American Idol Judges Discuss Jessica Sanchez Elimination

American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez eliminated

American Idol 2012 delivered quite the “shocker” last night and it wasn’t just the audience who was stunned, but the judges as well. After Jessica Sanchez began her “Save Me!” song we saw JLo, Randy, and Steven all storm the stage and halt her performance to declare her safety. Sanchez’s elimination by the voting public was negated and the judges were quick to admonish the audience for their actions. After the show ended E! Online caught up with Randy and Steven to discuss what happened and they were happy to share their thoughts.

“I think every season it happens every time,” Randy explained. “It’s funny that Ryan and I were remarking tonight that Jennifer Hudson was on, we used the save for her and she came in sixth. You look at the stardom she’s got, but what I think what happens, honestly, is people forget to vote and they think their favorites are safe. I mean you saw that bottom three. Oh my god, it’s like ‘What’s going on?'”

So Randy was obviously taken back by the American Idol results, but was quick to point out that like Hudson, if Sanchez doesn’t make it to the end she still has plenty of potential for a full career in the music industry. Steven pointed the blame at Jessica’s song choice this week with her performance of “Stuttering” (watch it again).

“They’re all one song away [from elimination], because this is a game show,” he told us. “It’s a reality show where America’s vote is on if they don’t sing [well]. It’s because they don’t have a good song. It doesn’t mean they can’t sing. [Jessica] is as good as it gets and she’s 16.”

Didn’t we just hear the judges tell us this week that song choice wasn’t a potential issue because it’s all about how they sing it? Ah well, anyways.

Randy went on to say that the judges find out the results as the same time as America, so there’s no premeditation for using the Save ahead of that night’s live broadcast. I’d assume all three of them have singers in mind though for who they’d save and who they wouldn’t.

Speaking of saves, I was hoping we’d hear from JLo, but nothing yet. Remember that JLo wanted to use the one-time-only Save for the past two weeks. Could you imagine if they had saved Heejun or DeAndre and then been forced to let Jessica be eliminated?

Next week on American Idol 2012 the slate is wiped clean and the remaining finalists start anew in their pursuit of the Season 11 crown. There are no more saves from the judges and the decision will fall to the voting public. No matter how things turn out I’m expecting some season high votes coming in as the Top 7 take to the American Idol stage once again.

Watch Jessica Sanchez’s elimination on American Idol and subsequent save by the judges:




      • All the contestants this season are GREAT performers!  Its about voting for your favorite, and my favorite is Colton, if your favorite is Jessica, Josh, or Elise, ppl should be voting for them!  Just because the judges think they are so good, does not mean all of America has them as their favorites! 

      •  Nope…that’s the top 3,they just tried to test how popular Jessica is..and ,the judges don’t want to be in stress picking who to save.

      • I guess certain programs are being checked by third-party so I guess, voting counts are real and that bottom three is real. Who are we to say it is staged right. It doesn’t mean JS & Josh in bottom three it is staged already,..then if its hollie it’s not???? Can we have open mind on this issue. What if with such negative comments for Hollie last time make them vote more for her and JS and Josh fans became complacent that they’re safe thus not to vote? There could be a lot of reason~ This is just my opinion guys~ 

        Anyway, if it is really staged then it’s not any contestants or judges fault then,right?

      • so krista, is the show about favorite and not talent? that night’s bottom 3 shouldn’t be there. i think colton should be there in the bottom 3 coz he’s just boring as ur life is…

    • Got to remember, this is a show first, contest 2nd.  They were just trying to stir up some drama, drama, drama!  I don’t believe for a minute that those were the bottom for the night before.  They use the “save” for propaganda, ratings & entertainment value, nothing more.  The show will resume, but personally I think this show is rigged.

      • yahh i think so,, how is it that the bottm three are the one who are awesome and a great singer inthis season,, oh my i cant imagine if one of them will be eliminated,, yarkkszz

      • I agree too..can’t believe it as far as i know jessica sanchez leads the poll votes and she is the most popular contestant among the others…the bottom three were not supposed to be there..the bottom three last elimination is the strongest contender fot this ai season 11…i’ll pray for JESSICA ..hope they will look the american idol winner for their talent not only for their looks but a real talent…let’s cross our finger…

      • yes i believed that too it was just creating drama and publicity so people will talking about it,,dont think that the bottom 3 had the lowest votes,its a show and how to make to the top ratings

      •  I think the rigging is that the judges want people like themselves, with crazy costumes and gyrations and girls in daring dress, and they do not like beautiful singing and beauty of costume.  Randy is fine but Steve and Jlo are too crass and immodest themselves and want that in the winners.  Holly is dumped on, but she has the most beautiful voice and she is beautiful herself also.  (By the way I have been a voice teacher and even got paid for singing in the past).  Maybe the problem is that the judges want winners to be like them and the public does not?  Yea for the public.  Scotty last season was wonderful and the judges did not like him.  And season 2 it was so obvious that the judges favored Ruben over ClayAiken, and Clay did better professionally.  

    • I’m hoping they will change how people will vote. AI pls do something because many young people votes like 100,000 times. The current voting is not fair to other singer who better than the worst singer. If people voted off the wrong person again American idol should be discontinue!

  1. Congratulations, Hollie! We’re with you even when the judges are not. I knew it. Many said that you’d be going home. But you were standing there, proving that you couldn’t be beaten that way. Your voice always takes up all of my attention and emotion:). We love you:). Be strong like you always were!

    •  It takes up your attention because it’s pitche all over…same to her you do’nt know anything about music!!!

      • Hollie has a God given gift she didn’t mess up in her last song. I don’t think the judges or should I say Jlo and Randy like her. Maybe she should sing the Main Event she’s got the voice for it and can hold the notes.

      • oh wow look who’s talking!!!… im guessing you’re a music mogul or someone who KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT MUSIC?! everyone has their own taste and favorites, you just need to respect others opinions!

      •  I know something about music.  I have been a music teacher, and I really can’t see why the judges are always dumping on Hollie.  I thought she and Jessica were the best until Jessica changed her style and dress and singing and became worse in my opinion.  Holly is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to listen to, but some of the others have become worse as they have tried to please all their judges and coaches who want them to be more extreme, crass, immodest, gaudy, and show off their musical gymnastics which aren’t necessarily pleasant to listen to.  Please don’t practice your vocal cord warmups in your songs to the point that the melody gets lost with all the showy junk you add.  The judges may be the ones who are wrong.  Jessica was better before she changed her style in dress and singing. 

      • I am sorry, what? if she doesn’t belong up there she wouldn’t have reached the top 7 and still fighting!! she has a big heart you know, though the judges were obviously and unnecessarily hard on her she is still trying hard. oh yeah, we all know about her pitch issue. her singing is undoubtedly imperfect. but that doesn’t mean she can’t sing at all and has no chance of winning? coz for as far as I know, she’s a lot of fan.. and you know how people become a fan? because they can connect with her. if you couldn’t, then it must be that you just don’t like her or her style of singing or whatsoever. c’mon, we’ve been watching this show for years now and we should know better how must it feels to get up there, knowing that you’re to be judged and all eyes gaze upon you (for those who hate you) plus not wanting to disappoint your fans and perform your very best?. these contestant are all human and they have feelings too. so, stop hating other contestants! I don’t care whoever you like but I’m rooting for Hollie all the way!!!!  (and colton, and skylar)

        by the way, her name is HOLLIE, not Holly you pathetic hater :p

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!!!!! Personally I do not agree with you!

      I feel she should have been out 2 weeks ago!!!! My judgment comes on her voice quality and the way she handles her voice!!!!

      • You bitch about others being Jess Haters because they don’t like her, so does that make you a Hollie Hater.

  2. They made this to drive the “regular voters” of Jessica to vote more. -making sure her way to the finals. It’s just for the ratings guys. Like what this blog’s recent posts that the ratings of the Idol were totally low. So to boost their ratings, they must have a drama to do. And that’s the shocking elimination of Jessica Sanchez. And to top it up, they must use the save ASAP. Because if they use the save on the Top 5 week, it will have an automatic Top 3 next week, that for me, isn’t very exciting for Idol because it is an easy and surest way to Top 3. 

    So, for me, this is just a show.. and it’s funny how I find this very staged 😀

    • That’s what i thought too…………they need something SHOCKING!!!!!!! so people would talk about it…….i mean the DRAMA that happened and people would be curious then  to watch AI next week and the ratings goes up. I don’t think either that was the bottom 3……those 3 (Jess, Josh & Elise) were the BEST among the contestants……..just my opinion guys….

    • I believebecause of the judges’ very unprofessional behavior last evening that Jessica is in real trouble now….

      • I agree that the judges were very unprofessional last night by going up on the stage and fawning over Jessica.  Why don’t they just award her the title now and save the other very talented contestants the bother of competing.  The judges are there to judge and comment—not to tell people who to vote for.  Maybe it would be best to hire 3 new judges.

      • Friends, Romans and Countrymen, lend me your ear!!!!! to quote the Bard!!!!

        Please do not judge the Judges!!!! I really do not think any of you know what it is like to Judge an International Singing Competition!!!!! I most certainly do!!!! I have done it many times!!!!!

      • As much as you wish it might be, it’s not an international singing’s a national.  Just the good ole US of A.

      • @ea216a8bbfaa18cfeff0545fc36a45b9:disqus , you must judge in communist countries because in the free world, judges always get judged. In this case these 3 people didn’t act like judges, they acted very biased and unprofessional. All 3 owe apologies to the other contestants and to AI watchers.

      • @ea216a8bbfaa18cfeff0545fc36a45b9:disqus What a phony you are.  First, you’re not English.  A proper English Reverend would be too reserved to blow his own horn as much as you do.  Second, your lack of education and class is blatantly obvious.  Third, Christian charity would prevent you from being such a wanker.

  3. I am just proud of Jessica, on how she handled her elimination. She knows that this is a competition, and like she said, whatever happens, happens. I just loved how she said that she is not expecting anything and that she is just working hard for all her life. And I love her for that 🙂

    This is a big reality check to all the Jessica fans out there. And I know, all the haters will hate. But please, stop hating!

    •  What is with the “stop hating”?  Why is it that anyone who doesn’t fall all over themselves about “Jessica” is a “hater”?  WTH are you talking about?  Is someone who doesn’t like Elise a “hater”?
      As for me, I like Jessica.  I also like 3 or 4 other singers.  But you will see a lot of posts from me criticizing the judges for unprofessional actions such as proclaiming Jessica is the “best singer in America-EVER!”  Don’t you get that?  There are about 5 more Idol shows left and more COMPETITION.  Do you want to give her the trophy now?  Don’t the other singers get a chance to beat her?  So I will not vote for Jessica any more because the judges have pssd me off.  Did you see the awful way they treated Hollie?  How would you like that?  Isn’t that “hating”?

      • in terms of vocals jessica is the best. But this is a competition, isn’t comparing her to joshua ledet unfair too? yes, you were pissed of that they say that jessica was the best, isn’t she not? who was the one who gives consistent Good performances! i started as a Hollie fan but being consistent in idol is very important!? if she was eliminated it would be another Dauthry, Jennifer Hudson and Pia toscano all over again. They All Deserve the Spot but who brings the house down always? 0_0

      • Gosh. Randy said “ONE of the best singer” not “THE BEST SINGER” and why do you have to blame Jessica fot the judges actions?? 

      •  Well, Ken , there is a right way and a wrong way for the judges to go about this.  Try to understand.  It is fine for them to use the “save” on Jessica.  But they need to stay in their chairs, use the save and maybe moan and groan a little bit,etc.  But for Randy to stand on the stage and proclaim Jess as THE BEST singer in AMERICA when there is more competition left is ridiculous.  That disrespects the other singers, who are all good singers and good people BTW.  Completely disrespectful.  The same way they disrespected Hollie Wed night.  I mean, whether you like her or not that was AWFUL!

      • Did I say all those who do not like Jessica is a hater? You only become a hater, when you bash her for some non-sense reasons. So are you a hater? You can answer that for yourself. Do not generalize Doug. You can do better than that.

        And don’t you get it? When Randy said, “ONE of the BEST SINGERS” then he does not necessarily say JESSICA is the BEST. She is ONE of the BEST. So the other singers would probably fit into that statement. C’mon!

      •  Randy did say “One of the best…”  But he also said “Ever!”  Whatever, he did not have any business making that kind of remark.  If he thinks JS is the best, fine, keep it to himself because he is one of the judges.  If you think she is the best then vote for her.  Fine.  Other people have other opinions.  People like different things, OK?   So for Randy to tell the voters to vote for her (she is one of the best–vote for the best) is disrespectful to the other contestants.  I don’t know why that is so hard to understand, but that’s just me.  Wednesday night he was all for people “voting for their favorites” until HIS FAVORITE did not get enough votes!

