American Idol Results: 2012 Top 13 Elimination

American Idol 2012 Top 13 results

American Idol results are about to be revealed for the 2012 Top 13 singers. Ryan Seacrest will reveal which guy and which girl fell to the bottom of the vote pile last night and those two singers will probably face off one last time. The judges will then decide who will go home. We’re expecting it to be a guy, one in specific, but you never know. Let’s see what happens!

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American Idol 2012 Top 13 – Bottom 3 Girls:

  • Elise Testone
  • Erika Van Pelt Seacrest reveals she’s safe
  • Shannon Magrane Also safe this week

No surprises here. Just as we predicted.

American Idol 2012 Top 13 – Bottom 3 Guys:

  • Jermaine Jones Also safe this week
  • Jeremy Rosado
  • Joshua Ledet Seacrest reveals he’s safe

Ryan reveals Joshua and Erika are safe. One of the remaining Bottom 4 singers will be eliminated tonight. Jimmy Iovine agreed with our prediction that it’d be Jeremy. Let’s see if we’re both right.

In what must be a first in Idol history, Ryan asked one of the judges who should go home tonight and he actually got an answer! Steven Tyler answered “Jeremy” when asked who should go home tonight. Wow. Honesty from a judge.

Either Jeremy or Elise will go home tonight. Ryan asked Randy if America got it right and you can hear JLo softly say, “I don’t think so.” Sounds like she might be pulling to save the guy everyone says should go home tonight.

American Idol 2012 Top 13 – Elimination Result:

  • Jeremy Rosado

Well no surprise here. Jeremy was voted out of American Idol two weeks in a row.

American Idol 2012 Top 12:

  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Colton Dixon
  • Heejun Han
  • Skylar Laine
  • Phillp Phillips
  • DeAndre Brackensick
  • Jermaine Jones
  • Shannon Magrane
  • Elise Testone
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Erika Van Pelt

What do you think of tonight’s results on American Idol 2012?




  1.  I think the bottom 3 guys will be:


    Bottom 3 girls:


    Going Home:


  2. Elise was the worst girl, and all the guys sounded good, but jeremy and jermaine were the worst…boring really but not painful.

    • I like jeremy from the start.. but there are big talents in thsi year’s batch and they are eating him up.

      • Bottom 3 girls:

        Bottom 3 boys:

        Its gonna be a choice between elise or jermaine…..
        Judges might give elise a second chance as they have already given that chnce previously to jermaine.

      • Shannon is a 16 year old star! She has great confidence and everything to gain on this show. Marty sounds like your a little bitter, relax.

  3. i hope its jermaine , elise , joshua  or erika whose living. really…they won’t sell records if ever they won..

  4. As expected, Jessica and Hollie are safe, so are Phillip and Heejun.  I hope Jeremy is not eliminated tonight.  He deserves to stay longer.  He is a soulful singer, ‘coz he sings with passion and from his heart. 

      • What I meant was they stood out either because they are good singers or because of their personality.  Heejun seems to have a personality that a lot of people like.  In fairness to the guy, he can sing.  Talentwise, the best singers for me are Jessica and Hollie.

  5. I think they want Elise gone because she is a threat to their plan. She did not get to sing the big song she wanted to sing and had to sing a song she didn’t know. Hmmm…..

    • I disagree.  Elise has a unique voice and she still has a lot to show to the American audience.

  6. i guess i am not surprised..elise better step it up. gonna stick around and watch finder…like that show…no i don’t work for

  7. I agree with the predictions of the bottom 2 – Elise Testone and Jeremy Rosado. I would vote for Jeremy Rosado to bid farewell to American Idol 11 and would advise him to try auditioning again after 2 years. He has a wonderful singing voice but he lacks stage presence … some people may even think that although he has wonderful singing voice. it may not be American Idol material.  He was not voted in the Top 10 and I think he should be going home.

    • He isn’t allowed to audition again. Everyone in the top 24 are not allowed.

  8. I don’t think he had what it takes. The stress and pressure would get to him.

  9. In my opinion, Jeremy should have stayed.  Shannon gave the worst performance last night.

  10. I wan to see Jremaine sing a song fit for his voice….I believe he will blow us away if he gets the chance. I am tired of all the young teeny boppers who pick looks over talent. Lokk at the past idols who have done nothing and we hardly remember them winning.

  11. I want to see Jermaine sing a song fit for his deep voice. I think he would blow us away when he does. I am tired of the young teeny boppers choosing looks over talent. Look at the past idols who have done nothing. We can`t even remember their names!

