the top four, I think Haley has the most soulful and music voice while Lauren has the most technical voice. Lauren seems to have pushed her limits – she recent rasp she acquired seemed due to fatigue or strain. Funny, it ADDED a level of maturity and a hint of “sexy” to her voice. The purity of her voice and her as a person almost seemed to work against her – with haters citing “immaturity”.

        I told my wife when Haley sang “I Who Have Nothing” we both felt like we were at a live show with a classy well dressed (upscale) audience who paid $150 a seat to see her sing. Big – like Sarah Brightman big.

        I already have a “Haley on Idol” album compiled and will buy 2 copies of her first commercial release because I know friends will say “I gotta have this album” and I will say “Here – enjoy. I have another copy!”

        Northern Guy

      • @ Northern Guy.

        Thanks – First in a group and then solo and it is a tough, demanding business that requires a lot of you. I gave it up because it was taking me away from home and family too much and I had missed a lot of my kids growing up. Now work without being a performer and am enjoying my grown-up “kids” and young grandkids.

        My wife is also a singer and we both commented on the rasp in Lauren’s voice last night and thought it added something to her voice and performance. Being a bit giggly doesn’t make someone immature (my wife still has an infectitious giggle) and she has more than people give her credit for.

        We love Haley and have all her songs downloaded and there is not a bad one among them. We also have all of Laurens except the last song she sung last night. Kristy Lee Cook’s version from her debut album following Season 7 is the stand out track on her post idol debut album “Why Wait” and I really like her version.

        We were pulling for a Lauren/Haley final for quite some time and thought we may have had our wish come true but it was not to be.

        I don’t know what else you watch musically but there has been a contest on CMT to find the next CMT Country Star and it is what I call a competition. They have had to perform in top Country venues in Nashville, Biker Bars and even done some street busking to raise money!

        The other week, they were at Fort Campbell spending time with the families of the 101st as they prepared for them coming back from a 12-month tour in Afghanistan. Then they were each given a Country songwriter and asked to write an original patriotic song in 12 hours and perform it for the troops and families who then voted for their favorites.

        Each week the bottom two have to sing off and the judges decide who goes home. There is one permanent judge and guest judges each week. This week they had Colbie Callait.

        The gal that lost the Fort Kentucky week was Andrea Pearson who had written a lovely song called “Keeper of the Stars” which was the view from a childs eyes about her Dad in the Army. Check it out on i-Tunes.

        They are down to the last 3 now and one of them, Steven Clawson put an album out 5 years ago called Restless and just released a single – both on i-Tunes if you want to check them out.

        The thing is these folk have to write songs, sing them, design their own album covers and get on a bus and go to the next gig, wherever and whatever it may be, which is what life is like when you are trying to make it. It airs here on Friday nights on CMT.

        Right now in Nashville, there are some 14,000 singers and songwritrs trying to make it and the competition is severe. Lauren does not have to rely on Country but Scotty does and he has one heck of a challenge ahead of him once this tour is over and reality sets in.

        The other one we have been watching is The Voice that has a few good Country singers and Blake Shelton is one of the mentors.

        They are very slow getting to the actual competitive rounds where the public can vote but the singers are getting great mentors. Blake, for example, has Reba McIntyre helping his team.

        The other team mentors are Christina Aguliera, Adam Levine (Maroon 5) and Cee Lo Green who each have a mentor like Reba working with them.

        I don’t know if you know the set up for the X-Factor but here is a synopsis:

        4 Judges/Mentors who are in charge of a group and the 4 groups are:

        1. Male Singers
        2. Female Singers
        3. Groups
        4. Singers Over 28

        They select the ones they want from the auditions, mentor them, put them through a boot camp and then they sing live. The public votes and the number of votes are limited per person. The bottom two have to appear before the judges who vote to send one home.

        If The Voice can sharpen up its’ presentation and the X-Factor takes off here as it has in the UK and Europe, then Idol will have to do something different in Season 11 if it is to survive beyond that.

        I have enjoyed your posts and, like you, am looking forward to the release of Haley’s debut album as I am Lauren’s. I am also interested to see what Jimmy Iovine does with Pia in terms of song choices.

        Those that are signed up will record on one of his labels – Geffen or A&M for most – and the Country ones will likely go through the Country Music division of United Entertainment that owns Jimmy’s Interscope Company of which he is the Chairman.

        Cheers to you

  5. Speaking of americans aren’t they the ones who voted these to in to the top/ all your bitching will not change the results.


  6. People should shutup! Lauren and Scotty were both treated fairly last night. Scotty doesn’t even need to be treated fairly with all the over praised comments he got through out the season. The judges never said one bad thing about scotty all season, lauren deserved the praise she got last night. If scotty wanted to go up to his mom while performing he could have but NO he wanted to stay in the same spot.. just because lauren walked up to her mother who was crying doesn’t mean she’s trying to get sympathy votes..

    • i was a little baffled why the camera stayed on laurens mom so much. they only showed scottys parents like once.