      • I completely agree. Randy’s comments were so disrepectful  not only to the contestants  but to the viewing audience who voted. It was a rude slap in the face to those who were already safe. How dare he stand up there and lecture millions of people about their taste in music? I have news for you, you arrogant jerk, those are the same people who will determine the ultimate success of these kids, not your know-it-all opinion!

      • JezSayin’  🙂  randy said; one of the best. 🙂 those were the exact words :). I think it wasn’t disrespectful since they just couldn’t stand that america got it wrong again 🙂

      • But, honestly, after watching this show for 11 seasons, Jessica is one of the best voices ever to grace the stage and it is so sad and disappointing that others think otherwise. The judges were just left in awe at the fact that the best voice got the least votes.Sure there are other contestants left but is it not to remind America that this is not a popularity show but a singing contest after all? If noone srnfd such signals, then Jessica will have the same fate as Daughtry, JHudson, Tamyra Gray, Pia Toscano. Remember couple of yrs back, when Crystal Bowersox was runner up? that was the worse season ever. In fact Jessica’s vocal outbeats Crystal by far… somewhere along the line, once and for all American must and should be reminded that AI is after all a signing competition. Sure, Hollie has a good voice but Jessica has an even better voice…… I wish that America would think before voting. Let the best vocals win, this time…. 

      •  You are entitled to your own criticism and opinion and the judges too and  they all have  agreed to that proclamation, and don’t forget they are JUDGES and don’t just sit and  keep quiet   during the competition . If you are pissed off then stop watching AI and you will have a peace of mind.

      •  @4de139fc9f5e7dd604b2f8264f4ab368:disqus , it’s not a vocal contest, its a contest of who has the best package; voice is only part of it. Your god Jess, doesn’t have the whole package, sorry she’s not going to win AI. But she will get a recording contract and you and the others who love her so much will get to buy her cds. I won’t be buying her cds.

      •  The judges and coaches are the problem!!!  They want people like themselves.  I liked Hollie, Jessica and Joshua the best at first, but Jessica changed.  Instead of a sweet young girl with a wonderful talent I now see someone who wants to outdo Jlo with crass sexy clothing and vocal gymnastics that aren’t pleasant to listen to.  As a former voice teacher I was paid to hear vocal gymnastics, trills and such, but it isn’t what I like to listen to.  And I believe that young girls should dress appropriately and not like aspiring hookers.  Hollie is still sweet and her voice is still wonderful, and she looks beautiful on stage.  Joshua has been overdoing the vocal gymnastics also, but I believe he will suffer if he continues that direction.  I liked him best when he did songs of a spiritual nature. 

        Maybe the contestants should have some backbone and be true to what they are, and like Scotty of season 10 they might win.  

    • No matter what happens in the future, Jessica is already my Idol and everyone who are not biased who really appreciate a superb voice.  So proud of having a judges that really knows a  very good talent.  Jessica rocks the house everytime she steps in the stage, the most consistent contestant since the beginning.  Hollie always gets a negative feedback  she should of went home.  I guaranteed if Hollie was sent home the judges will never use their save.

      •  JLO & others, you call James a Jess Hater, well you sound like Hollie Haters. After reading the comments, I have to agree, you are pushing Jess, you say she is the only good contestant and you rip on Hollie. How can you call James a hater when all he is doing is calling you out for what you are doing.

      •  Jessica has gone downhill, but she is very talented.  I believe she is trying too hard to please the judges who like wild, crass, raucus, originality, and they did not like Scotty who won in season 10.  She should just sing and be dressed more appropriately for her age.  I can’t stand the wild music video by Jlo, and if that is why the judges are pushing their kind of stuff, we have the wrong judges.  I have judged musical competitions before, and judges just don’t act like them.  They do it more scientifically and judge people on various categories, etc.  It is not as entertaining, but “I can feel you” and “I get goosies” is not proper judging. 

    • It was so easy to say when she knew she was saved. I don’t buy into the act. I think it was staged.

    • I don’t think people hate her she is a very talented singer!  America likes different kinds of music that is why there are so many artists out there and many genres of music!  The people that are voting, vote for who they like the best, and I vote for Colton because he is my favorite, not that I don’t think Jessica is fantastic!  I do not see myself buying Josh or Jessica’s music because they do not fit the type of music I enjoy.  Skylar and Colton all the way!!!

    • She cried – her Mom cried – and for AI to bring her Mother on the stage!  Unfair!  Staged! 

      You are proud how Jessica handled it?  Wow

      • Read my post again Peaches. And hello, did she really cry at all? You already said it. It was not her mom’s idea. Hello! WOW.

        And again, STOP HATING!

      • Well…Deandre mom cried too when he was eliminated last week………do u hate people who cry……it just show them they have emotion….unlike u…i guess……..and jessica needs support from her mom that’s why the production staff let her mom go to the stage……..though she is young she knew how to handle the situation.

      • its natural reaction from a parent ..  maybe ur an alien! HU HAS NO EMOTIONS   BUT ONLY ENVY AND RETARDATION 

      • What’s wrong crying Peaches, dont you cry?Dont you have any feelings towards people who cry, cant She cry ha?What kind of human being you are PEaches? Just asking…

      • If it was staged – IT WAS NOT JESSICA’S FAULT!!!!!
        If the judges saved and praised her to high heavens – IT WAS NOT JESSICA’S FAULT!!!!!
        If her mom was allowed or prodded to go up the stage – IT WAS NOT JESSICA’S FAULT!!!!!!
        For the record, she did not cry, she took her would-be elimination with grace, she did not lose her poise….. She is just doing the best that she can nd is working hard to achieve what she wanted all her her life….. HOW CHILDISH CAN YOU ALL GET BY PUTTING ALL THE BLAME ON JESSICA!!!!

    • I beg to disagree. Just after announcing The Bottom 3, I was pretty sure that they are gonna use The Save, as Steven made clear of that just a bit later. Thus, based on all the praises and “Wows” that judges had on Jessica, she was thinking of the next week already when she heard about her elimination! 
      So I guess she was not shocked at all and was counting on being kept on instantly. She has cried for everyone else when they got cut, but not much for herself. Personally, I was shocked the most about The Bottom 3 and things would have been a lot more exciting if Elise owned the lowest votes. The moment I heard otherwise, I prepared for a “Top 7, Redux”, so was Jessica and the audience !

      • Okay so wait. She cried for other contestants because their family to her, now she didn’t cry for herself and stayed humble and now she’s a MONSTER ?? hold up did deandre cry for himself ?? Don’t think so. Did heejun cry for himself ?? Nope, not a chance. I guess they’re monsters too right ? How bout Hollie who stood by the couches smiling the whole time ?? I mean I love Hollie but I won’t dislike her just because of that one action. It’s a singing contest not a Cry For Yourself Contest.

    • like what other thought about it, just a big drama we saw there plain and very obvious, who do they think they’re kidding?

    • She already knew she was not going home. The judges have pimped her
      all season. Don’t understand what is wrong with Americas ears,Elsie can sing. Of course she is not a teen, is that all that can win anymore?

      • It is now that every teen has a cell phone and access to every other phone in the house.  If they don’t alter the voting policy, things will stay this way.

  4. Was not impressed with how the judges reacted! Jessica is great and I’m glad they used the save on her but to run up on stage they way they did and have Randy say that people need to vote for the best…..well, I think that showed a little favoritism! And just wondering if they would have used the save on Elise?????

    • Its about who got the best Talent.. and Jessica has the best voice for her age..As Randy says I GIVE IT ALL TO HER.. she will go far…the problem with idol its about whos the cutest.. these little girls vote for the cute boys… Its about a singing competion… Good Luck Jessica Sanchez she deserves it..

    •  I agree.  Jessica is great, but so are some of the others. 
      I have been a music judge before, and those judges are NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL.  They say all sorts of prejudicial things,
       “I feel you”  and “I get goosies” is not how real judges judge.  They are a certain breed of entertainers which I do not happen to like much,  and they just try to get winners like themselves (and James from season 10 was their favorite but he did not win).  Thankfully, Scotty was the winner, even though the judges did not like him, and he stood his ground on principle and criticized Lady Gaga’s obscene coaching of him.   

      I like Hollie and Joshua and Skylar also, and the judges’ running up on the stage and the things the judges said were very unprofessional and prejudicial also. 

      The public has the vote and they should not be intimidated by such unprofessional judges. 

    • Disney princess…..listen a lot of people think jessicas the greatest thing since sliced bread…thats all fine and good..she does have a good voice BUT…this aint her first rodeo…americas got talent…she didnt now we got a few years of nurturing that voice and dont forget that recording contract she had.. i think people are over disney jessica

      • Holy crap.  I didn’t know she was a serial singing show girl.  Very interesting, that makes her so less relevant now.  If I can’t win here, I’ll go there, dang now I really don’t want her to win.  I also didn’t realize she had a recording contract..doesn’t that make her an experienced singer on an amateur show.   Knew this was rigged.  Thanks for the info.

  5. With all of this years talent and “not so talented” ( Holly)…I do not understand Americas voting ..Jessica is amazing along with Joshua and Phillip, Skyler, Alisa..Sorry but Holly can sing but needs to loosen up and have fun!

  6. Everyone on American Idol is so talented this season!  When the judges enforced America to vote for their favorite, I sure did, GO COLTON!!!

    •  Krista, that’s right!  The judges ended Wednesday nights’ show by saying “vote for your favorite”, then last night Randy said, “America, vote for the best, Jessica is the best singer in AMERICA!”  Wow.  Why didn’t he just go get the trophy and give it to her last night?  I mean, according to Randy Jess is better than Celine Deion, Beyonce, etc.  The judges are ruining the show with their favoritism.

      • how many times do i have to repeat this! randy didn’tsay jessica was THE best singer in america, he said she was ONE OF THE BEST singers in america!

      •  Im sorry but I Think what Randy wants America to do is to be impartial and vote for the one who America can be proud of in terms of Singing Capability. The past years winners hadn’t make the same impact like Kelly and Carrie, these two were voted to win the crown  because they are the best singer in their batch.. Im not saying Jessica is the best for all of us, we have different likes and taste, but she is surely one of the best and should not be eliminated early at this stage..

  7. I believe the judges have forgotten that the show is called AMERICAN Idol, not Randy’s Idol, nor J-Lo’s or Steven’s.  The rest of the contestants were totally ignored last night, and the American Idol voters were disrespected, especially by Randy.  I have no problem with Jessica being saved, the the judges’ behavior was ridiculously pompous.

    • it was pompous, was it unfair? but it was the truth! when they said the best! they meant that the bottom 3 was very unfair. It only shows how people nowadays don’t know what real music is. 🙂

      • With all due respect, your response is proof of how a narrow-minded individual speaks without first thinking even at the risk of sounding like a wiseacre.  How can you be so brazenly presumptuous as to brand people of not knowing what real music is?  Don’t forget that every single song sung each week is chosen from a list based on a certain theme decided by the Idol authorities themselves; so, please, do reconcile for me how the bottom three songs suddenly are the only ones considered “real music” which, according to you, we “don’t know” simply because the contestants who sang them faced elimination?

    • I agree, She is a FIL-AM/Mexican Blood, It just speak the unity of Tribes(Fil-Mexican) voting for her. I will still vote for Jessica & Colton..  

    •  Right on!  The program lets the public vote, and maybe the contestants should care about what we think and not just the crazy judges who are soooooo unprofessional!  New judges might help!

      P.S. I don’t think any of the 3 judges might get the vote if they were contestants.  Those judges do not speak for all of us.  

  8. Jessica, Joshua and Elise did not deserved to be in the bottom 3, i thought their performances were really good. So glad the judges saved Jessica, even though i have a feeling she will be eliminated in a couple of weeks (HOPEFULLY NOT)
    But somehow, i think that this was a way of grabbing more viewers to watch Idol, it seemed a bit stage and so dramatic. By this more fans will be voting for Jessica because they dont want it to happen again and she could potentially be in top 3 or maybe the winner. You never know.
    I was so dissapointed, on how unprofessionally the judges handled the show, it was an insult to all 6 contestant. This competition is more on looks and popularity for me Jessica has got the strongest voice in the girls and Colton’s got the strongest voice in the boys. (I do like Joshua, but sometimes he can oversing and shout too much.) 
    Next week each contestant will sing two songs, and im hoping the THEME will be GOOD.
    Everyone needs to step up their game if they dont want to be eliminated, especially Joshua and Jessica. No more “safe”. 
    I hope the American public realize that they should vote for the BEST and obviously their favorites.
    Everyone has their own music taste, favorites and opinions, and other people just have to respect that.
    Anyway, im still rooting for Jessica and Colton 🙂

    •  I soooo muchhhh agree with you about the unprofessional behavior and that what they said was an insult to all the other 6 contestants. 

      American Idol means who the public likes and idolizes.  The judges should be more professional in the way they judge rather than seeming to dictate to the public how to vote. 

