Watch The American Idol 2012 Top 7 Performances

American Idol 2012 top 7 - Colton Dixon

Watch the American Idol 2012 Top 7 performances all over again right now while we wait for your votes to be tallied and the lights to be dimmed for the next reveal of American Idol results tonight.

Download the iTunes studio performances from American Idol 2012 Top 7

The finalists took on songs from “this decade” last night and the praise was mostly high for the remaining seven singers. You can relive each of their performances in the videos below and then be sure to vote for who you thought was the best in this week’s poll. Branden has also shared his Top 7 recap and grading for each of the singers so give that a read and share your thoughts.

Skylar Laine – “Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You”

Colton Dixon – “Love the Way You Lie”

Jessica Sanchez – “Stuttering”

Joshua Ledet – “Runaway Baby”

Hollie Cavanagh – “Perfect”

Phillip Phillips – “Give A Little More”

Elise Testone – “You and I”

Now that you’ve seen them all, who was the best this week on American Idol 2012?




  1. I do believe Joshua did not deserve the lone standing ovation…a couple of contestants actually were better…The judges are getting biased already by pushing too much on Joshua to be on top…

  2. I love Colton, Jessica & Elise’s performance!
    I hope Hollie wont go tonight, the judges are harsh towards her, and Joshua didnt deserved the SO. The judges are pushing him to the top and they’re bias!

  3. This is insane… I just found myself always hitting that replay button on Jessica’s Stuttering studio version. I just love this song especially that part where the back-up singers whispered JESSICA in the chorus. Did you here that people? ^^

    I like Elise’s You and I also. A little about Phil’s song but hey, I like the three of them anyway!

    • Why do you think so?
      She’s amazing, has nice smoky crunchy voice and great singer!!
      I like her interpretation in every song she sings and put her style in it

    • I would like to see some diversity in her approach. She plays it safe every week but becomes boring and bland. She needs to do radio ga ga by queen or some other rock anthem to convince me she is more than just a choir girl. She hasn’t done it yet!! Take a chance like the girl who covered led zepplin. That was one of the best ever on ai.

      • Although i’m a big jessica fan, i’m thinking the same way way too. Im guessing that her game plan is not to perform power ballads (since she already captured the hearts of most viewers) until the finals where she will surprise again the judges with a killer power ballad.

  4. by single performances: 
    #1: Jessica #2: Joshua #3: Elise #4: Skylar #5: Colton #6: Hollie #7: Phillip

    by duets: 
    #1: Skylar&Colton #2: Jessica,Hollie&Joshua #3: Elise&Philip

  5. it is soooooo coollll if you play all performances at the same time!!!
    it’s sound so awesomeeeee!!!

  6.  The only performance I have really liked from JSan is “prayer” from vegas week. Since then  I haven’t really been a fan. although she’s technically good, but I guess I don’t like the songs she’s choosing or the style. I hated stutering. I wasn’t really connecting. I think Jessica, although she’s young , she is some ways the most experienced performer. She’s so popular in the polls that I think she’s going to win AI this year.
    Elise though, I loved her a lot. She’s amazing. P2 is becoming boring. Joshua has had some stellar performances, but he sometimes is a bit screeching. Colton annoys me somehow. Hated this last performance. Skyler has this amazing storyteller ability and I love her energy. But this weeks performance was forgettable. I think she might be in danger along with Hollie.
    Hollie just isn’t good enough performer and she has made some bad song choises as well. I love, love, love Hollie’s voice, but at this point she hasn’t really delivered. She needs more experience and time to grow, which there isn’t. I really hope she could get a record deal though, because with good material and more time to practise songs and performances I think she has the ability to make something special.
    At this point, I really don’t have any one contestant that I hate though, which hasn’t been the case most of the other seasons.