      • Hmmm… I thought I saw enough “parent tears” from both sides…. Lauren’s mom was featured more because she was included in Laurens song. I think it was appropriate for her to come down and acknowledge that her mom was there for her – it added sincerity to the performance for me – not an attempt at some sympathy vote like some haters here have suggested.

        It’s seems the girly whirlies who love Scotty will hate anyone but Scotty. First it was Haley cast as a witch or a devil woman. Now Haley is a crybaby looking for sympathy votes.

        Sort of tells you a little bit about the maturity level of many Scotty fans. And save me the rebuttle, all you Scotty loving senior citizens who vote 1 time each after making ten attempts to dial a freaking number once.

  7. I think it is cool to have the albums… Wish they had one for Haley, too. Lauren looks beautiful on her cover. Scotty looks like Scotty. This is what I call promotion and I think it is great. AI knows exactly what they are doing. The majority of sales from past idol seasons have come from the American South. I won’t be buying them….that’s the reason I didn’t buy the various artists version of this season….because I DON’T want to listen to either of them. But good luck to them. I think it’s a smart move from AI.

  8. Hey guys… hold the faith – remember the David vs David fiasco!!! Knockout for David A, but people weren’t fooled – David Cook still took it! I think James was robbed with the voting system – I really wish I’d seen him up there last night.

  9. Scotty is the ideal American Idol and I’m so very proud of him. Lauren is good, yes, but Scotty should win hands down. I was appalled at how the show tried their best to push Laurent last night….too bad…..go SCOTTY! We love you!

    • That’s right Wendy. Lauren was being shamelessly pushed on us but I think that they just don’t want a 70/30 vote in favor of scotty. He has been a runaway train from the very beginning. He is the total package. And I loved him even before I knew he is part Latino .

    • Oh now you are appalled? Where were you when other contestants got snubbed by the judges? You scotty fans were so quick to put others down. Now that you are in the same boat as the rest of us now you agree with us? This year sucked. Lots of great singers didnt make top 13. some great ones did sneak in but the tweens weeded them out. I say next years voting system should be iTunes sales. If that were the case this year then it would of been an exciting Haley Vs James finale. Instead we got Version 2.0 of Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox. Boring! I give Idol 2 more seasons. X-factor will dominate!

      • i don’t agree that it should be i tunes sales. many people vote that do not get on i tunes. i am not saying idol is fixed. i just think they try to manipulate the vote.

      • Yeah – they were really tough on James and Haley but now that both are gone they have set their sights on their own country Lauren.

        Seem like the “Eat their young” type to me. Rapacious little teeny crush-on-the-boy types. And you know how vicious little girls with a crush can be. Or soccer moms or grannies with a crush… Ew.

  10. Both Lauren and Scotty appear to be great kids. They both have big hearts and are humble. I like them both. this will be a hard choice.
    James was my fav but he is gone so now to regroup and vote sensible..they both are so good.
    This years AI has been filled with good talent, great talent and star talent.

  11. Lauren looks stunning in that shoot! ๐Ÿ˜€ So proud of her!I had hoped Haley to come out and win the whole thing,but now that she is gone,I really hope Lauren can take the crown.She deserves it!

    • I’m a Lauren fan because of her vocal ability and just how sweet and young and innocent she is. I think she worked really hard and gets this “just a kid” label when she worked as hard as everyone else around here and got her fair share of criticism all along.

  12. At least when my country Boy Scotty grab AI title 2011, he is goin be the 1st Country natural Singer won AI….. proud of you Scotty… Well Lauren not that bad.. she has a nice voice too but if she loose she goin to cry but my Country boy Cool always.. Cmmon American Vote my Country Handsome & Cool Boy for once in his life.Two thumps up. Have a Great Wonderful to ALL people in the World.

  13. Dims the Lights….. and tonite the Americans have voted …………..eeer…. Scotty… yeah… country songs happening….

  14. Lauren’s single is a song by someone else the artist is Krista. Scotty for the win

    • It was on Kristy Lee Cook’s post Season 7 debut album and is a terrific version. It’s on i-Tunes on her “Why Wait” album.

  15. The song that Lauren sang is not an original song. If you are an Idol fan and have followed it, go back to Season 7.

    Do you remember Kristy Lee Cook? She was a much better Country singer than Lauren and “Like My Mother Does” is from her album “Why Wait.” It is available on i-Tunes so check it out. It is song #3 and is ranked as her #1 fan favorite song.

    If you want to hear a Country singer do “Unchained Melody” check her version of it on her other album “Devoted” that she recorded in 2005 before she went on Idol.

    The Scotty song, I have never heard before and cannot find any reference to it other than the version he sung last night.

    So, if a new song is going to be released by the winner this year, it must be Scotty winning.

    They probably gave that Kristy Lee Cook song to Lauren so she could give a shout out to her Mum. It was very staged even to Ryan being right there to escort her down the steps.