  9. It doesn’t really matter who they used the save on. If DeAndre or Heejun would have been saved then they would have been eliminated instead of Jessica this week. The outcome would have been the same. What will be interesting is to see what happens in the weeks to follow. If JS never falls into the bottom 3 again or wins the whole competition then we know that this was a ratings stunt. I personally think some people will vote for her because of this and others will be turned against her. It should be a wash and the results should be the same as this week. If anything other than that happens it just proves it was a ratings stunt and it will work because we will all tune in to see what actually does result out of this clown show.

    • I believe they do a double elimination after a Save, so there would have been two going home this week if DeAndre had been saved last week.

      Doesn’t the “saved” singer usually gets a boost the following week too? Abrams stayed around awhile longer last season after his save. If DeAndre had been “saved” last week it could have put a fire under the feet of his fans to make sure it didn’t happen again two weeks in a row.

      I don’t expect the results to be the same next week w/ that in mind.

      • With the ouster of Jermaine there may not be a double elimination.

        The only reason I think that the results of this could be the same is because the backlash of people offended by what the judges did will be equal to the boost from her own fans. I think it will be a wash and the results will be the same. 

        But me and you both were wrong about P2 so who knows? 

  10. There are thousands of watchers and fans for many years that support the Idol and we all have a variety of music interests. I felt rather offended with how the show was handled. The dramatic reaction of professional judges and telling America that they “had it all wrong” was only their feelings. There are other very talented singers that are being supported and enjoyed by thousands too. Many different styles and many supports for those who give their whole heart and work hard. I for one would not buy a Jessica CD because she is not a sound I enjoy, not because she isn’t very talented but because I prefer others music much more, so I did not get it all wrong. I hope that in the future there will be more respect for your audiance, other performers families and especially for those left standing on the stage who are working so hard and have so much to give.

  11. Not sure this was a rankings prank of not but it was ridiculous that two of the best singers in this competition were in the bottom three!  I was disgusted.  I’m not going to rag on Hollie but clearly the three of the left of the stage were SHOCKED that they were saved and the others were inthe bottom.

    I get mad every year and say that’s it, I’m not watching anymore but cave at the beginning of the AI competition for the next season but come on America, really.  We are not voting for Joshua or Jessica, insanity? 

  12. seriously america? history keeps on repeating on ai..jennifer hudson et al are always a blatant reminder that ai voters always gets it wrong!…or maybe the voting system needs to be fixed…1 vote per number. period.

  13. Jessica has been pitchy lately and her song choice on Wednesday really screwed her. The kids voting haven’t really heard that song before so they didn’t vote for her. Randy went over the top by saying that Jessica is one of the best singers in the country. 

  14. This is supposed to be a talent competition that voters decide. It’s not up to the judges to select who is the “best ever.”  It is offensive and insulting for the judges to chastise the public for their votes.  I could even believe that these three falling into the bottom three could be a backlash against the judges obvious bias and attempts to control the voters.  I think all three of them are great singers but the other four should have been totally insulted by the judges comments.

    • Do you know what I say….that this is the hardest season in american idol simply because each one of the contestants are great but in their own way! Not one singer sings like the next. The all have there own uniqueness to them. This makes it a very tight competition. I don’t think Jessica deserved to be sent home tonight but thats my opinions. It’s funny how she never was in the bottom 3 then she was booted off. Hey maybe it was the network trying to boost their ratings. Jessica is not my favorite but she is one of the best singers in the competition if not the best. The thing is everyone has their likes and dislikes in music while one maybe be for r&b, country, blues, jazz, and so on. My personal opinion to the best person to win American Idol is the one contestant who can deliver each song, who is consistent, touch and audience and make each song they sing their own…..I HAVE ONE PERSON IN MIND but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who I think that person is.

    •  I agree.  The judges were offensive and insulting, and hopefully the American public has the character to think for themselves.  I have been a vocal coach and a judge before, but not like them.  My favorites are Joshua, Skylar, Hollie and Jessica, but I don’t want to vote for Jessica anymore because of the unfairness of what the judges did.  Saving her was fine, but the rest of it was not!!!

  15. My name is Rev. Stephen H Powell, I am a British International Voice Coach/Trainer of 30 years standing. I train every type of voice from Religious, Classical, Rock, Folk and Pop etc.

    I am an avid follower of Idol every year. This year I am extremely surprised at the voting of the American Public!!!! Why? Because Jessica Sanchez was put into the bottom 3 and then almost eliminated if not for the Save by the Judges. This girl has one of the most phenomenal voices I have ever heard, especially considering her age!!!

    Please American Public, Do Not just vote for your Favorite!!!! Please look at the vocal ability of each of the remaining contestants and vote on their ability in their voice and stage presence.

     Let us see a good end to IDOL 2012!!!! With the person who merits the position of IDOL 2012!!!! Thank you and God Bless.

      • So James, tell me what do you know about Pinoy English? Neither its American English – because its grammatically correct! 😀

      • then what English in particular do you want to know..whatever English is it, it doesn’t matter for as long as it could be understood, ok..are you an English major for that comment of yours..?

      • @James:  I think you’re correct.  The Rev. Howell spelled “favorite” in the American manner.  Brits use the spelling “favourite”.  Nice fake, though, by the Reverend – if it wasn’t a typo.

      • James, Mali Mo. Sigoradong Sigorado I AM A TRUE BRIT!!!!!! I was born in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England!!!!!I am also an English Conversation Professor!!!! Bakit my English sounds PINOY? Because I have been a Missionary to the Filipino for the last 22 years on September 7!!!!! Therefore my British English has been tainted with American English because of your Education System!!!!! Also I have the most wonderful Filipina Wife!!!!!.

        Good try James, but please don’t make rash statements without being able to verify what you say is True!!!!!! OK Lang!!!!!

      • Why is James a racist? Because he caught someone faking their race? I’d say he must be damn smart to be able to pick up on someone’s lying about their language and country where they live. He didn’t say anything negative or derogatory; he’s not a racists. 

      • People who pretend to be something or someone they’re not are the ones to answer to God.   Why Rev. Powell must you be so insanely insane and so seriously annoying.   My God would say shame on YOU. 

    • The computer generated voice on my phone ap has more heart than Jessica.  And for a supposed brit, you seem like a prat.

      • Taylor Hobday,

        One of the rules of posting on this site is you should not be insulting!!!!! Right. So you call a Servant of God a PREGNANT FISH!!!!!!

        I pity people like you!!!!! You must be so knotted up inside and full of Hate!!!!!! God have Mercy on you for your remarks about His Servant!!!!!

        You are lucky this is not a face to face thing!!!!!!!

        Be very careful what you say about people!!!! Why, surely one day it will kick you right back in your Ugly Mush

      • It seems the Rev may also have a drinking problem and some anger management issues.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, but I will vote for who I want to vote for and who’s music I will buy. I find Jessica a good singer, but she is so boring to me. She puts me to sleep and I am in my fifties. Don’t tell me who to vote for…Its my decision, not yours. If you like Jessica, then vote for her. I am not voting for her.

    • Its not just about the Voice, Sir…Its about personality, and stage presence…Jessica has neither…

      • Just what do you know about it Lynn. Are you a voice Professional?

        Judge not that you may be judged also!!!!

      • @Rev stephen H Powell…you don’t have to have a baby to know it hurts sir.  Just because some of us don’t have the elite title of voice professor (hahaha) doesn’t mean we don’t know what we like to hear…or not hear.

    • Nice try, but you’re no Brit and probably not a holder of the credentials you claim.

    • Amen Rev., vocals and stage presence……. Hmm.. Who could that be…… Ok yes, it’s Joshua!! Ha

  16. Well how the judges treated the rest of the singers was really distasteful;because they have already in there minds picked the winner ,when its suppose to be us the voters to do this! I was really p#ssed off on how they made the rest of the singers feel by saying “This is the best singer here ever”, what the hell; are they saying we the peole are stupid? I feel we should have younger judges whom have respect for everyone in the competition and not find faults everytime they perform! They should shut-up and let the public make the right choice not them! Thats why THE VOICE is alot better show! They make the singers feel welcomed and don’t belittle them in front of America! Shame on you !

    •  You mean the Judges actually act professional on the voice. So what do you think Simon would have done? Would he have gone up on the stage like the rest of them?

  17. Next week:
    Watch Jessica Sanchez’s elimination on American Idol and subsequent idiotic behavior by the judges. Randy said “Dog whats up America, you don’t know how to vote, she’s the best singer in the world.”  When awakened, Steven said “Well she did just sing the same old boring diva song again”. JLO  couldn’t be found, but was last seen with Joshua heading out for a de-gayification attempt in her green room.
    Those crazy AI judges….

  18. I think the judges should pay attention to the votes. Some message they sent to the other contestants with their behavior last night. Jessica has a nice voice but then so do the others. It is about what the public will spend money on after they leave Idol.

  19. Well we ALL know who the judges want to win!  Now Jessica will get ALL the PITY votes!!!  Tears from her and her MOM!  And to bring Jessica’s Mother up on the STAGE!  WOW – unfair to all the other contestants!

    Very Disappointed in the way the American (Judge) Idol handled this!  I have watched ALL the American Idol series – totally disappointed in this!

    Jessica will get ALL the PITY Votes! 

    •  That is why, if Jess performs as normal or less, the anti-Jess vote will be rallied again and she will go home. No one likes to be told they voted wrong…everyone is entitled to their opinion and unfortunately for Jess, the point needs to be made to the Judges that they can’t act like they did and get away with it.

    • I watched previous episodes of AI and I disagree that they are only supportive to Jessica. They are very supportive of Deandre, Joshua, Elise and Haejun and even gave these hopefuls standing ovation. They gave Jessica just one standing ovation. But of course they are judges and cannot ignore the fact that Jessica is much much better than some of the remaining contestants and they have to voice out their opinions. This maybe a game show but also a talent show where the best talents deserve to win but in reality people who voted for supposed to be the best will not even buy their idol’s record and those second best won the heart of the music industry.

      • I totally Agree.. har3x.. . I just want the Best Singer and Performer who wins this Year. Not because they have many friends and relatives or they get the sympathy vote because they are being bullied or insulted but due to they’re Undeniable TALENT!!!  

  20. I can’t believe that jessica was at the bottom 3.. Good thing the judges know how to recognize great talent.even the judges cant hold on to their own emotion.fear of losing one great talent i guess

  21. ok I would have to dismiss the likeability theory. She was never in the bottom 3 and for once I was thinking that AI did it on purpose to boost ratings over The Voice. Or probably sympathy votes went all to Hollie (which I think is cheap). On to Jessica, she may NOT win this thing but her skill level best shows the difference between a Grammy winner from a VMA Winner.

    • I think it’s either Jessica’s fans got complacent that Jessica is safe.and yes, whether Jessica wins or not, she’ll make it big in the industry I guess~ 🙂

  22. the judges and even jimmy know who are the best and worst among the contestants they are singers, experienced, and professional of the music industry… u fans commented becuase you just dont like to hear what the judges were commenting to your fave…..who is now bias?

    •  Are you seriously referring to Jennifer Lopez as a singer.  She is completely manufactured.  Acting as if this is the first time the judges have proven themselves acting in a ridiculous manner is also hard to believe.  They did it all last season with Haley.  They always have favorites and try to push them in your faces.  This season they insisted they got it right with the Cowboy and the Lady last season.  Please!!

    • These “professional” judges are there to critique performances not tell America they voted wrong.  If the judges hold the power to tell America who is the “best” choice then stop letting the public vote.  Just change it to where these so called professional judges choose the winner.  You can tell they choose their own personal favorite and push that person.  That is fine until they publicly start criticizing the AI voters.  So change it and let Jimmie (the only real professional out of the bunch) and the other 3 choose the winner.  I can just see Tyler articulating his choice, JLo crying because she can’t pick everybody……

  23.  Randy is an insider in the music industry and when he says that Jessica is one of the best singers he has listened to, he knows what he is talking about. Okay? So go on and on about how Randy got it wrong but the last time I checked, you don’t work in the music industry so STFU.

  24. I don’t see Jessica winning anyway but I don’t think it’s her time to go. I can assume that people really though she was safe because she was never in the bottom 3 before. If people did not liked her ages ago, she would have landed there several times.

  25. Sure I have my favorites (Joshua n Jessica), but this year all the singers have such great potential!  Good luck to all…and EVERYONE keep voting!!!

  26. Oh yeah Matt one more point. Seeing as how America supposedly got it so wrong this week with none of the bottom 3 deserving to be there. Does mean that they might have gotten it wrong in previous weeks? Say when DeAndre was eliminated or Heejun was eliminated. Can we look at the other contestants that have been eliminated and now say, “See, the voting has nothing to do with talent” ?

    A lot of people might say the results were so wrong this week but others might say they were wrong on previous weeks. It’s all relative.

    Also why is the slate wiped clean? We still have all of their previous performances to use in making our decision on who to vote for. They haven’t ended the show and started a new one. It seems Phillip had a change of attitude but he is just pandering for votes. VFTW has his back and they are re-energized to get another WGWG to win this year. So I expect him to stick around for a few more weeks.