    •  I agree with part of what you said….Jermaine has a fantastic voice, but probably not the look they are going for.  Jimmy said he could listen to a whole album of his.

      Idol must be SO HAPPY with how last year’s top two are doing, especially Scotty.  He’s got 2 gold singles, a platinum album and voted top new country artist by 2 different groups, and waiting to hear if he won again in the Academy of Country Music awards next month.  Even people who didn’t used to listen to country music love him!

  12. Shannon should have gone home she was horrible and so flat. Jeremy has an amazing voice. Judges messed up big time.

    • Shannon was bad but I believe she should be given a chance to redeem herself.  Jeremy was given that chance by  getting picked as a wildcard so it’s his time to go now.

  13. The right person went home, Jeremy can sing, but, he was lacking something, he doesn’t seem to have much of a personality for a show like Idol. The bottom 3 ladies were on point, the bottom 3 men should have been a bit different. Joshua should have been safe, his performance this week was better then most of the guys. Heejun should have been in the bottom 3, I really don’t get the constant praise he’s getting he hasn’t wowed me yet, and he plays everything safe it seems. Overall, we have a great Top 12, I am so looking forward to next week..

    • I totally agree. Heejun is nowhere near Josh vocally. People vote on personality, race, cuteness, all kind of different things, but singing ability should be at the forefront, and sadly it is not a lot of the time. Everbody’s entitled to their opinion, I know, but from a musical standpoint Josh has more vocal range and ability than any guy in the competition. And I am a white married guy saying this, fwiw.

    • completely agree with the whole heejun vibe…i don’t get it, nor do i get him.  he needs to go. 

  14. How in the hell was Joshua in the bottom three before Deandre? Come on Josh is the best male singer by far in the competition. None of those guys can do what he does. I like Phillip, but if he’s being compared to Dave Matthews, what’s different about him? He growls more than he sings, and shows no range. The best ‘singers’ don’t always win AI, we all know, but Josh in bottom three is an absolute Joke!

    • This is just my guess:  The producers don’t always truly identify the lower vote getters, only the bottom two.  This is for dramatic effect and sometimes to trigger panic voting for those they want to keep in the competition longer.

    • True man. Joshua is 1god gifted talent.this voting format sucks! People who croak and go haywire in their perf.get thru.

  15. Jeremy has good voice but he’s very nervous, try one year or two years later

  16. Seriously?  Joshua Ledet in the bottom three?  What is America thinking?!?!?!?  He will amend that by Slaying a song next week, just you wait and see.

    Everyone knew Jeremy would go home…

    • I took me several weeks to figure out who Joshua’s voice reminded me of, and I finally figured it out……He sounds like Terrence Trent D’arby

      Joshua is very talented and deserved to be safe… his voice.

  17. How did a guy like Jeremy make it through over Johnny Keyser anyway.  Johnny must have really blown his final couple of preformances…and we didnt get to see them.

  18. I have finally been broken from the idol spell. Even cancelled my scheduled dvr recording. Last year was 10 times better. And I loved Jeremy btw, but last year was soooo much more exciting. Just not passionate about any of them this year. I miss lauren, scotty, casey, haley, and pia.

    •  Jeremy is a nice guy but an EXTREMELY boring singer/mumbler- he shouldn’t have been in the top 100. Reed Grimm should have been in the top 13.

    • I don’t think u r completely idol broken since u r still here posting comments about it.

  19. I just bought the Top 13 Album on ITunes — and I have to admit that Jermaine and HeeJun sounds pretty dang awesome….. and since most of us will NEVER see any of these folks in concert, give their studios a listen — you’ll be very  pleased with the quality of their voices….. all of ’em…..

  20. The right one went home. I’m all for second chances but not third and fourth like Marcus Canty got on The X Factor. 

  21. Horrible, there was worse singers last night than these 2. I am a fan of Jer-Bear and Elise. Jer-Bear, I will miss your voice and sweet personality. Much love and hope to hear you again!!!

  22. Guys, It’s my first time to post here and just want to ask a question.  Is Skylar’s genre country?

  23. ridiculous Jeremy went home. It’s about each preformance. It’s a singing competition. He can sing and sang well. Elise Should have went home or even Shannon, both those girls did not preform well. Makes me mad!

