American Idol 2012 Top 7: It’s Like Déjà Vu All Over Again

American Idol 2012 Top 7 round 2

American Idol 2012 Top 7 finalists are reminding me of something. Ah yes, last week’s Top 7 finalists! After last night’s save of Jessica Sanchez by the American Idol judges we’ll be seeing the same group of finalists take to the stage and compete for your votes. This time around though, the performance show is going to be even bigger!

Nigel Lythgoe took to Twitter last night and revealed some exciting news. Perhaps in a move to give the finalists an extra chance at picking the right song we won’t be hearing just one performance next Wednesday:

Fourteen songs on the next American Idol 2012? That’s fantastic news and I’m sure fans will agree that more is better when it comes to hearing from their favorite finalist.

I’d expect a double elimination next week to make up for last night’s reprieve, but that’s yet to be officially confirmed. We’re also still waiting on what the theme will be. I’m hoping we’ll get more of the modern theme as that was far more entertaining than a night of “songs from the 50’s” or some other nonsense. What theme would you like to hear the American Idol Top 7 take on next week?

American Idol 2012 Top 7 Round 2 Finalists:

  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Colton Dixon
  • Skylar Laine
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Elise Testone




  1. Jessica will top it all off on next week’s performance.. I’m sure of that! Definitely!!

      • nahh the 2 dumb blondes must go!!! not the orient pearl!  your hope will not be!!!! 

      • Why do people keep saying Jessica acts all cocky and arrogant when some of us are probably miles away and don’t even know her !!! Like really ?? I can call you a B*tch because of your comment but You can actually turn out to be the nicest Woman in your town . . . If you’re even a woman !!

      • Oh. wow.. they talking about Jessica again.. anywhere I go I see Jessica`s name… and then I heard her name again… I could see she`s the most  popular and talk of the town .. there`s really something on her… is it how great she is? oh.. well

      • and you want hollie to stay that nasally singer who just murdered pink’s song…. nah i think Jessica should stay…

      • i also hope jessica leaves AI and be saved from people like you!!!  she’s better off.  she’s in a different league all together.

      • I think Phillip should go home too. He too good to touch people’s hands, who does he think would buy his cd. That’s right, the same people he doesn’t want to touch.

      • I hope that Hollie will be gone next week. And that’s fosure. 🙂 coz she’s a b*tch. Look at the very moment when Jessica was announced to have the lowest number of votes. She even laughed and told something to Skylar. Even her fellow contestants weren’t even happy that she was saved, except for P2.

      • Are you jealous ? No other explanation possible. Anyone who can not accept that she is the best in the competition is LYING. Whether you like her or not because of race , attitude or song choice is irrelevant. This is a singing competition and you judge them objectively.

      • Youre such a waste of time, but i will dignify your shot 1 last time – youre such a loser! Get a life!! Chill!! 🙂 lol

      •  I apologize for the rude fans, Jess know nothing about the behavior of these people.

    • Of course she will after what happened.  Even what’s his name from last yr did well after he got booted and saved.   The timing was too perfect…if you know what I’m saying.  I hope her over the top fans don’t blow it for her.  Her star will always be tarnished because America said bye bye..and the judges said oh no you don’t.  If she wins, there will always ben an asterik after her name.

  2. Jessica needs to sing songs that people knows and are very popular.   These would interest more people.  Go Jessica!!! Hope you sing, Love on Top, Listen or skyscraper.   Now that you are saved, go for the home run!!!!

  3. Maybe it would be great if the theme were inspirational songs… or the then and now songs …

  4. Yeah they should do songs from 2000 to 2009 as one song choice. The other should be any song of their own choosing including originals if they have them. 