  27. “I just want people to know I’ve been working hard my whole life.”

    Elise, the oldest AI contestant this season, is probably the best person to say this line. 

    • I disagree, Jessica too have the rights to say that~ She’s been joining in contest since she was a kid. Even in America’s got Talent when she was 11. 🙂

      • Yeah, she’s a professional contestant.  And a losing one at that.  Robots don’t win talent contests.

      • Yep, she’s been pimped out by her parents since she was barely old enough to walk. Sick.

      • If her fans pushed her on people like they are doing this time, I understand why she lost all the other contest. She should tell her fans to go ruin someone elses chances of wining.

  28. Neither did Elise or Joshua deserve to be there. But since they are insisting that this is popularity contest & not a singing competition. why don’t they just stop singing & just wait for votes just to give sense.

  29. this is my first season watching american idol. the only reason i’m into it is because i liked the way phillip phillips sounded during auditions.  i don’t believe him to be the best technical singer, but based on my music preferences the only CD of all the contestants i would buy would be him or elise.  he gets criticized for “doing  the same thing” week after week, but which of the contestants doesn’t?  should they not be singing songs similar to their style?  has jessica sanchez or hollie sung anything but slow ballads that showcase their range and technical ability?  skylar anything other than country twang sounding songs?  joshua sings like the son of a preacher, colton has his piano and little whiney voice thing going on.  the only one who has tried different styles is elise, and she gets criticized that some of her choices “don’t suit her”.  do we expect jessica to pick up a guitar and sing some dave matthews?

    i think jessica sanchez is probably the best singer on the show, but i would never listen to her music.  therefore, i would never vote for her.  simple as that.  i wish phillip would cut out the band and get back to some acoustic song with his voice and the guitar.  his rendition of usher’s “nice and slow” during the final judgment was when he was at his best. 

  30. I know she is good but I think she is to young they should have let here go. I think she will go in the next couple weeks and they will have wasted there save. She is not good enough to win this.

      • Actually..I think Phillip, Skylar, Colton, Hollie, and Elise are all more enjoyable to listen to than Jessica. She’s like one of these robots from Toddlers and Tiaras. Technically, she’s there but it’s all substance.

    • Clarence, that is just YOUR opinion and most probably there are not that many who agree with you!!!! How do you know she is not good enough!!!!!!!

      • If one is to believe your claims to musical knowledge, then you should be able to confirm this premise.  A great voice is a gift, but if the person with the great voice is unable to connect emotionally to the music, then the gift is diminished.  Many posters on this and numerous other sites have complained that, while technically accurate, Jessica displays no emotional connection to what she’s singing.  This can’t be learned.  one either feels the music or one does not.  Jessica does not feel it and that shows.

  31. I think when the judges act as though America is wrong in their voting, it puts down the other contestants. Whom would they have eliminated? I think the save is wrong. If it is a show for the public to vote for whom they like, then that should be it.

    • COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!can you really call it public?????I’d rather the term Teeny Boppers

      • I’m 45..don’t care for Jessica. My parents are in their 70s…don’t care for Jessica. Most of my co-workers are in their 40s…most of us like Phillip and Skylar.

      • We all should respect the Contestants whether we approve of them or not. I believe the maturity in posting a comment should be seen in terms of your posts not because you are saying you are older than the rest.. Respect others as you want to be respected…

  32. Randy Jackson has no idea what he is talking about. Jennifer Hudson was ousted in 7th place in Season 3 and they did not have the save in that year. It did not come in until Season 8.

  33. “Americas Got Talent” already found her, she’s a professional talent show contestant!

  34. Jessica may not win the title. But please America, make a wise decision. She’s far greater than Hollie and Skylar, way better! 

    • I disagree. Honestly, Jessica bores me to tears. If I need something to put me to sleep, I might put one of her cds in. Except this week…it was hard to listen to with all the scatting and runs. Blech. I’d much rather listen to anyone else on the show.

      • then don’t listen to jessica if she’s boring it’s so simple dear and if you don’t like jessica then better shut your useless mouth 

      • Well, that was uncalled for. Even though you think my mouth is useless, apparently my dialing and texting fingers aren’t.

      • Yes and you better make sure your fingers are in shape so you can do your ridiculous voting system to keep your fave in the game…that’s the only way ur idol can win this contest….loser!

      • Stop criticizing Jessica you bitch!just love who you do and leave the rest alone!!!

      • Wow..I have one Jess fan calling me a bitch and one calling me a loser. Such nice people.

      •  Hi Pally, I agree that what the other fans are saying is uncalled for and immature. But they are just like you, because you are stating your opinion about a person they care for, so they are just reacting. But like what Ive said, its not the proper way as to what you are doing, but the deeds are the same as yours..

    • Jessica is robotic and boring..Skyla and Hollie have stunning personalities.. There is more to being a performer, than just having a technically perfect voice ..Jessica is contrived, and looks like a mechanical doll…

      •  I personally believe there is a thin Line between constructive criticism and self-righteous opinions. If you don’t like a person you can just  ignore them or say your piece in a manner that is mature and respectful. Others would react badly to comments that not only degrades a person but shows nonchalant respect to others feelings. I just hope that we are all setting good example to our youths in terms of expressing one’s personal opinion. Be proper and mature and most of all be sensitive to others.

  35. What do you expect if America votes?  Popularity!  America has voted Taylor Hicks, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, and David Cook as their
    American Idols then what happened with them now?  

  36. This is a wake up call to all Californians especially.  Jessica Sanchez is a very talented young girl.  She is representing the State of California not only Chula Vista SanDiego.  Wake up!  If you like Jessica to win, you have to VOTE!!! 

    You cannot rely on the POll itself as this is not an actual vote. I’m so proud of Jessica the way she handled last night.  She is expecting to be in bottom 3 sooner or later.  She has shown that anybody can win this competetion.  She is very humble person.  That to me is a true American Idol!!!!

    Matt Boyer,  I hope the poll you have should have been hidden until after the voting.  People get misled not only for Jessica but for all other contestant as well.  My suggestion is to keep the poll on your site but hiddent results after the voting is done.  That would be fair for everyone especially the idol contestant.  I suggested this last season and it was ignored.  Thank you.

      • There are a lot of Jesshaters already since Top 10.  I am not surprised.  Every popular artist have haters everyday.  If you read the rest, I meant for all idol constestant fairness not only for Jessica.  The voters already spoken and now we should all moved forward.  Let’s see the result next week James and we will find out from voters.  I don’t understand why a lot of people still mad at the judges.  You are the voters and if you think you voted correctly, you don’t have to worry about what other people say or the judges.  Right??? So don’t worry, vote for the best you think should deserve. I will do the same.

    • I see no humbleness at all wearing $3000.oo shoes!!!  and when judges talk about how great she is,  she has this blank look on her face like really you really think I’m great too? so do I!!!  I admit the girl can sing but I would never buy her CD.  Go P2, Colton and Elise who by the way are the most talented.  And don’t hate cause not everyone loves Jess!

  37. this is just weird according to the voting poll Jessica was consistently number one since top 12 then in all a sudden she was on the bottom three and the judges had to save her. It’s just so sad. This is a talent show . Hopefully the best people stay and not the popular ones.

  38. First of all, I think they should open next Wed’s show with
    an apology from the judge’s to the other contestants for that ridiculous show
    they put on for Jessica’s save. How do you think that made them feel? Watch
    Skylar’s reaction closely and you could clearly tell how she felt about their
    antics. How embarrassing for them all.


    As for Jessica, she is probably the most technically perfect
    singer of the bunch, but I find her emotes false and just too practiced.
    Although she sings beautifully, I find myself bored and disinterested 12 bars
    into nearly all of her songs. This year’s Pia.


    Phillip manages to make every song he sings sound pretty
    much like the song he sang the week before.  That growl is getting tired, and like Jimmy
    said this week, he’s got no vocal range.  I’m surprised Jimmy hasn’t yet pulled out the
    line he used for Casey last year…  “the
    family dog doesn’t vote”.


    I’m not a fan of Joshua simply because of when he hits the
    upper registers he tends to yell and it sounds like a squealing, stuck pig.
    That high-pitched, nasally tone is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. He’s
    a fine performer, and the Bruno Mars song he did this week was great, but he didn’t
    have to go into the upper register, and to me that made it listenable.  But of the male R&B singers this year, I
    preferred DeAndre.


    I can’t make up my mind about Elise. She can definitely
    sing, but…  I just can’t put my finger on
    it about her. Some weeks I really enjoy her stuff (Zeppelin, Vienna), and then
    she’s just awful (that Foreigner song, I’m Your Baby Tonight). Perhaps it’s
    because she hasn’t yet established what kind of artist she is to me.  meh… 


    I’ll be honest, Hollie is my sentimental favorite. She probably
    won’t win it, but I find myself pulling for her because you can see her
    nervousness and her “want-so-bad”. Great feedback from the judges last week
    when they told her to just “let go” once the music starts, but what the hell
    was up with the early funeral reviews Wed night? I hate it when the judges seem
    to target one contestant for this kind of constant feedback. They do it every
    year…  like Haley last year.


    And that leaves Skylar and Colton, who I think are 2 steps
    beyond the rest of the group as far as being artists ready for the “business”.  Skylar is a dynamic country-rock artist, who already
    performs way beyond her years, and brings it every week. You may not like her
    music taste, but she’s fun and interesting to watch. Colton is fascinating in
    what he does to a song.  His only
    potential downfall is that he chooses songs that are sometimes down or
    mid-tempo and not-so popular, and that might hurt him.


    So anyway…  my 2
    cents.  J

      • I know exactly what you wrote above but I am not about to level down to such pettiness just to translate it for everybody else.  Instead, here’s my RETORT:  “Bakit hindi mo isulat sa Ingles? Takot ka?”  TRANSLATION:  “Why don’t you write it in English?  Are you scared?”

        It’s quite narrow-minded of you to think that you can write in our native language to mask what you’re saying.  Have you ever thought that doing so only announces to the whole world what country you’re from?  Individuals like you are the reason an entire group is discredited.  If you wish to be abhorred and loathed by others here, don’t drag me and other Filipinos and Filipino-Americans along.

      • There are already enough Filipino haters on this and other sites without people like you seemingly validating their perception.

    • Skylar is ugly and her talent is mediocre. You must be from some mid state that loves country music

      • Excuse me???? I am from CA and I love country music.  Skylar is a good performer and will no doubt get a contract after the show.  She won’t win because the producers don’t want a country winner 2 years in a row…..

    • Love your post, but don’t agree about my PP, I would buy his CD and actually go see him in concert along with Elise and Colton and even little Skylar I’m from Texas so I have to love my country music!!

  39. You notice something about the JessPushers that says alot. Most people talk about all the contestants, their weakness and strengths, and sure they will say who they’re favorite is and isn’t…and usually just a very laid back thing giving their opinions..what we all like to read.
    And then there is the the JessPushers…usually only mention how Jess is the greatest and that’s it, no mention of the others. If they mention the others, it’s just how bad they are and how they hate them.

    The JessPushers are Jess’s greatest enemy and the reason she won’t win. Do you have any idea how many JessHaters you have created?

    • Their comments are always very one sided and very arrogant. I think many of them are Pinoys as my experience with those folks are they are very arrogant.

  40. Simon did it for Melanie and they did it for Jessica. The same drama.
    Let’s see whether it has the same effect….

  41. Why did the contestants show no appreciation for James Durbin?  When the camera panned, they were not clapping, dancing,  or showing any support.

    • Because he was using a distorter to alter his voice. It wasn’t really his natural voice…..IDK.  I didn’t like the performance myself. IDK what others thought of it. Branden didn’t really elaborate on it in his review.

      • I was totally disappointed in James’ performance last night.  He was my favorite last season and I was really looking forward to seeing him tonight.   His hair was awful too!!!!! What the hell happened to him????

  42. Jessica sang “Nobody supposed to be here” By Deborah Cox.  It is so touching.  We love you Jessica!!!!  You are awesome.  I hope the haters are happy now and I hope that you do not make it too personal to her.   She is also human being and all idols are all great and worked so hard to be in AI.  Please we know she is not a perfect person just working hard to achieve her goal. 

    • Another person who is using that lame, boring, and over-used word “hater”. Just stop.  Just because you like Jessica and I like Phillip does not make me a hater. Just typing that word makes me shudder.

      • I have to agree with you…..Nobody hates Jessica (nobody knows Jessica that well to say they hate her)…..She is a great singer and will get a recording contract, win or lose.  I think almost all of the Top 10 will get some sort of contract.   I really like Phillip too but I don’t hate anybody else…….What a ridiculous word to use!!!