  7. why judges always stand to JOSHUA not JESSICA?
    even hollie judges do strong criticisms to her

  8. How does jessica afford those expensive a** shoes….i used to like this kid but every week she is less likable…hollie needs to go…..elise needs to go with her….elise needs to loose the damn headband….its cutting off her oxygen….jacob lusk uuuuuuuggghhhh i mean joshua …im sick of your emotions and move on from gospel….you are beginning to sound fake….phillip phillips… you dont have to touch your fans….and we dont have to buy your albums…to cocky……..colton….i expect you to rock put on a show sinve you remind me of james and adam…then im disappointed…..its the hair 🙁 hollie….losse your goody two shoes attitude….go home …….skylar o skylar i try not to like you since your mom did the interview with the hometown newspaper and told you went to hpllywood…..before the show aired…. that ruined the entire season for me… trying unsuccessfully to dislike you…
    What this adds up to be is a boring season with jessica s and her designer shoes winning…..maybe disney will sign her

  9. I am a fan of American Idol from Indonesia. I think Elise and Jessica are amazing!!! Great talent every year in America!! Superbb!!
    I hope Elise and Jessica will go far..

  10. Colton’s performance is definitely the best of the night. I rank them in this order:


    Just my opinion.

    • Hi Taymaro,

      Notice the pattern yet, observe my friend because it has started already.  Pretty much you can guess who are they after this time.

      just saying……………………………………….

  11. Lot of great performances but I gotta say Elise Hollie and cotton stand out most. Phillip did great also. And Jessica was good but she could of chose a better song or maybe she needed to put her heart into it more I just didn’t believe her.

  12. Hollie is still my favorite, and in my opinion Her and Elise have consistently put out the best recordings.  I have not listened to last night’s itunes recordings yet, but I’m sure they will still be my favorite. Skylar also has great recordings.

    I’ve always liked Philip, but I’m getting bored with his performances.

    Colton did his best last night, but I still cannot stand the way he pronounces his words.  He is very nasal when he sings.

    Jessica did one of her best last night as well.  I still feel like everything she does is very stage school, from how she holds her mic to how she moves.  It all seems right and natural, but very copycat of 90’s female singers.  It doesn’t seem current to me.  You cannot deny her amazing voice though.  Please do not hate on me, because I still think she is amazing!  I just prefer Hollie, and I have loved her since last season.

    I completely disagree with the standing ovation for Joshua.  It was not that good, and there were some bad notes in the song.  I just do not get the judges at all!!!  Joshua is a great singer, but I think he is getting unfair/bias praise from the judges.

    Skylar, to me, has been the biggest surprise in this competition.  She has been consistently great.

    Elise has had her ups and downs, but like I said before, she has an amazing studio voice. 

    Now…my favorite…Hollie…
    …I thik she will be going home tonight, because of the judges critique.  I know I am not the only person who feels like she is getting unfair criticism.  Even if she is not your favorite on the show, you have to agree that they are being extra harsh on her.  Her performance and vocal were not the worst of the night at all!!!  I know I would buy her album!

    According to dial idol, the contestants definitely safe were Joshua, Skylar and Philip.  Now, I know dialidol is not as accurate as they use to be because of the increase in texting…but they are usually right about who they think are definitely safe.

    That leaves Hollie, Jessica, Colton and Elise.  Hollie actully had the highest number out of these four, but I don’t think that means anything, despite my 2,000 texts for her within those two hours.

    My predicted bottom 3 after looking at dialidol is: Hollie, Colton and Elise…with Hollie going home.  🙁

    • I liked Hollie, but I think it’s not because of the judges critiques that will make her bottom 3 again.  Judges can do SO everynight and gave praises but it is up to the voters and fan.  Like Deandre and Hee JUn both have So before they were let go. I believe this competition is up to the idols themselves to convinced that they are the next “American Idol”.

  13. I don’t understand the Hollie hate the judges threw last night. She has a great voice and unlike Jes, I can understand the words she is saying. I don’t think she is going to win the whole thing, but it would be premature to send her home now. She takes what the judges and Jimmy say every week and corrects those things on her next performance. Isn’t that the point, to show growth & coachability weekly? Even JLo said a week or two ago that she can tell Hollie is listening and doing everything they say, but then she contradicted herself by saying that she needs to go on stage and forget what people say. I get the metaphor there, but it didn’t apply- you want her to forget to connect, correct her pitch, etc… No.

    Then last night steven’s comment of ‘at least you look good’ was reprehensible. Her face looked crushed. All I’m saying is that they are giving her the Hailey Reinhart treatment and it is uncalled for. I hope her fans were upset enough to keep her from going home. But maybe she is better off without idol and the ridiculous judges (read: JLo).