  5. They’re still discussing the theme! IM HOPING ITS A GOOD ONE. So that each contestant will have their moment to shine. I think Jessica will get the “pimp” slot next week, giving Elise the “pimp” spot didnt really help with the votes, so im predicting she might go next week…

    Im still rooting for Jessica (girls) and Colton (guys)

    Cant wait! 🙂

    • i cant believe that jessica was the bottem person no way make sure that ya vote and get all your friends to to okay 🙂

      • So here are the 2 possibilities about what happened yesterday night.1- Jessica really got the lowest number of votes – probably because of the video before the performance (with Filipino people – which I don’t find irritating or bad unlike the public) and the Jessica fans need to step up their votes
        2- These weren’t the real results. This seems more probable to me since 3 amazing singers were there, when literally everyone expected Hollie to go. The producers might how done this for 2 reasons: First,  they might only be wanting to increase their rating after a shocking elimination and the second, really make Jessica win, by showing fans that the current votes aren’t enough and to pull in way more votes for Jessica. 

        Now, why were all contestants SO happy about it? (ESPECIALLY HOLLIE)
        When it was announced that Jessica was the lowest, Hollie seemed quite happy, as well as others. This might also have 2 reasons.
        1- The contestants also knew/guessed that these weren’t the real results and were sure that the save was supposed to be used on Jessica
        2- They (especially Hollie) were happy to see her in the risk of going since she was a frontrunner and she was decreasing the amount of votes the others especially Hollie could pull in for the competition, giving her hope that she might have a slight chance of going further. 

      • Geez ozbilege!!!! Hollies amazing and she will win the whole thing. Jessica will lose

      • Hollie told Jessica they were laughing in disbelief, because they knew Jessica “wasn’t going anywhere” with the save. It’s on the ‘still rolling’ clips on the AI site.

      • no I like hollie’s voice. I think she is great but Jess also appeals to a similar audience, dividing the votes, and seeing Jessica go could make Hollie gain votes, but I have NOTHING against Hollie

  6. folks your suggestions will never hear in AI so dont waste your time giving suggestions because it will not happen.Just relax , watch and vote for your favorite idolettes.

  7. It will be a serious business for Jessica Sanchez next week, I think she will prove her worth and will justify that she is the AMERICAN IDOL!

      • Obviously you don’t like Jessica..I respect that, .but she got the talent, it just depends on the voters if they vote for looks, for race, or for TALENT!!!

      • that’s your opinion lady….respect others opinion and i don’t think she had that attitude….for me she’s down to earth…….just like you and me….she’s working hard to make life better for her family  and she had the talent no doubt about it.

      • The problem is, is that she doesn’t sound humble.  Last night she kept saying “I’ve been working for this all my life” — she’s 16 — “all my life”?

        You’re 16 — relax, enjoy the ride —

        For all of the rabit BB Chez fans out there — relax too — she’s likely not going to win — better to understand that now — so we don’t have to keep hearing about it week after week.  She’s likely to go out at 4 or 5 — she’ll get by next week  (I’m expecting them to only eliminate 1 — to make up for the lost week with Jermaine!)

        I’m guessing Hollie is going to go out at 3 — and it’s looking more like a Colton vs Phillip final — (oh boy!) — “excuse the pun”

      •  whats wrong with this ass! use ur senses or ur coconut shell ! why cant you just be happy.. ? or why don’t u joined for the next season??? so we can experience  some amusement.. a monkey can sing…. nyar nyar nyar!

      • Go on Conny…

        And for you @d0264fed0e11d690ea3efbe22c6f7a47:disqus , Continue with all that assurance that she won’t go far. I will believe in mine. Why is her statement such a big deal for you??? All her life is obviously all her 16 years! Why make such a big deal on that? Can’t you quite get that? 

        This is not a backlash, btw. This is just to pinpoint what you are always negating about. 

      • How are you JoeLand0208,

        By now, if you remember our discussion on previous posts, you and I
        and bojie were into some heated discussion and I finally said i will shut up and keep the peace.  Remember the adivise I gave you then and I’m sure you will recall regarding “arrogance and foolishness” ?

        maybe  you will now understand whyI have given that advise to you and your friends.  This is exactly why I said what I said.

        And if your friends continue to think that this is all a move to boost ratings, think again.  The only way jessica would have a chance to win this, if it is not too late, is to win votes from across the USA.

        Humility may help, that and good comments on this site will go a long way.  Stay away from racist excuses this will not go very far and a sure way for Jessica to go home in hurry.  But of course you don’t have to listen to a “matandang tao” like me.