  43. The judges were being very unfair they said to vote for the best ones aka coded for Jessica is the best one I don’t care about the others

  44. The save played out exactly as it should have this year. I think the judges learned from last year, when they used their save before they even got into the top 10. I wasn’t a Pia fan last year, but I was obviously in the minority. The judges probably felt like Pia should have won the competition, but they didn’t have their save to do anything about it. This year, I really think they feel Jessica should win and were holding their save just in case (of course, as Randy mentioned in an interview, they might have used it on any of the bottom 3 this week). As for next week…Jessica will be safe. Just like Casey last year, the shock of the elimination will send Jessica voters to the phone. Unfortunately, we have to remember where the majority of the votes come from. In the end, it’s going to be a male heartthrob, which means Colton or Philip. But don’t worry Jessica fans…her fate was sealed after the first live show. She will get a record deal and will be around for a while.

    • Uh, there’s no way he’s going to go up on stage. In fact, knowing Simon, he’ll probably reprimand JLo (and possibly the other judges) to stop acting like a kid.

    • Definently Not he probably would have let the other judges to the talking and let Jessica sing ! Rude

  45. Jessica doesn’t need IDOL, it’s the other way around..  It`s a fake result, i believe Jessica was not even in the bottom 3.. There is No way she`s going home.. Poor Jessica they all up to her now.. because of this hype. She could win it clearly, they putting all presure on her now.. poor Jessica she`s just a kid so talented and so great.

    • Yes, she was in the bottom 3.  Apparently, a lot of people don’t think she’s as great as you do.

      • I’m going to say it again. The majority of America is not 4 or 5 fans continuously voting for hours to keep their fave in. Sorry, no save for next week. Unless you and ur clan vote thousand times for your fave, he or she is doomed. I suggest you exercise ur fingers, gets lots of sleeps so u and ur cronies can do your stupid voting process to save ur idol.

      • Pally, why would I be bitter …I’m actually happy because the judges saved Jessica and they pissed off a lot of the fans like you. U guys are the one bitter because the judges announced to the whole world on national tv that Jessica is the best…and made your fave looked stupid….I suggest you vote endlessly next week or ur idol is doomed!

      • I’m not bitter that the judges used the save.  I might not have liked the way they went about it, but I’m not bitter. My favorite has yet to be in the bottom 3. 🙂

  46.  I’m curious what other people think of Jimmy Iovine. I have read mixed comments from people, but I really think this guy is spot on and obviously knows his stuff (as he should, given his career). Probably 95% of the time he speaks on the show, I feel like he’s completely representing my thoughts. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what he has to say next week, following the save of his favorite (and mine) this week.

    •  You’d think the judges would learn a little from Jimmy by now, but no…it’s always “That was BEAUTIFUL!”
      Next season I wanna see Jimmy as a judge!!!

    • I like Jimmy Iovine. He is a true music icon. I always look forward and hear his comments, very true & authentic IMO.

  47. Notice how they didn’t say anything about how unprofessional they acted. Ugh. I believe American got it right and I believe after their antics last night, Jessica will go home next week.

    • Your favorite will go home first before Jessica. I bet you that!
      The only reason your fave is till there is because of the multiple votes that 4 or 5 fans cast and thats not the majority of America.

      • Funny how my favorite hasn’t been in the bottom three yet when only 5 or 5 people are voting for him. That’s a pretty ridiculous statement you made but I guess you’re entitled. You’re bitter. It happens.

      •  Jsaftw,
        you’re saying Jessica didn’t get “multiple votes that 4 or 5 fans cast” ?

      • To pally, don’t you understand English? I said 5 voters casting multiple votes. Example, a cougar like you who votes 1 million times for one contestant , then 5 cougars like you will be casting 5 million votes. Was schooling that tough that u decided to drop out? Lol! You and AIFAN are both losers!!!

  48. that one SAVE was only meant for jessica sanchez nobody else ,,,,everybody else are mediocre singers,,,,if america is gonna eliminate her next week,,,that will be the end of american idol………

      • James,
        When my favorite contestant got eliminated. I would vote for somebody else because of Randy’s comment and also because Jessica’s fans called me stupid and racist. Now, who is having the last laugh?

      • AIFAN
        I couldn’t agree more! With all the bullying and name calling I have taken from the Jess fans on here, I would never vote for her…even if she blew me away with a rendition of  the Star Spangled Banner!

      •  See, who’s the Hater here? Hate the people who called you names and insults you. Not the one who doesn’t even know you exists. pathetic. Win or Lose all those contestant and i mean everyone of them deserves respect! What a pathetic way to re-butt someone. You Jessica Fan be respectful, you Jessica detractors be fair.. Okay. enough already!

    • the ratings would plummet and we’re all saying goodbye to AI. Then we’ll all be looking forward to The Voice, X-Factor, America’s Got Talent and Hell’s Kitchen. Okay, that last show was a joke.

    • Now that’s funny. So even tho Steven said the save would be used BEFORE jessia was announced as the lowest vote getter, it was ONLY gonna be used on Jessica? Ha. And everybody else is mediocre, come on, several contestants have outshined Jessica on several occasions, she’s good, but she’s not miles and miles better than all the others, it’s just simply not true, Joshua completely showed her up on that duet. I’ve watched thus show since season 2, but this is the first season I’ve been on this site, so are the Jess fans here the norm from went on with the past seasons and certain contestants? Cause some of the Jess fanatics seem way over the top. Even tho I think he deserves to be in the finals thus far, I think Joshua has done just a bit more to be my favorite. So gas it always been like this, with fans being so…..out there I guess for past shows???

      • Should be from WHAT went on with pastseasons…..and……SHE deserves to be in finals, not he..reference to Jess of course..typos. Sorry, this IPhone for a blind man is hard to see sometimes.

  49. I am a Jessica fan, and I am quite relax because I am thinking many people are rooting for her. Because of what happened earlier, its indeed a wake up call for us to vote for her next week… Jessica win or lose, you’ll still be our AI winner. 

      • There was nothing offensive in what Jhaey wrote, no hating whatsoever on anyone, just expressing support for Jessica.  You say this kind of comment creates haters? 

    im not a Jess fan but all i can see is JAMES’ negative comments. lol.

    •  What James is a hater because he calling for you people to stop shoving Jess at others. There isn’t any hate in that. If you can promote Jess, he has just as much right to de-promote Jess.

  51. Remember, haters only hate because the hatee is a threat to their favorite’s success.

  52. to randy jackson (or whoever posted the quote above):

    Jennifer Hudson was not saved in season three….there were no saves at the time…Jennifer, Fantasia and Lotoya London were all in the bottom three in the final seven results show with Jennifer going home….

    I smell a ratings fix

    • I totally remember that season and I don’t believe for one minute that those 3 were in the bottom 3…….There was no save….(Are you feeling ok Randy?) at that time.  Jennifer had an attitude and they wanted her gone!!!!! She had much better vocals than Fantastia did.  Fantastia sang
      “Summertime” and sealed her fate……

  53. NEWS: Nigel just tweeted that next week the Top 7 (Redux) sing TWO songs each! That’s 14 songs over two hours! Please dont be a snoozer!!! 😡

  54. Wow the look on the other contestants faces when Randy said “vote for the best”….I hope Randy looks at it again and apologizes for his humiliating blunder.

  55. I think the vote was a commentary on the judges themselves. We, the audience, is sick of being told how to vote. It was more than obvious that the judges and Jimmy wanted Hollie off of the show this week. She could have come out and outstarred Adele and they would have dissed her. Jimmy needs to stick to mentoring the singers, not the audience. And by the way, it isn’t just teenage girls with unlimited texting that vote anymore. EVERYONE has unlimited texting for the most part anymore. Even my 80 year old parents vote. I can’t wait to see how the vote actually did break down.

  56. wow…. jessica is my favorite…but i saw this scenario coming… too much complacency on the voting public, i guess plus the fact that jessica always have a good performance was one of the many reasons…… the people that is supposedly voting for jessica thought that the girl will be saved because she’s been consistent throughout… but what they don’t realize, the more the judges favors jessica or joshua, the more the fans of the other contestant vote the hell out their capacity….so it backfired….. but what happened last night might be a blessing in disguise….. expect the outpouring support for the youngest contestant for next week….i’m sure the fil-am community and the mexican americans will join forces to bring jessica to the promised land….

    • Na I’m Mexican not once have I heard her say I’m half Mexican they always show her Mom’s family!! Go PP!!!

      • ana gabi rivera ‏ @anagabire   · Open@JSanchezAI11 Jess is it true you have some mexican roots? 🙂

        Jessica Sanchez ‏ @JSanchezAI11Close@anagabire Yup <3 Half mexican 🙂
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      • The Latinos who work with us here on the horse farm don’t care for Jessica. They seem to think Skylar’s more entertaining.  But that may just be a Texas thing.

  57. it will be like the majority of the past few seasons.. the good looking dude will win, in this case it’s Colton. I doubt he’ll last very long though..

    • ummm, I don’t think Colton is good looking.  Now, Phillip, that’s another matter.  His looks are definitely part of the total “idol” package, and I don’t mind at all having a pleasant viewing experience while I listen to him sing.

    • @10cd97ca7daaaee6f168c29cbe1fdd2b:disqus  what?  you mean you haven’t seen jessica the monkey girl?

  58. if jessica wins or not,theres a great career waiting for her..even before top 13 akon wants to steal her!..that’s how amazing she is..she dont need the title to be a STAR,cause she is already…JESSICA is the GREATEST  in this whole competition! all HATERS,sorry,but the judges saved her,and theres nothing you can do about that..KEEP HATING,,, BLUJAYS doesnt care about you anyways..whatever the haters said,i still love jessica and i will support her all the way! 🙂

  59. Look at the bright side: The Top 7 is intact, viewership is up 7%, and the Top 7 album is #1 on iTunes! 😀
    Next week: the real competition begins. Enough said.

  60. Randy is wrong, it not that people don’t vote, these are young people, the vote for who they like, not the talent.  I will bet that most of the votes are girls, and they are going to vote who is the cutest. The few boys that vote will vote on who is the hottest.

    • i disagree.  maybe people want to vote for someone who will actually be able to write their own lyrics and songs after the show ends instead of someone who will just continue to sing covers on songs written for them by someone else.  we have enough britney spears and teenage pop singers out there already. 

      • Totally agree.  There are better musicians who can write their own songs and have a unique style left in the competition, as well as unique, interesting voices.  The audience chooses who they want to continue to see/hear and who they believe will become a successful star so they could continue to see and hear them.  Give me Phillip or Skylar any day over Jessica.  I also prefer the tone of Hollie’s voice to Jessica’s if I were to vote for someone who is just a “singer of songs” and not a complete musician.

      • excellent point!  the true talents are the singer, songwriter, musicians like phillip, elise, colton

      • Like Jimmy said Elise, Colton and my Phillip they are singers and song writers!!!!! My favorites including Skylar singing with Colton I believe has gotten her some more votes!

      •  I think your user name should get you eliminated from posting on this site.  It is not funny.  And then you want to call someone else a “retard”?  time for you to go dude.

      • I know you’re Filipino since you have posted in our native language elsewhere in this forum, but I recoil at the sight of the odious, contemptible remarks you blithely make about people you hardly know.    For a tool, you’re not the smartest one in the shed.  I apologize for saying that, but your inapt and undeserved disparagement of others is intolerable.  Grow up.

  61. I was very upset by the judges last night!!  They had 6 other contestants on that stage and there they were gushing over Jessica and saying this is the best singer and America vote for Jessica.  I agree with other comments, why didn’t they just say this competition is over and we are giving the title to her?  It was that obvious that they wanted to!  The people vote!!  Not Randy Jackson or Jennifer Lopez deciding!  Come on be professional!

    •  a very narrow point of view- if Joshua was declared as the lowest the same scenario would happen.. so don’t say that they want to announce Jessica to win, if the do that to any other contestant its because its what they feel and believe to be just not because its Jessica.. Think out of the box please…

  62. I think part of Jessica’s problem is going to be that the fanbases of the eliminated contestants are going to vote against her everytime.  Her confidence often comes across as conceited and as though she feels she’s untouchable. Hopefully last night’s near-elimination will knock her down a peg, and perhaps she’ll be able to win over some of the people who are against her based on her attitude and not her voice. 

    • Where has this attitude come from?  She ‘s not my first choice to win this but I don’t understand why people keep saying that she has an attitude.  I have never heard or seen it.  She’s a 16 year kid who has worked hard to get where she is.   Her fellow contestants don’t seem to dislike her.  She definitely doesn’t have Haley’s attitute like last year.
      I just don’t get it!!!!!

      • I agree with you Phyllis. I think her confidence when she sings is awesome! I don’t see that as a bad attitude. I think most of her detractors are just insecure because Jessica is the biggest threat to their idols. They want her out so their fave has more of chance of winning. Without Jessica, anybody from the remaining contestant can win this. Even heejun can win this if he was still in!