    • I completely agree with you JocelynG!!  She is getting the Haley treatment!  Haley was consistently great last season and just kept getting the bad reviews.  My only hope is that Hollie can keep squeezing by like Haley and at least make it to the final 3.  Hollie deserves it.

    • Tyler has been disgusting with his comments to young female contestants and, if I had been Shannon’s father, in the auditions, I may have been up on charges for A&B on Tyler.

      His history is full of issues with young girls and he is, frankly, a letching, dirty old man. Before Hollie took the stage, I said he would not have a good thing to say about her but was wrong because the only thing he did say was he liked her dress.

      I know he is popular with the ladies but he disgusts me.   

    • Jessica and Hollie are good students, coachable but I totally agree with the judges this time~
      Jessica did follow advices and yet when she performs you’ll not see a bit of being the student she was, it feels like she had done it all by herself, maturity, everytime~
      Hollie, on the other hand, seems to be aware of her movements, tones, and etc…when she performs and it feels like she’s really afraid of committing mistakes.

      This is as far as I see it, sorry. 
      AndI love them both, Hollie and Jessica and would love to see them both in finale.
      Judges this season are simply not doing well over-all, I guess~ 🙂

  14. I love that Hollie picked this song to sing! It describes her feeling on the judges and the competition. When you have Steven out of all people to say they didn’t like your performance, something is up, its either A) The performance was really bad or B) It’s unfair criticism. I personally think its B).. I also feel like she isn’t being mentored well enough, with a great
    mentor I can see her giving power bomb performances, standing O
    performances. She doesn’t deserve to go just yet, she isn’t the worst in the competition.. its clearly Phillip who sounds like he’s straining for air or he’s constipated. 

  15. Here is how I rated the performances last night and my comments on the “judging” especially Tyler.

    Skylar: She has improved her performances and appearance more than most of the final 7 and I enjoyed her performance last night, although I don’t think it quite deserved an “A” I give her that for the week by week improvement and a (B+) for last night.

    Colton: That was one of his better performances but I do not like the nasally and almost whiny sound of his voice. I have listened to all his recordings and he really does “sing” through his nose. For that reason, I give him a (B) but know that the young teens will make him safe and probably take him into the top 3, if not the final.

    Jessica: Her voice and phrasing is amazing for one so young and I don’t understand the people on here who criticize her so much. Oh! that any of us could sing that way, irrespective of age. I give her an (A-) for last night.

    Joshua: Great to see him “dirty” it up a bit and get away from the overwhelming power stuff but it was good, not great and, as for the only standing “O” of the night – really??

    By the way, did anyone else notice who prompted the SO? Randy; who clearly started standing on his own and tapped JLo to join him who was then followed by a seemingly reluctant Steve Tyler. Jackson two weeks ago stopped JLo from giving JS a standing “O” so is he the modern day General Jackson?? As for Joshua, I give him a (B) for his performance.

    Hollie: I enjoyed her performance and wish she could overcome her stage fright and show us the playful, fun young lady she obviously is as we have seen in the shots of her off-stage. She has a terrific voice and needs some mentoring on her use of the stage and connection with the audience. That will come with time. Before she took the stage, I said that Tyler would not say anything good about her and, boy, was I proven correct. His comments about Hollie in the past 3-4 weeks have become worse and last night was totally disgusting. JLo complimented her but looked as if she was sucking a lemon when she said it and Jackson said she was better than last week.

    I think she has taken such a hammering from the judges that no matter how good she sounds in rehearsals, she is scared of the judges. If she gets through this week, I think she needs to sing over them and to the audience and give them a metaphorical finger. I guarantee if she is the one singing to survive, Tyler will  not save her. Maybe she doesn’t give him the love he wants from young girls. I give her a (B+) for last night.

    Phillip: Same performance week-in-week out and he has no charisma, no stage presence and doesn’t really sing. Every song sounds the same and this week was one of his worst performances. I give him a generous (C).

    Elise: I fail to understand why people say she has an attitude. She is fun, has a very dry sense of humor and a great voice. Her range is better than most of them and her ability to sing different styles and genres is far superior to any of them. She has rocked it, blues it, R&B’d it and fell short with a ballad because, in her own words, she over-sang it. If you listen, her voice has a rich velvety, honey texture. Last night she gave a great performance and one of the better ones of the night. (A).

