Scotty McCreery To Perform At CMA

Scotty McCreery American Idol 2011

Earlier this week we reported Idol’s Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina would be attending the American Country Awards, but it didn’t seem like either would be performing or even presenting. So what’s a Scotty fan to do? Just tune in to the 2011 Country Music Awards next week, November 9th!

Scotty McCreery will be taking the stage to perform Keith Urban’s “Walk In The Country” off his album, Clear As Day. As if that wasn’t enough good news, a few places are hoping Keith may show up to take the stage alongside Scotty. They just might will this one in to existence if the word keeps spreading.

Do you plan to tune in to the CMAs for a chance to hear Scotty perform live?




  1. I am planning to watch Scotty perform. I cannot wait. This is the best night for Country music. Carrie and Brad are the best hosts….ever.

    • I will watch the CMA. I know Scotty will do good. I hope Keith Urban performs. With, or with out Scotty.Unlike my friend Phyllis G. I like country music. BUT, not as much as I used to. Too many new young artists I never heard of before. I love the song ” Won’t you stay a little while?” With Jason Aldean and Kelly clarkson.” Very pretty song.Have a nice day everyone!

      • Sherry K. Hello friend…..You know that I don’t care for country music but I’m just the opposite of you. I like the new artist, like Lady Antebellum, Sugarland and Carrie U., I just don’t like the twangy ones like Scotty. Its just a music preference. Nothing again Scotty….He is a very talent singer and I do wish him well…just not my cup of tea (or music)…Have a wonderful evening…

  2. Come on Phyllis G. , You know you like Scotty. You just hate to admitt you’re a country fan. Go ahead and tell the world. Country is Kool !!

    • @Donspot….Only if there were no James’ and Adams’ left in the world. LOL…..

      • Hello Phyllis G. My friend.I know you don’t care for country music. You are not the opposite of me Phyllis. I love Lady A,Sugarland. I Love Jennifer Nettles voise. It is supurb! I have always liked the beautiful Carrie Underwood. I don’t like the twangy ones either! Keith Urban is more my style. And when Josh Turner sang ” Don’t go riding on that big black Train”, There was no twangy in it. I guess what I like is not really considered Country by the older country singers. My husband always said Brook,s and Dunn were more pop sounding than country.But he watched ” Need you now.” By lady A at least a 100 times on the computer! And it crossed over to pop. So I guess What I like is popcountry? I like Scotty and wish him the best too. But he does have a LOT of twang! I agree with what you said about ” No James, or Adam left in the world.” I think you and I are usually on the same page Phyllis. About music. I wish Scotty well. But I will not be buying his album. I am waiting for Jame’s album. And of course the master ADAM’S NEW CD. Take care Phyllis. I will talk to you later!

      • I must really be out of the loop . Tell me who are James and Adam ? I’m thinking Adam may be Lambert but, James is a blank for me . Sorry for my dumbness.

  3. hope keith does take the stage alongside scotty when scotty sings the keith-penned song – walk in the country….it will definitely be one of the moments in CMA awards worth remembering.

  4. OK, don’t take this wrong, but sometimes Scotty reminds me of Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. I mean as he appears on interviews not when he’s playing Sheldon.

  5. I will be watching. I love me some Scotty McCreery. You go Scotty…….shoot for the stars!!!**** I love Scotty’s album, every single song.

  6. will i watch? no. i’ll record it and fast forward all the “heart rendering speeches” and just watch the entertainment and the fashions. awards shows, for the most part, are BORING!!

  7. Yes, I will be listening to CMA, especially Scotty. What a great role model for young fans. We need more role models. Good luck to Scotty.

    • I will be watching Scotty perform. I wish people would stop trying to pair him up with other singers. He’s earned being a singer in his own right and I hope he gets to sing without somebody latching in on to his fame. Let him have it. He’s earned it. God bless Scotty.

  8. I sure will watch Scotty. he is the best. best of luck tonight. I wish you the best. you are a great roll model for all the young singers ahead. love you Scotty.

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