  63. I was totally appalled by how the judges acted last night. Sure, they should save Jessica, but getting out of their seats, running up on stage and stopping her song??? How ridiculous is that. As a judge of anything you never reveal who your favorite is….they should all apologize to the remainder of the contestants, and the producers should remind them that they are judges and people have different opinions of what is good and what is bad. Its an opinion that should be respected. All the finalists are very very talented. Let me vote for who I want to win….

      • I know you’re Filipino since you have posted in our native language elsewhere in this forum, but I recoil at the sight of the odious, contemptible remarks you blithely make about people you hardly know.    For a tool, you’re not the smartest one in the shed.  I apologize for saying that, but your inapt and undeserved disparagement of others is intolerable.  Grow up.

      • With all the repulsive remarks and nastiness you spread in this forum, I can’t help but believe that you have very foul, fetid, rank, smelly, stinky breath.  I’m sorry, but I sure am glad I don’t have to speak with you in person.

  64. whatever they say, i think what really happen right now which in-favor to jessica. she truly deserves it even if it is unfair to the other contestants. some would say that its unfair but i believed that its also unfair when her name was called as eliminated. all of the contestants shows their full potential every-time they perform but we have to considered who really shows an exceptional performance, and no question about it its Jessica! i know that you find other contestants  good but you cant deny the fact that jessica is exceptional if we will base it to their performances.

  65. I agree with Ryan Seacrest that it could be a wrong song choice since a lot of people never heard of the song, especially voters.

  66. I understand that the winner of this Show gets some money and more important they (who? Randy???) produce a Song wirh him or her. At least its business and Jessica is the one who is able to sell most in the age group 14-25. In Germany we call it zielgruppe. As Hilfiger said, she has model qualities and a wonderfull voice, that sells. Who want always See a chubby white Country singer. I like Jessica

    • Who wants to see a chuby white country singer? Ever heard of Garth Brooks? He sold a few cd. Okay,let’s take the country part out..who wants to see a chubby white singer..ever heard of Adele? Yeah, I think she has sold a few cds also.

      • Adelle is superb and brilliant and not to mention very talented.. but she started from scratch, just like all the other contestant so why cant you see Jessica being among those who can really make it.. Be fair.. All of them are equally great.. don’t exclude a person just because a Fan of her is in dispute against you..

  67. “complete and utter travesty went down on American Idol 2012,and it was just by the grace of God that the judges were smart enough to keep that “save” handy until someone really deserved it.”


  68. deal with  IT most  of you Americans are racist  ull never let an ASIAN hu is more good than.. your talents … will got it!! 

  69. I am shocked at the behavior of the idol judges last evening.  They insulted the other contestants, behaved like spoiled children because things did not go their way.  I think they have treated Hollie like dirt and American is tired of it.   Jessica is very good but I would not vote for her, I would not purchase any of her music.  I would purchase something from Hollie, that is how I vote.  That being said, music is a matter of taste and I certainly would not allow Randy Jackson or Steven Tyler tell me what I should like.

  70. To whoever it is who monitors this blog…Why do you allow such ridiculous and hateful messages to be posted? You should instantly delete anyone who makes fun of anyone, calls them names, etc. I feel like I am dealing with children on this blog sometimes. Please remove all such post and do not allow anymore. Thank you for having this blog. Most of the time, it is great.

  71. at this point in the competition, america has decided on favs and they will continue to vote for those favs regardless of song choice, pitch problems, judges comments, jimmy’s comments, etc.  last night we found out that jessica is not america’s fav.  doesn’t matter what the judges think

    • jessica is still the fav,  it was all a set up a joke all stagged, a publicity stunt….

  72. I feel the results last night was staged  Jessica’s farewell song was almost automatic she wasnt even asked about what song she will be singing

    • it was all staged, they usually sing the song they sang the night before, but Jessica just got up there and the judges went stupid,  its a disgrace to the american public that vote for the ones  they like.

      • oh and Randy said last night we are suppose to vote for the best, the best singer,  no   what I hear is vote for you favorite american idol
        so thats what we do vote for our favorite

  73. Cannot understand why Holly is not gone yet. That she didn’t end up in the bottom three was a miracle and should not have happened. For Jessica to have to sinf for her life was ridiculous!! I am prying for Jessica, Colton , and Phillip to end up in the top three!

    • Hollie did not go  home because America is tired of the judges showing their preference.  Stand by, because of what the judges did last evening Jessica will probably go home next week.

  74. Randy Jackson just thumbed his nose at the American public AND the rules of the program.  Jessica was fairly voted last but had a chance to be saved.  To save her before she even sang the song shows his total bias.  What if she had screwed up the song?   Also Jennifer screaming out VOTE DEANDRE a few weeks ago wasn’t very objective either.  These judges should play by the rules.  This show belongs to America, not 3 basically has-been judges.

    • You’re wrong there buddy
      Seeing Jessica Joshua and Elise in the bottom 3 is worth using the save. That’s why Steven said it even before the announcement of who’s safe of the 3. And not because they knew already that Jessica’s the one to be eliminated.

      • I think if Elise was the one on the bottom place, they shouldn’t pull out for her! The judges are favoring Jessica and Joshua. It can be seen from the Moon…

      • Well maybe they’re being favored cause they’re the two best technical singers on the show. The judges,….judge, and if they witness a performance that’s great, they reiterate that to us by by their actions and comments, if they feel a performance is not so great, they do the same. We don’t have to agree with their assessments, I have disagreed a number of times, but they voice their opinions on each performance, that’s what they are there for. BUT…what they did thurs night was out of line and I fully disagree with the way they handled the save and what Randy said, that WAS disrespectful to the other contestants. I don’t have issue with their normal wed night critiques, it’s their opinions and we all have ours. We still hold the power, not them.

  75. If Filipino’s are able to cast their vote in American Idol..outside of US,then that will be a sure win for Jessica Sanches..

    • Well, then maybe you should come up with your own show. One that you can actually cast a vote. So..basically, because she is PART filipino is why you are voting for her…and you call any of us that don’t vote for her racist? That makes no sense.

      • it seems the phillipines needs their own show..this happens every time an american with any filipino blood is on the show..and you said it…they call us racists…jessica has a nice voice..but at 16 she is not the best on this show. i would not have put her in the bottom three but if thats the way it goes…the judges should have honored it…but even worse not make fools of themselves and talk down to the audience…jessica is not the best singer in america…that is just insane.  proves these judges are not qualified to be judges…jlo is only an expert on lip syncing and auto tuning…steven is way past his prime…and randy is just a fool. 

      • I am Filipino-American and absolutely irked by the inane display of pettiness by SOME of my fellow Filipinos on this board.  Some remarks have become belligerent and I sincerely hope that such insolence will not cause a blanket labeling of ALL Filipinos and Filipino-Americans as brusque and juvenile.

  76. Most people I am reading aren’t criticizing Jessica, they are angry at the judges.  Not angry because they saved her, no.  Angry with them storming the stage, grabbing the mic and then announcing that JS is one of the best in America-vote for the best!  Well, you know that is disrespectful of the other contestants.  How would you like to have been standing to the side and hearing the judges all but telling you that they like JS better than you?  Hey, some of these people CAN SING whether you think so or not.  The show and the competition must go on.  I have never seen such a display of fanatical favoritism by judges on any show.  Also, I have never seen such fanatical and vitriolic posts as I have by Jessica’s fans on this website.  You are not doing her any favors.

    • oh my good ness I love this comment, its so true, Randy made it sound like the Jessica Sanchez show,  they other young contestants must have felt like really bad. randy was a big jerk and so was J-lo, and Steven is to high to know what he is doing he just follows along

    •  You know what Doug, I think there is no issue between the judges and the 6 other contestants. I believe that those 6 other contestants know Jessica’s talent and abilities. Sure of them that they believe that the save was destined  for Jessica. The people in this blog are the ones who put fire into it. Like us, judges are human too. They are entitled to their freedom to express themselves, besides this is a reality show. Full of drama, suspense etc. Its not easy being the judge to the competition. As they criticize the contestants, they were being criticized too by the viewers, and its hard peeps I believe. One more thing, if we like a certain contestant, better focus on our bet instead of bashing other contestant just to uplift our bets.

      Next week, it’ll be an exciting show for us to watch. All of them are great and very talented.

      Stop arguing with each other peeps as we all share the same goal…..And that’s for our IDOL to win this thing!

    • judges need to be replaced!!!! 

      They should not be payed for such behavior
      Who they think they are?!
      All the other contestants stood there listening Randy jibber and J.Lo squawking in Jessica’s favor…

  77. My favorite is Colton Dixon..he is so versatile and has a strong appeal to his audience..but then,I’am a Filipino..and Jessica a half Filipino,so i’am supporting her all the way..

      • Lets see if Jessica will make her way to the top. I know she will. Besides, after getting the golden save, she must prove to all the viewers, especially the judges, that she really deserves the save and stay in the game. Some people here made their final statement already, that Jessica will not reach the finals. Well I think anything can happen. There is already destined for that American Idol Season 11 title, but nobody knows who is it gonna be…. Just pray, support and vote for Jessica Sanchez all the way to the finals.

      • LOL..the golden save? It’s just the save. This isn’t Willy Wonka and the golden ticket.

    • Okay…really?  I’m Irish. I have no idea if any of the contestants have a drop of Irish blood in them. It wouldn’t matter anyway, I like who I like because of their talent. That is a totally asinine statement. Well, I’m filipino and so is I like her. O…kay.  Now THAT makes total sense. Not.

  78. That’s the one I hated the most. They shouldn’t have rushed to the stage yanking the mic from Jessica. They disrespected the rule that a performer should sing first and they disrespected Jessica herself and the other contestants. However it is not Jessica’s fault.

    Anyways, whatever happened happened. Next week is back to zero. My bet is in no safe zone and she shouldn’t be booted out.

    • they disrespected the other singers, all the others had to sing the whole song.  it was a big joke a big sham all for publicity very sad

      • I’m very sad for Jessica. She got cornered and victimized with everything. 🙁 Nevertheless, she has to stand up from this shocking event whether some people like her or not. She is still the Jessica that I know before the show and right now. 🙂 I’m proud of her. 🙂

  79. its not jess  fault  we all  that shes good right from the start!! i’m asking for your votes.. and lets be happy for the results

  80. its not jess  fault  we all  that shes good right from the start!! i’m asking for your votes.. and lets be happy for the results

  81. The problem is the way the voting is done. EVERYONE believed that Jessica didn’t need their vote because she is SO GOOD. Their vote went to someone else to keep them in.Now the voting should be to who you want to see go. Why can’t we vote against someone? It is more of a true indication as to those we want to keep.

  82. It really sad when a show like American Idol cant even have an honest results show.  It was a publicity stunt to get more viewers and voters. such a sham that they cant put on an honest show for these young adults that are trying hard to get into the music business. 

  83.   I would like to straighten out a fact here, apparently not everybody reads all of the remaining contestants interviews.  I  for one don’t like liars,which is exactly what Sanchez is who, says she’s been performing since she was 7, was on America’s got talent but, never had singing lessons until, she got caught about the record deal.  She was asked a question about stage fright. Response, I don’t, I have been performing since I was 7.  You would sound good too, with all that training behind you!  Unlike Hollie, who only had a year of lessons, which it shows because she has trouble connecting emotionally with the song  but, once she does look out!  I feel bad for Skylar, she puts on a rockin’ performance, has a set of pipes and yet she’s lost in the sauce because the judges have their favorites!     I would like to see their favorites fall back in the  bottom 3 again and have Elise go home, she should have gone long ago!     The problem here is the show should have ended when Simon Cowell left.  These judges have repeatedly, not only offended the contestants, who have worked their hearts out especially, with Lopez & Jackson saying , America’s got it wrong.   They insult all the fans that watch their show.  They get paid millions of dollars to bring in, that they turn off, then they make a big deal to all run up like jack asses, to save Sanchez now insulting, all singers in the U.S.  because hey, she’ the best singer in America, ever!      Really Dawg,  I guess that means since you called it for us all, you can give her the trophy, cash & car and everybody can pack up and go home

    • Sounds like you forgot to take your medication.  

      Stop hating on Jessica.  You do realize you are talking smack about a 16 year old girl.  And I’m not saying this as a Jessica fan, I’m saying this because everyone is going out of their minds.  They are ALL kids.  Stop hating on ANY of them.  They’re all good, all deserve to win, and it really doesn’t matter because they’ll all have contracts to record an album after.  

      The real competition starts when they release their first albums.  Then you can put your money where your mouth is for your favorite.  Or steal from them as most people will do.  Truly sad state of affairs, isn’t it?

      •  I am not reading any posts that are “hating on Jessica”!  Do you know what hate means?  Nobody is saying things about a 16 year old that shouldn’t be said.  If someone doesn’t like her singing and disagrees why is that “hating”?
        The people who don’t like Colton-are they “hating on Colton”?  Or hating on Elise if they don’t like Elise? 