    Another comment regarding Hollie. She is from the UK and reminds me of Leona Lewis when I first saw her on the X-Factor UK Season 3. She had a great voice but was awkward and had no stage presence at all.

    She survived, based purely on her voice and then was mentored by Simon Cowell who taught her stage presence and how to connect with the audience. She is now, by far, the most successful winner of a talent show in the world, even more successful than Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

    Therein lies a big difference between Idol and shows like the X-Factor and the Voice. The latter two mentor and coach the contestants.

    Last week, I rated the judges “F” for failure and, while JLo and Randy were a little better this week (Jlo was, overall, actually the most objective with her comments), Tyler gets an “X” rating for his disgusting comment to Hollie, which follows other similar ones in the past.

    I am sure the bottom three will be:Hollie, Elise and Joshua with Hollie singing to survive but she may as well save her voice because Tyler won’t vote to save her.

    Who I think they should be are: Phillip, Joshua and Hollie with Phillip singing to survive and his survival will depend on how he performs because as much as Tyler loves him, I think JLo and Randy are cooling off because he does sound the same and has no charisma or stage presence.

      • A+ followed by A followed by A- so, unless people use the ++ factor, which I have seen, the normal ratings that I have seen on here, in order are:


        We have seen a number of “F” ratings for the judges.

    • Totally agree…

      I would like to mention, that everyone voting next week, should vote for how the contestants performs, (ie, singing, vocals, professionalism, style) and not because of favorite or where they are from…Do the right thing, the right and honest wayl

  16. Just watched Elise sing “You and I” again. I had to look
    back at Haley’s version. Haley was better and they gave her a crappy
    review that night and gave Elise a great review last night. That just goes to show the unfair criticism these dumb judges have.. Keep your head up Hollie 🙂

  17. Top 7 Performances:
    SKYLAR-  Better without guitar, still great~
    COLTON- Don’t felt the sincerity. I think He is starting to be complacent~
    JESS- Very difficult song to sing, She did great.
    JOSH- SO? I don’t get it. I think his voice doesn’t fit some part of the song and it sounded bad for me~still enjoy some part of it though~ 
    HOLLIE- Voice is good. I just don’t like the arrangement specially the ending~
    PHILLIP-I must agree with Randy and JLO, it normalizes to the end. Nothing new.
    ELISE-She did a great job but I like her best in the duet with Phillip~ 🙂
    PS. Trio performance is horrible. Hollie will go home I think. If she stays, nobody will go home I guess because of the save (still hoping she stays) Judges comment are recycled for me, looking forward what Jimmy has to say~ :)))))


  18. Judges are Freak. Jimmy Iovine should replace them all. 
    Really STANDING-O Again for that non-sense performance of Joshua? That’s way exaggeration! 
    Get a life judges. BITCHES!

    •  Yeah, Jimmy should be a judge; he seems to know what the heck is going on!  I was (once again) shocked that Joshua got a standing O.  Ridiculous.
      The judges are obviously trying to promote him into the finals and I hope that America can see thru their manipulations and place their votes for other contestants.  Good post.

  19. Here’s my
    opinion(<—–notice that word.) on the night's performances and where the
    idols will end up

    And let me
    start off that I am in favor of Hollie but i will try not to be bias!

    Skylar Laine:
    For me she is the second best girl in the competition. She may not be vocally
    strong like Jessica or Hollie but she knows that artist she wants to be. This
    performance was great! I dare to say even better than last week. She is
    consistent and confident and just like Lauren Alaina last year she will squeeze
    into the top 2 as the Country Sweetheart. (A-)

    Colton Dixon: I
    just do not get this guy. TO ME he is not consistent. He is very nasaly and
    does not have originality; both of which he NEVER gets called out on. He rips
    off various artists with his covers. I think his performance wasnt very good at
    all. I think he does deserve to be in the bottom 3 but all the teenie booper
    girls will vote for pure looks and not vocal talent. I think his time is
    running short and he'll make it to the top 5. (C- or D+)

    Elise and Phillip:
    Typical from both. It was good. I was expecting that. It was a great song
    choice for both. I do think Phillip did better than Elise by a slight margin
    but the two were very equal witht their approach to the song. (A)