    • I totally agree.  Shannon should have been the one sent home and not Jeremy.  It’s ridiculous that someone who sang badly would stay and still be in the running for the title of American Idol.   AI is becoming more of a popularity search than a singing competition.  I hope in the next elimination rounds, voters would watch out for true talent as the main  factor in casting their votes.

  24. Sad for Jeremy but that’s how the competition goes.
    It’s now an even number of boys versus girls.  
    I wonder who will go home next. 
    And just a forecast base on performance-
    Jessica, Hollie and Skylar will stay longer in the game. 
    As for the boys- Phil, Colton, Heejun and Deandre.
    What’s personal your prediction?

  25. The battle down the wire will be among the three girls, Jessica, Hollie and Skylar. Philip Philips may squeeze through if  he could show more quality vocals that I think he have but maybe inhibited due to his singing style. Jessica is most consistent and as Steven puts it, She maybe…..

  26. seriously America? Elise might have performed badly but she has one of the most unique voices in the competition! Shannon was the biggest fail last night.. she failed the money note and was out of tune most of the time. I don’t really care about Jeremy though. He’s bound to go out early anyway. Deandre should’ve been next.

    • I agree with your statement about Shannon, though I do believe she could do so much better than that. And Elise definitely should stay for a little bit longer, since as you said, she has a really unique voice. Personally, I want to see her more. She could sing, that’s for sure!

  27. Two wrongs never equal a right. American Idol judges made their first major mistake of this season when they failed to save Jeremy from the mistake made by America. May GOD BLESS Jeremy on his musical journey. This is just the beginning. Millions of people know & love his music. Great GOD given talent like this will find its way up to the top. Make a good tape, let it go viral on YouTube, Jeremy u too will be living high off Ur musical talent. GOD BLESS YOU. SHOW US ALL HOW GOOD U ARE!!!

  28. A few things I personally disagree with this time around.  Josh shouldn’t have been in the bottom three but I knew he was safe either way.  And Jermaine should have been the bottom guy.  I don’t care for Jeremy really but it wasn’t right for him to go.  But that’s what I expected when he’d basically been voted out twice.  I was a little surprised DeAndre was not there with him in the bottom three, since he was a wild card too.  I guess America liked him more this time around.

    America got the top three girls right for sure, at least this week.  I don’t think the bottom girl, Elise, was wrong either.  But it could just as easily have been either of the other two.  I like Shannon so I’m glad she’s staying too, but if she doesn’t have a good one next week I might have to admit she’s just not ready to be there.  Erica and Elise just rub me the wrong way for some reason(in general; they do have  their moments

  29. I’m not really a big fan of Shannon, but I thought it was very sweet of her the way she consoled Jeremy after Steven singled him out as the one deserving to go home. It really showed that she has a kind heart.

    • She seems sweet. She just isn’t ready yet…..voice is still immature…she doesn’t feel the music….she forces the music

  30. for crying out loud.. let bygones be bygones. we dont need to reiterate the top 13 doesnt include Jen or Reed or Johnny or whoever! and dont ever compare the last season to the this one. its waaay different. If you dont like the show, then stop watching and stop reading and stop breathing. the latter might be the best thing. end. 

      • It’s OK.  When the season ended Adam won and is still winning.  All he needed was for the world to see him.  It’s been magic ever since.

  31. From the past record, those who saved by the judges won’t last long as they don’t have fan base, so it’s no suprised & you’ll guess who’s next!

  32. Ever since scott won.i feel AI sucks.loads of true talent wasted their efforts .what’s this?talent competition or popularity show???looks like this year”s d same.


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    One question: I see a poster liking Scotty´s achiements and then some E´s replies : 
    ”   please dont make me puke.  Lauren Aliana is WAAAY better than Scotty.” 

    Is this E- person´s  bashing  really accepted as being “civil and on topic”  as stated in this site´s commenting rules?

    • by the way, I appreciate you defending Scotty, but please dont make me puke.

  34. My understanding is that Heejun Han is Chinese. Has anyone asked if Heejun Han has Americanized or Westernized his name.  Because if he hasn’t then everyone is saying his name wrong.  In Western culture the given name is first name and what parents call him (i.e. Mark, Frank, etc) the last name, after middle name/s if any,  is the surname or family name.  In Chinese culture second name is given name and first name is surname or family name.  If he has not taken the western style then everyone should be calling him Han, not Heejun.  The NBA learned this the hardway with the Houston Rockets.  Someone check and give this young man the proper respect.

    • Why dont you mind your own business.  We will call him Heejun because that is what he appears to want to be called on Idol. 

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