      • l_oshea was not hating on Jess, she was not name calling or anything just to be derogatory….she way stating her opinion and some facts, which were just not about Jess. This this the problem with you JessPushers, if people don’t think Jess should be AI, you call them haters. STOP IT you are destroying Jess’s chances by turning many people off to her, including me. Jess was my fav until you Pushers hit the street. When you shove something/someone down people’s throat, you know usually happens…they puke all over you…get it.

  84. Wait I’m confused. If they saved Jessica does that mean there will be two eliminations next week??? Please respond I’m really confused

  85. AI followers are now dominated by teenage girls. So I am not surprise if Colton or Philips win. Gone are the days where the best of the best win… So sad

  86. I think many thought Jessica would be safe so put their votes on others they loved and wanted to be sure stayed in also. Lots of comments in favor of Hollie, especially because of the negative comments she received from the judges. If they want America to vote fairly, they need to remain unbiased until after America has voted.

  87. jessica is good but just good she is young and needs more singing lessons…she has to stop the screaming in her singing we already know you have a powerful voice jess just tone it down so we can enjoy the real sound of it. joshua sounds more suited to sing gospel…philip and colton ya got to pick better songs…hollie bless her needs a few more lessons…skylar sounds like a generic reba…needs to find her own niche…elise well im not a fan of her singing too gravely..anything can happen tho

  88. Randy should not tell us how to vote. If I could vote to kick him off the judges table I would. Those 16 year olds have better command of the English language than he does. I vote to kick Randy off the Judges table and maybe he should grow up.

  89. So our votes are wrong? Well, maybe she is talented and impressive for one so young but…she does not appeal to me. I thought the top three was dead on with the exception, huge exception, of ElIse Testone. Technical perfection does not a star make ( no offense to a few of the judges who would not be on that panel if that were the case!!!)

    I am offended that Randy stood there and called her the “best”. Obviusly a few of us disagree and those comments are sure to sway the vote. If they chose to save her, so be it. A judges save is highly understandable after the Daughtry debacle but do not stand there and anounce that the non music layman voter is “wrong”. Pretty sure we are the ones buying the tunes. Oh, and by the way Randy? We are also the ones watching the show, keeping up the ratings and keeping you gainfully employed. A little credit where credit os due please.

    • I agree~ Randy did was wrong, wrong words~ but let me just make it clear~, Randy said “ONE of the best”.. He could also pertain to other contestant they’re one of the best, we never know~ 🙂 Judges  are human, they may have said that bec. they just got carried out with the feeling especially when the one to be eliminated impress them every wk. For me, any of the contestant left are great singers, best batch in AI. they’re one of the best~ 🙂 

  90. Jennifer Hudson has been a guest performer on American Idol three times. EACH of those three times that she was at the show, the judges used the save. 
    Jessica became the first girl to be saved by the judges.  The save has always been used by Top 7 week.

  91. Poor Jessica… She doesn’t know what’s happenin when the judges yanked the mic from her. It was like she’s lost out of the chaos that was happenin round her. The gurl just wanna sing. The judges used their Save. So wot the hell is wrong with all you people? So what if Randy said she’s the best singer in America? You guys are entitled to have your own opinion and so are the judges. So why dont you just get over it and just enjoy the show and watch?!? This is HOLLYWOOD! The whole thing is a show! A Reality show… Ever seen The Hunger Games?!? LOL Where you need to pretend and stuff to get people outside the game helping you out?!? LOL Its like that. EVERYTHING WAS STAGED. =)

  92. I truly believe the voters were sending a message to the judges for showing favoritism to their obvious picks and their mistreatment of others! What’s up with not giving the number of votes this year? Is votes down? The judges running up on stage was totally unprofessional, sent the wrong message to the other contestants, and to the voters. The master minds behind this show need to gain control or they will lose creditability! I truly love this show, but I feel it is going down hill. So sad!

  93. Last nights show was A fake. Jessica Sanchez was at the bottom tier because she is a ONE DIMENSIONAL SINGER. The show just go cheapen by dupping the American audience to sell hook more viewers on this cheap advertising prank…She is not a number one singer.

  94. This is the classic case of the best singer in the competition being believed to be safe so people waste their votes on their 2nd or 3rd favorites because the “show” is more than one person. I am guilty of this in the past but no longer do this. After a flawless performance each week she was expected to be the top. Also you have to factor in the “Teenie-Bopper” effect. How many girls out there visualize themselves “as” or “with” the white/black/christian/other bias singer. She is a Phil-Am which puts her in a hard place as one of the smallest minorities in the country. She is already a stunning beauty at her age and certain to have a great sense of style throughout her life. 
    This young starlet is one of the most refined, professional, talented ladies to ever get up on that stage. But she hasn’t been given the same “special treatment” in terms of the mid-show highlights, blurbs, etc for what ever reasons.
    She more than any of the others deserves to win this with her consistency and professionalism beyond her raw talent. All of the professionals can see this and there’s a reason. She’s GOT IT. The Voice, The humility, The poise, everything.. She isn’t pandering to any audiences.. she isn’t begging for votes, she’s just doing what she loves to do.. sing… and that she can do like none of the rest in this season. They are all talented in their respective categories but cannot hold a candle to her in terms of total potential. Mark my words she will be the biggest Diva of her generation. Her contractual future is assured. My entire family comes from a studio music background and she is the one that has impressed all of them. 

    • It’s very true what you said, but again she doesn’t have any appeal. She is like a robot….

  95. l cant imagine jessica being on the bottom 3…let alone being eliminated…what really happened here ?…..was america voting for their favorites with looks or ethnicity,,,help me out here…..

  96. For those who always believe in Jessica’s talent, keep on voting as much as you can for  Jessica. Remember AI is not only finding the best but also the best vote-getters.

  97. Did anyone else think that Steven Tyler looked terrible last night? He is the reason I watch the show, but man he needs to look in the mirror before he come out on stage.

  98. Yes, go away …you are a complete waste of time…Your comments have been biased, and stupid…Good Riddance..

      • Racism is still part of american life…have you’ve seen Anderson Cooper tackle that on CNN. A six year old black girl knows it and experienced it.
        Wether we all like it or not there still a part of racism even on these kind of shows and we all know it by heart. Let say if Jessica is a typical blue-eyed blonde all american girl…i guess it would be a different story. Please spare me the “no racism happenin’ here” because it was right there between posts who dislike her.

  99. Enough JessPushers….

    am begging all normal people to put an end to the JessPushers by
    pulling the plug on Jess this next week, please vote for everyone but
    Jess. Everyone should be allow to vote for who they want to and like who
    they want to without all the of the JessPushers pushing Jess down our
    throats, so please let’s end it this week. No Votes for Jess next week
    so we can enjoy the remaining weeks in peace. Don’t feel guilty about
    it, there no question she will get a recording contract and if she is so
    great, she will be on the top of the charts even if she doesn’t win AI.You JessPushers will regret what you have done because you are losing it for her, she was my fav, thanks for ruining for her.

    • Haters are always haters don’t mind them avoid giving some attentions to their comments,otherwise laughing at your back is the thing they likely most.
      Just focus on what you can share to idol you bet ok?Haters are everywhere in a competition ok”needed someone to be their victim.

      • Interesting that you think people who disagree with you are haters. James is right the negative, pushy comments on here are almost all from Jess fans. It seems the Jess fans are haters of anyone who isn’t a Jess fan.

    • You’re doing something similar to what you accuse the so-called Jess Pushers of doing, by calling on everyone to vote for everyone except Jessica.  Why not just ask people to vote for who they like the best? I find it hard to believe that she was once your favorite and that now you don’t like her because of the fans. That is very immature. You probably liked somebody else from the start.

  100. poor jessica…
    there are people who hate jessica since she was 16 years old ….it’s gonna be hard for him in the future….she  should be stronger like justin bieber did…  and i think , jessica has to go home before it become worst……

  101. Well Randy , perhaps it’t time for judges to be replaced! 
    What you said yesterday is not o.k.! Jessica has very good voice, but she IS NOT best voice in America ever-like you said!It is not correct against other competitors to protect her so openly. You have your opinion, it is your right, but you have to be neutral because of the others.
    By my opinion, Jessica is good voice without anything else. She has no individuality, attitude of her own or recognition.
    And yes, there is a lot of voices like Jessica’s, so she is bored. Sorry for you the judges, but America seem to have opinion similar to mine…
    P.S.The same I think about Joshua

  102. jessica’s boring…..she has a good voice..but that does not enough….and she does not have a skills to connect with audience, she can’t playing any instrument…that’s mean she’s does not have a skills to wrote a songs….and she’s not talented….
    so…it’s time to go home, jessica

  103. What the hell is going one with the judjes these days ! They said that philip philips must be in the bottom 3 but they are rong!
    And just one last thing i think everything is fake!

  104. I will try to make this as civil as possible….I am a proud Canadian watching your show and I’m wondering what you (American Public) are thinking.  It would appear that you would rather vote for a dude with spiky blonde patched hair because he has anice smile rather on pure talent.  Here you have Jessica Sanchez.  You have Beyonce/Mariah Carey/Jennifer Hudson all rolled up into one amazing and talented package…and now…the American Public….you want to get rid of her?  America….this makes “NO” sense. What are you thinking?  So…I ask you….the American Public…..we Canadians would like to know on what criteria you base your voting on?  In Canada, we base it on Talent.  How do you people do it?  If what I say starts a war, then so be it.  Regardless of what I say….America wants Jessica Sanchez “GONE”……that is a very disappointing train of thought coming from our American neighbors.  So sad……..

    • @e2dc8e4eacc97634381d281a0181b906:disqus We base it on charisma, vocal ability, emotional connection to the music, and star power.  Jessica has vocal ability and the train stops there because it ran out of track.  Jessica is a child programmed by a stage parent to perform like a trick pony.   She is obediently going through her paces, as taught, for approval.  There is no heart in what she does.  She says it’s what she wants because years of indoctrination have convinced her it’s what she wants.  

      •  I do not believe that a singer as talented as Jessica would be singing like that if she didn’t have the heart and soul for it. You base it some of the points you named? Let’s tick them off one by one:

        charisma – when she sang that “I Will always love you”by whitney houston, she hit like more than a million viewers and as Steven Tyler said, “you just made 40 million people cry’ he, being one of them. If that isn’t charisma, then I don’t know what is.

        Vocal ability  – oh yes she has that no doubt. ‘Nuff said.

        emotional connection to the music – listen and watch “Everybody has a dream” and see and feel her connection to the music and even the lyrics…it was like the song was made for her and even Diddy said ‘Now I believe you,”…so what’s not to connect there?

        Star Power – have you ever seen her falter in any of  her performances? She was the only one who delivered great performances consistently (undeniable even if you ask Jimmy)  from all the contestants and she delivers it with confidence and style and she enjoys it. Now what’s not to like about that?

        I believe you when you said it’s based on these things. But what I don’t believe is that Jessica only has one of them. She has all of these. Now it just really boils down to who a person wants to win despite these things or these ‘categories’ where you base your judging on. It’s not really the style or the technicality or the mumbo jumbo of everything; rather in the end it’s all about what you really want and not what it really is.

      • @265f3d9b988f5049f2cf3278699bc548:disqus It isn’t just my opinion.  All over the Idol blogs are people saying she does not connect emotionally to the music or the audience.  These comment are generally followed by a rash of rabid filipino insults from Jessica supporters.  What I gather from this is that most of the American viewers are over her.

      • To Piers…Do you really think that Jessica is the only one being “programmed” for a show like this.  Their “ALL” groomed for this type of talent show.  As for running out of “Track”…..track is being laid down as we speak.  Even if she is asked to leave…there will be aline up of Record companies waiting to sign her.  As for her age…age has nothing to do with with anything.  One of our own canadian talents, and you may recall…or maybe not a Filipio girl by the name of Maria Aragon who was make famous on YouTube for singing Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”.  That girl was 10 years old…she is now 11 and was signed to a record deal to do a minimum 2 records.

        Everyone on AI performs like a “Trick Pony”….they really are no different than those stupid beauty contests that you see.  Sorry to those who like watching beauty contests…..

        As for going through the paces…I disagree with that.  Someone once said…..”A Person Does Not Choose The Profession…….The Profession Chooses The Person”.  If you were a gifted “Heart Surgeon” then it was meant to be.

        Ind if by chance this becomes an issue of “Race”…then I need to remind everyone of a lady by the name of Lea Salonga.  She is the worlds most talent Filipino singer in the world…..She was the sining voice for “MULAN”…”Little Mermaid”…and Jasmin in the first “Aladdin” movie.

        So I ask you Piers….”Does Jessica Sanchez not deserve this chance”?

        As for “raven calle” comments below….”BRAVO” !!

      • @e2dc8e4eacc97634381d281a0181b906:disqus She has been programmed all of her life.  Her mother has had her competing since she was a child, entered her in America’s Got Talent when she was 10 or 11.  That is stage parenting.  Let the argument rest and return here next year at this time and see where she is then.