    Sanchez: Now for the most overpraised girl to ever hit American Idol. Tonight
    was an okay performance from her. I didn't know the song and her not using
    proper diction didn't help. She is so boring to me and I believe that she
    thinks shes a DIVA. I think her major downfall will be her fans; everyone
    thinks shes safe no matter what and one week the votes will drop and she'll be
    out just like Pia Toscano. She'll make it to top 4. (B)

    Joshua Ledet:
    This has been the most kareoke perfomance of the whole season. Joshua did not
    deserve a standing O in any way at all. He took on Bruno Mars and failed
    miserably; especially if you compare this to Mars' performance at the 2012
    Grammy's. He is boring and this did not help him because he just looked
    awkward. I think this is the worst performance right behind Colton. I think
    he'll make top 6 or possibly be eliminated tonight. He is very much the Casey
    Abrhams or Jacob Lusk of this season. (D)

    Colton and
    Skylar: It definitely was nowhere near as good as the original but it was okay.
    Neither of them stood out to me and all and both of them fell short on their
    notes. It was missing something that I cannot put my finger on. Maybe I
    expected more from Skylar but her notes were cut too short for me and should
    have been extended. After a while I forgot that Colton was there, but in his
    favor that song doesn't really showcase male vocals so maybe it was a bad song
    choice. (C+)

    Hollie Cavanagh: I think the arrangement was spot on for
    her.  She was able to nail the song spot
    on.  I think it was great for her and she
    is the ONLY person to actually give a wow moment with her last note; best note
    of the night that no other singer could hit. 
    That note was flawless, but then come the stupid, idiotic judges.  She is definitely getting the Haley
    treatment, or dare I say the Drew from X Factor treatment.  This girl deserves the praise that is being
    taken away from her; she has remnants of Christina Aguilera in her voice.  Hopefully voters saw past the hatred and
    voted for her.  I think she will be in
    the bottom 3 tonight but she isn’t going home. The judges will apologize
    tonight and next week she’ll have a breakthrough performance that the judges
    will finally praise and put her right back on top.  She will also make it to the top 2 with
    Skylar.  She is very much like Katherine
    Mcphee when it comes to being good but not being praised for it. (A)

    Phillip Phillips: Can’t say that I wasn’t predicting another
    guitar performance.  That is his biggest
    downfall, he has become WAY TOO PREDICTABLE. 
    He is great and is definitely the best guy in the competition but you
    already know what to expect.  There is no
    element of surprise with Phillip but he will stay because the girls love
    him.  He is James Durbin this
    season.  SO predictable with every
    performance but it doesn’t matter because his fan base will keep him here. He
    will definitely make it to the top 3(B-)

    Jessica, Hollie and Joshua: Hot mess. Joshua was overdoing
    it to the extreme with his screaming. Sometimes less is more and in this case
    it was very true.  Jessica was very flat
    and dull in the beginning but picked it up by the end and held it together.  Hollie was also flat in the middle but like
    Jessica she picked it up in the end and held it together.  No one of them outshined the other, well
    maybe the girls did better than Joshua but it wasn’t by much.  It would have been good to just see Hollie and
    Jessica but again this was the worst of the groups, which is weird because they
    are all powerhouse singers like Kelly. (C-)

    Elise Testone: It was a good performance but sorta pitchy
    for me.  I just hate her attitude and I think
    she lacks marketability.  It was a good
    rendition but nowhere near as good as Gaga. 
    It was an okay performance but not for the final spot of the night. She
    will make top 5 at best. (B)


    Overall the night gets a B- rating.


    I think the bottom 3 will be Hollie (unfortunately), Joshua
    and Colton.

    I think Joshua will get sent home but of course the save
    will be implemented.


    I just really hope the judges apologize to Hollie. The
    negativity is what is making her seem like an underdog.  They need to praise her for her vocal
    talents. HOLLIE FTW!!!!

    • Thankyoumrbravo:

      I completely agree with you!! I just hope Hollie does not go home!!  I too am hoping for an apology from the judges, but I don’t think she will get it.  I also agree with the Katherine McPhee comparison.  I’m still hoping for top 2!

