American Idol Hits CMA Awards Tonight

American Idol at the CMA Awards

American Idol is going to have its hands all over the CMA Awards tonight on ABC, but you wouldn’t know that by watching their promo video below.

The original Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson is up for two nominations, “single of the year” and “musical event of the year.” Then you’ve got Carrie Underwood hosting alongside Brad Paisley so you can rest assured she’ll be performing during the night. She’s not the only Idol winner doing that though.

Scotty McCreery, last season’s winner, will take to the stage for a performance of “Walk in the Country” as we reported earlier last week. Considering that’s a Keith Urban original and Scotty will be touring with Brad Paisley, it seems like maybe one of those two could make a surprise appearance for that. We shall see.

While another two Idol alumni won’t be performing, they will be presenting. Lauren Alaina and Kellie Pickler will be on hand for an appearance as well.

It’ll be a busy night tonight for American Idol at the CMA Awards!




  1. Of course I will be watching the CMA’s tonight but Scotty is NOT nominated for new artist of the year but he IS nominated on the ACA’s.
    I wish all the artist Good Luck tonight..

  2. Unfortunately doubt if Urban will make an appearance on Scotty’s song…apparently he will only get about 30 seconds on stage before they go to commercial break. They are sure getting their money’s worth advertising that he is going to perform…guess to draw in the younger crowd. Wonder if there will be any backlash given his short time on camera.

    • I’m not the biggest Country Music fan but I did enjoy the show last night…..Scotty fans had to be disappointed….Not much to say about his appearance last night…..I loved seeing Laura A. She looks great…..
      I wish Carrie U. would have sang more and changed less…..ENOUGH…..
      The Hi-Lite of the show for me was the tribute to Glen Campbell……Unbelievable…
      Great performer…..Life throws you a curve but he was great in his days…..

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