      •  I would agree that there are others who share your opinion and I was referring to “all those who think that way’ with the ‘you’ in general. There will always be people who would say a singer does not connect to the music or s/he has no heart at what s/he does. People also say that Hollie or Philip do not have the heart and soul when they sing and some fans lash out negative and even insulting comments towards those who say these things, not just Filipinos, and mind you, some are even more venomous than what they put, and these are from fellow Americans.

        Like I said, it all boils down to what we really want. For my viewpoint, I would want someone with a great vocal capability coupled with a powerful stage presence and versatility (meaning s/he can sing any song beautifully) plus charm and confidence in performing to win this competition; hence my choices would be either Jessica, Skylar, Elise or Joshua because this is what I want; others however, like you, would want something else, a modified list maybe.  It would be unfair to conclude that Most Americans are over a contestant just because you read some comments on different blogs stating that; whereas if we take into consideration the other comments from the same blogs that say otherwise, then we cannot conclude that Most Americans still like a contestant?

    • TOo bad for this girl .. AI  is for true blooded AMERICANS .. for FIL-AM . RACE IS THE ISSUE IN HERE!

  105. In my opinion is that your automated phone votes are not working.. I cannot believe in a million years that Jessica would have lower votes than Hollie or Skylar.. Although she might be eliminated soon, the other two should be gone.. Too many ups and downs for Hollie and Skylar is way too country.. She should have tried out for the voice or the country channel..

    • you’re right and the last performance of skylar it’s like i’m listening to kelly pickler and she didn’t put any effort to make it her own version and for hollie i have to admit that she has this big voice but lacks versatily and if she’s really good like others are saying well i want to see her do a rap song like jessica did on “turn the beat around” let’s see if she can sing fast songs like that

    • American Idol has had two winners that were country. Why should Skylar have to go somewhere else and try out? That’s like saying Jessica should go to Diva school.  Asinine.

  106. I was sorry to see the judges drama over what seemed to be Jessica’s inability to sing for a “save” as is required on the show–for everybody but her. I wonder how the other contestants feel. Jessica has been recorded by spin records twice and has sung at events etc. She is already making her way and doesn’t need American Idol. Lets give the others a chance and help them. Especially, help Holly. She needs to know how to connect with the audience and you can help her with that. In five weeks time she could win. And I bet she could get through a final song under pressure. Thanks.

  107. Who do those judges think they are? They are not always right! Their views are not the only ones that count. They  wanted to make the top group look bad, they were so clear that they did not think  the ones in the bottom 3 should be there. Their comments really irritated me. Give praise to the ones who were in the in the top group, they deserve it, and America voted for them.

  108.  JW and James same person with different account . This guy is  just worried, insecure and about to be  mad  that Jessica might take the title.

  109. I do not think that last week’s elimination was handled appropriately or professionally. America voted and the last contestant should have had to sing for her life to have the opportunity to be saved by the judges. It was rude to the other contestants and to the people who voted to run up on the stage the way they did.
    We have been fans of the show ever since it started but we are very disappointed in it now. America will vote again next week and that is what this show is all about. Who is an American Idol…..

  110.  I would agree on the part that the
    judges overdid that thing on the stage with jessica. they could have
    simply just said “We don’t believe you need to go home. You’re safe.”
    and everyone would have understood. But maybe it was also a wake up call
    to everyone, even to Jessica’s followers that no one is really ‘safe’
    up until its over, or there’s just two of them left. I would strongly
    agree that it’s too early to let her go home just because the pretty
    boys are in danger of getting the boot since the list grows short. Let’s
    face it..Jessica IS a really talented performer…we have seen her do
    songs that is beyond her and even out of her style but still, like a
    real pro, she delivered great and with confidence, not because she’s
    arrogant as some would like to put it; rather, she’s confident that she
    can give justice to the song because she pushes herself to and that it
    would honor the composer to sing it with heart and soul which she does
    without fail. So yes, the save was wisely used and placed. It’s also
    probably a point that the judges and the producers wanted to stress…that
    it’s time to ‘vote’ for the real talents and make them shine…not those
    who just shine for some other reason and still need the talents to be put into them…
    Just my two cents worth.


  111. I do not understand why so many people are shocked that Jessica was in the bottome three. I admit she has the best voice of all that remain, without question. But most, if not all the other performers are better performers than Jessica. Some people can not see the differance between a great voice and a great performance. And I guess that that is why they are so shocked that Jessica was in the bottom 3. 

  112. Even though in my viepoint Jessica has the best voice of all that remain, I doubt she will come close to being in the finale. And it has nothing to do with racism, as some people claim. I say this for two reasons:

    1- As great a singer as Jessica is, she is not a great performer. And because of that I and apparently a lot of other people seldom feel a connection to her performance.

    2- But the biggest reason of all she will not be in the finale is because Jessica is not a cute, young boy. And cute, young boys are the ones that most all the pre-teen girls vote for. And those pre-teen girl are the ones who vote 1000 time a night. And because of those pre-teen girl voters I highly suspect we will have mid level talants like Phillip and Colton facing off in the finale.

    • Interesting comment “Foxstar”….however…..allow me to make the following comment:

      1)  If you are looking for a “Britney Spears” type of performance from Jassica… may not get your wish…..However…..

      2)  If you are looking for a “Mariah Carey/Jennifer Hudson/Whitney Houston ” type performance…..then your wish has come true.

      As for Racism….Since American Idol has been on TV… many Asian Singers have won this completion? Let’s have a look:

      1) Kelly Clarkson (Caucasian)2) Ruben Studdard (Afican American)3) Fantasia Barrino (Afican American)4) Carrie Underwood (Caucasian)5) Taylor Hicks (Caucasian)6) Jordin Sparks (Caucasian)7) David Cook (Caucasian)8) Kris Allen (Caucasian)9) Lee DeWyze (Caucasian)10) Scotty McCreery (Caucasian)

      I don’t see any Asians……Do You?.  Also, if you think that you have to have a cute and/or pretty face to win……have a look at Ruben Studdard.

      In all fairness to the comments made by “Foxstar”…yes…sometime a pretty face sells records……Just look at Canada’s own…yes….our Justin Bieber….his face sells recods….that’s a given…..but he cannot sing worth a crap…….

      Either way, Jessica Sanchez comes out more successful then the rest of them.

    •  Like what was said before,

      “What are we really voting for, America? ”  =)

  113. well IM really sick of hearing of nothing but how great jessica is.  She has yet to have one negative thing said to her and the way the judges ran on stage is like send all other contestants home cause we already have made jessica the next american idol.  Show is not fun to watch when seems no one can sing but jessica (oh and josh)

    •  I’d like to shed light to this thought…

      It seems that all people do is to lambast a contestant because she is most talked about in forums…good or bad, they seem to say something about her and that she is ‘great’ ‘perfect’ ‘unbelievable’, etc…But we also have to note that judges have also said these same things to the other contestants as well, like Colton, Elise, Skylar and Joshua and others lambast them as well. Seems to me that there will always be comments like these and depending on how we take them, it will always be this way in any forum for that matter, as long as the contest is still hot. What the judges are probably looking for is consistency..and so far only one person is able to to that (watch all episodes for reference) so if  you were a judge, wouldn’t you say those ‘good things’ as well? It’s not because they are biased, but what else can you say to someone who sings consistently well?

  114. I think that some of the problem is that Jessica is trying too hard to please the judges.  She is dressing too adult-like and crass-like, and it is not flattering.  She is singing different types of songs instead of the beautiful ones she sang earlier and that showed off her beauty of person and voice.  She is trying too hard to be like the judges — cheap, gaudy, immodest, and maybe the problem is the judges. 

    Last season the judges wanted candidates other than Scotty to win, but they did not.  The public has the vote, and maybe the contestants should try harder to please them.  Some of the contestants aren’t even singing, and the melody gets lost with all their vocal gyrations.  I am a singer, and a former singing teacher, and I even got paid to sing in the past.  The music should be enjoyable, and the singers should look nice and the music be beautiful.  In their zeal to please the judges some are becoming worse, and the voters are liking them less.  Maybe some of the problem is that the judges are somewhat crass and worldly and too sexy and immodest themselves.  Maybe the public has it right, and if they have the vote the contestants should strive for beauty instead of trendy clothes and beautiful music.  That is what we want, not vocal gymnastics.  A big beautiful voice is a thing of beauty, and in my opinion Holly has that, but the judges don’t like her.  Maybe the judges are wrong?   All those vocal gymnastics might be flashy but they aren’t necessarily good for listening.  And all the “over the top” backgrounds and fire and  and and gets tiresome, when all I want is good singing and good listening, a melody and some feeling. 

    Maybe the contestants are being pushed too hard into an unattractive mold, and the public is rebelling.  I do not like the choices of who they bring back to the show.  I noted that one of their favorites (judges) performed last time and I never did like him at all and he got voted off.  The Judges and the public have a disconnect, and I think the public is right!!!

    •  “The mob is fickle’ they say…and somehow this is true.

      I do not believe that judges have a hundred percent vote on what should be the outcome of any show. But while I agree with the fact that the public has to have a say in these things as well, it is also good to note that the public can also be fickle and unreasonable at times. What may appeal to them at one time can be horrendous the next. There’s no telling or predicting what the public would really want to think of next and it can be Colton who will win or Philip or Elise or Hollie if we base it solely on the public’s vote, meaning anyone can win at this point.

      The judges role however is to give light or direction to the public’s choice since they also have a part to play in all these. We may hate them for showing who they like in any manner they deem possible, blame them for indirectly insulting the other contestants’ feelings and the like, but then in the end it all boils down to them being there to critique what is good and what is bad in a singer because they know better than the general public; they live and breathe it, have become successful in it and not just them but also those who they invite as guest coaches- they all say the same thing, that this contestant is that and this, what is hot and what is not. It’s not because they don’t like the singer but because they’re not convinced that s/he is just limited to that. They don’t praise because they cannot say ‘you’re good’ but in reality ‘you’re not’ and that would really be biased.

      The public has always been rebellious in all aspects, especially if things are not going the way they want. The judges will always be in contrast and conflict with the public because they will always judge based on fact (or sometimes with a dose of personal preference) while the public may or may not be swayed by personal preferences, get blinded by other factors that whet their appetite for a good show and judge according to what they want, and not really what it should be. A lot of people will like Hollie, for example, because she sings pretty and is pretty. But judges will say that she can do better not because they don’t like her, but because she CAN do better and it’s really up to her if she can take up that challenge or not and it’s up to us to really see if she really can, for example. We can vote and like her if she can rise up to the challenge, or simply just vote her because we like her, whether she can do it or not. So the real question is: “What are we really voting for, America?”

  115. America got it right. It was the over pimping by the judges that was Jessica’s down fall. This girl, who has lived her life on the reality TV circuit, from America’s Got Talent to America Idol is far from the total package. She has a boring personality and is so robotic and rehearsed. It did not help at all when the judges stormed on to the stage and Randy lecturing America that they got it wrong. This is we miss Simon Cowell. The 3 puppets sit as judges say the same thing the first judge says. They have no skill to judge on their own.
    One word tho Jessica, if you got voted out at this stage there is no chance for you. Suggest you walk out on your own gracefully.
    For the 3 judges, if you want to make her the winner do not waste our time just give her the tittle and finish it off. Call it 3 judges Idol and not American Idol. You 3 are not America, there are Millions of others any the find 3 got to the bottom 3 so boring to watch & listen.

  116. When the judges quit doing standing ovatiins for Joshua, America will take their vote serious. He is not that good compared to the others. Seriously.

  117. not a hater but sorry jessica is not the best ppl aint connecting to her style we dont even know who she is an artist and her save song wasnt worth the save sorry not been cruel but that song was just awful colton who said he was boring least he writes songs plays instruments and thats what true talents about not just been able to sing hollies good this week she stepped up her game and i liked her more than jess but the best singer is joshua judges have said b4 he had best voice who they gonna pick next week huh

  118. TMZ REPORTED 5-16-2012

    AI producers knew Jess got lowest votes and informed the judges prior to the show and encouraged them to use their save

  119. Vote for Holly  – or let the judges screen and pick their choice and forget the call in voting.  What a farce to declare Jessica the best as the rest of the contestants have to listen with a smile.  I agree with Randy and Jlo them jumping on the stage and grabbing the mike from Jessica was “ridiculous”

  120. even if Jessica will be eliminated this week, I can say that she is still the best among the rest….

  121. I have been a HUGE fan of Idol since Season One. Tonight I feel Idol id Rigged. JLos comments votes dont matter, the press that said Idol bigwigs pressures judges to use save. DO AWAY WITH THE JUDGES SAVE! VOTES MATTER JENNIFER, STEVEN AND RANDY. Its American Idol not Judges Save Idol. When Nosh is sent packing you cant save him now. Please,do away with this save stuff. Thank you! Jeffrey Roche

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