    • I think as much as you don’t want to be bias, you did somehow. 🙂
      It’s amazing how contradicting we are about Hollie’s performance this week~ 🙂 arrangement is not good for me, last part of the song feels uncomfortable for me~ and it’s fun having different contradicting opinions~ yeah.
      But what we have in common, I love Hollie and she don’t deserved the treatment she gets from the judges~ 🙂 Yeah, trio is horrible yet they are all powerhouse singers~ :))

      • Haha i tried not to be bias but it just really irked me that Hollie isnt getting proper critiques. I’ll agree, last week she was BAD and deserved bad critiques but this weel and the week she sang Carrie Underwood was phenomenal and she deserves better praise.

    •  Hi Thankyoumrbravo,

      Well, where do I start, I’ll keep it short.  First, at least you have listened to each performance and had given your insight on how the singers did. Very well done !

      Second, It is your opinion so I respect it fully.  Even though I don’t necessarily agree with all of your comments.  Suggest in the future if you like someone that  much, you don’t have to explain why.

      I like Elise and whether she performs great last night or not I still like her.  That’s what I meant on the above suggestion. By the way I did not find her singing pitchy at all, but what do I know I only been playing and singing for 30 years, I’m still a babe when it comes to music.

      One item we both agree on is the way the Judges handled Hollie’s review on how she did.  Definitely a real put down designed to affect the votes.  She has a rich and natural vocals and if not this year she will be around for more.  All she lacks is the experience and the drive to
      grab 1st spot from the rest of the singers.  She has to want it bad enough to be in contention, she is a natural.

      Your post I rate an “A”    just saying………………………………

    • dont we all think this is the judges’ plan to somehow throw negative words to Hollie just to get the public sympathy and of course vote for her? some kind of reverse psychology.. because if judges say she is not good (which is not true) then people will vote for her to keep her on the show

  20. I’m getting sick and tired of shitty coaches that give stupid advise. Akon knows nothing about music, Stevie Nicks is a fucking head case, and Gwen Stefani is an idiot. The judges are biased as hell too. It was better with Simon Cowell at least he was real with it. I can’t stand all the ass lapping these three stoogies get involved in. This season has some great talent, but the judges and coaches are fucking the season up.

  21. Okay im OPINION is Colton and Phillip FTW! they r my favourites, but i also find that they are really good! I like Elise and Joshua sometimes to. I want Skylar to leave because I dont like country music, but really, everyone is REALLY good. but still COLTON AND PHILLIP FTW! 

  22. I LOVE ALL 9 PERFORMANCES OF THIS NIGHT, but the combo Jessica, Hollie & Joshua… And I think Phillip, Hollie & Jessica are the best!!!

  23. My thoughts:
    1.Skylar Laine: B
    2.Colton Dixon: B-
    3.Jessica Sanchez: A
    4.Joshua Ledet: C+
    5.Hollie Cavanagh: B
    6.Phillip Phillips: C+
    7.Elise Testone: C+

    Imma Hollie fans. But i think that Jessica won the night. And Hollie the second. Jessica is a good artist. but sometimes she’s too karaoke. Hollie #2. Hollie did really great. The judges felt like its her time to go. Skylar did good. I love her. She’s funny by the way.

    Colton did very well too, but sometimes the part of the song looks so boring. Im not his fans. Joshua Ledet. Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone is my pick for bottom 3. But why is there Jessica? so shocker

  24. to all Jessica Sanchez fans: let naysayers be, but let us not concede to defeat, WE have the power to make Jessica Sanchez win thru our votes. Jessica always does her best, but we have to do our part if we want her to win!

  25. That what the judges did for Jessica was not fair to the other contestants its Americans vote and it makes the other ones feel like they know who is the favorite of the judges.  That was very shady.  Simon would have never done anything like this.  Its not that i wanted her to be voted off but like you said America do vote.  I am now wondering have many people feel this way.  American Idol has reallly changed I don’t know if I will be watching again.

  26. Sorry for whoever doesn’t like Philip, because he is going to win Idol, by far the most original and best musicaly, and it shows the way he loves what he is doing!!!And that is what makes a star!!!! I hope his health holds out, I know he doesn’t feel well, bless him for hanging in there!!!!

  27. C ome on people lets get out the vote, for Philip, and lets help Idol out, they have been down in ratings!!!!!!!

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