    Based on all the hoopla and failure to pick Scotty up on anything he did that was not good, either singing or performance wise, it has been obviousl from day one that he was the “chosen one.”

  16. Read my lips,Scotty is the winner no matter whom the AI crowns. Love you Scotty and lauren. You are
    both good kids and true to your country music.
    May your journey be filled with lots of love happiness and MONEY!

  17. Cam you buy Scotty and Haley’s albums on CD’s of just from i-tunes….Would like to give some as gifts….Anybody know? Thanks

    • Download one, burn it onto CD’s – as many as you need – get some pics of the two from the site and make some CD Covers. The software and materials are readily available at all major computer stores as are the CD Jewel Cases.

      Not only will they make nice gifts but you will have add a personal touch to them.

  18. Would like to buy Haley, James and Casey Albums.
    Would be nice if they put out these three’s albums.
    Bet the sales would be high ๐Ÿ™‚

    • If Haley outsold either one right now that would not look very good for the final two…

      • She has been consistently outselling them on i-Tunes and remember they get paid for those downloads.

        She has made more than any of them from the i-Tunes downloads, estimated at between $35-$40k.

        James is #2 on i-Tunes earnings and Casey actually has more in the top 25 than either Scotty or Lauren who have 5 between them.

        Haley has 7 and James 6 – so who do you think will sell more CD’s once they release their debut albums in about 12-months?

  19. I thick it was not Hailey’s singing,as much as her attitude that got her voted off.

    • I think her fan base was simply smaller than the size of the country fan base. It was a “size of the genre” thing based of the viewing demographic. The country fans came out in droves and picked the country kids for the top two and will have a country Idol. Nothing wrong with it at all, unless you’re not a country fan! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Sorry, but that’s just rubbish. The people who harsh on Haley for her so-called attitude, already disliked her for some other reason (like she wasn’t a country girl) and they just saw what they wanted to see.

      I’ve watched and re-watched episodes during which people claimed she showed a bad attitude. Pure fabrications from poisoned minds (or empty heads).

      There isn’t a single person alive who would put up with the crap Haley put up with from the judges without getting an attitude. Just look at the attitude you all get with each other on here for silly differences of opinion! If you had to stand in front of a huge audience week after week, knowing you’re being watched my millions, and consistantly listen to mindless drivel from a couple of programed drones, you’d flip your lids.

      She hid her anger better than I would have. More than once, I would have told Dawgbreath and his Poodle Pal to shove it where the sun never shines, only not in such polite terms.

  20. Well i have liked scotty from the beginning and he sing well lauren is also good.
    I do not care if Lauren win but i do hope Scotty win.
    As for Stephen he has FAVOUR Lauren from the start and has be unfair with many of the boys contesten.
    he just loves all the girls .

  21. Why condem Scotty and Lauren for being the top 2 it was you american who put them there.
    they both can sing well and deserve to be there so keep your bad comment to yourself if your favourite did not get it so what they will all get record deal so get over it. And let the 2 who got voter for do there thing and yes Scotty did get push to the side last night because the judges all favour Lauren but it up to america to vote. So vote fairly. SCOTTY DESERVED TO WIN THE JUDGES SUCKS

    • They all did great job i’m Happy that Scotty and Lauren came out on top..As for Haley she can sing but do not care for her type music i guess mant other’s didn’t care for it..I hated to see James get voted off but the people voted
      and that’s all there is to it,so let’s be happy for all them cmon glad they all got exsposure.

    • I adore Haley’s voice; she is the winner of the entire season for me. I can’t wait to buy her album!

  22. These albums are doing very well in the country charts at 3rd and 4th place right now! (And they’re actually very good!)

  23. I think James should have won,but when he got voted off I was glad scotty won because Lauran is nothing but a big o baby,cant stand her.

  24. This season has been very surprising… Glad that Scotty won, Laurin was for me..’ok’. Never thought she could bring it that far. But America decide… My favo were James, Casey, Pia en then Scotty.
    De eliminations of james, Casey and Pia were very shokking.

  25. this year’s contestants were truly amazingly talented artists & it was difficult to choose one idol Just look at the talented performers who were sent home. Anyone of them could have qualified. This was by far the very best year for audiences, we were well entertained by the very best contestants & I thank them all. I loved listening to S Tyler he was hilarious All and all, congrats to Scotty he was my top pick and Lauren has an amazing voice…with some coaching she will go far…I hope James will sign on with a recording company…he is incredible i loved watching and listening to him.

    • Ditto! Scotty was my front runner too! Well deserved and well placed. He and his music will be around for a very long time.

  26. Congrats to Scotty

    I want to congrat to Jcobb also he could join in
    TOP 5.

  27. Scotty is my living “Jim Reeves”.
    He was my best singer ever…..!!!
    Now Scotty fills that spot.
    He has the whole package !!!
    Please don’t ever change Scotty !!!

  28. Oh my gosh! LOVE this idea! I think I have some of these in the closet to try it with. Thanks!The Activity Momยดs last [type] ..Sorting Snowflakes printable

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