        O sige

      • She never became a big head? she accepted everything what the judges said, Negative or positive! even in the elimination she was a sport. Also, She is the shyest person in idol! HEE JUN AND PHILIPS said so! she doesn’t talk too much. Everyone of them needs to think they are all that to win this competition!! This is american idol! Fame and Fortune is the prize! not america’s next humble person 😐

      • @1383bfe567b54bb5a0c263bffa5ea908:disqus , Thank you for remembering me. If you remember also all my comments, I haven’t raised any racism issues regarding Jessica. Please take time to read again, Sir. 🙂

        I wasn’t thinking that the dramatic results last Thursday was a ploy to boost ratings as I have said on the other posts. 

        I will take your advise. 🙂 That’s what seniors do to the young ones, right Pepe? Your advise is noted as you wish.

        And oh, by the way. Arrogance and foolishness will prevail no matter how you, me or anyone who was in the discussion shuts down their mouths because everyone has the chance and freedom to speak and be heard. Just saying. 🙂 Have a great time, Sir. 🙂

  8. No matter how good Jessica perform, if you guys dont vote then nothing! She will be force to pack her things home…so stop praising her we all know that, unstead pick up phone and dial her number right after the show as much as u can to keep her safe. I believe this one make sense than praising her these and that yet not doing anything to keep her in the competation.

      • First of all hollies not dumb. She is smart and pretty. That would be so amazing if Beyonce got to be the mentor

      • Im a jessica follower but please stop using insulting words like “dumb trying hard blondes”. Lets not create more animosity among the contestants. They should all be friends trying to reach their dreams. Supporting jessic should not entail bashing other contestantss. So please!

    • omg i completely agree we need to keep voting vote from as many phones as you can and also vote online 🙂

  9. i do not believe that jessica had less votes from elise,elise for one cannot sing and she can keep her stupid feathers cause shes about to fly out this competition next week.

    • i agree with you but in fairness, Elise also had the talent, she sing better than Hollie who needs to hone her talent, and I think it’s the appeal or the charm that is lacking with Elise………….so next week we shouldn’t be overconfident that Jessica wouldn’t be in the bottom 3….we need to VOTE for her guys….be READY next week…….

      • Hi bigtool4u,

        anyone who says he’s got a big tool usually don’t.  perhaps you mean stool? LOL

      • @d2c4e8b902a48a74153aa98d14563f26:disqus Why are you responding to that creature?  Can someone be a troll and a fairy?  Maybe he was looking for the Once Upon A Time website.

    • Wow u should go get ur ears checked shalmankyle. Elise is amazing. I get that ur a Jessica fan but that doesn’t mean that u can bad mouth other contestants

    • What happened has done already pal whether we like it or not. And stop comparing her to Elise. They are two different talent. I wish them both the best! 


    • Do you realize that this constant badgering about Jessica is creating animosity toward her and toward filipinos in general?  You are actually turning people against her instead of promoting her.

      • Who said anything about hate?  I’m talking about a distaste for a culture that tears down anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  Pushy, arrogant people with no class or manners.

      • Exactly!!!! It’s like I don’t really hate the Green Bay’s their nutjob fans!

  11. I am disappointed at how the judges handled the situation last night. I think that all the contestants are all great and must have felt like the winner had just been selected and they didn’t matter at all.  Jessica is a very talented young lady and will go far. I am not upset about the save, rather how it was done.


      • You should be ashamed of yourself,Elsie has more more talent than
        Jessica will ever have. She has just been build up from the start of this season over all of the rest. Hope Jessica is voted out next week. The judges also should be ashamed of their selves for running up on the stage. And Randy,the has been,saying to vote for the most talented.That is what America is doing!!

      • I think they were just very upset that her fans had not voted as strongly as usual.  If voters get complacent and don’t vote, they can get a nasty shock as their favorite goes home.  The viewing audience needs to vote to support their favorites.

    • Eheyd, now see what you’ve done (a holy war of replies)? lol. While Jessica is my favorite, and I 100% expected her to be saved, I agree with you. I said the same thing last year when they did this with Casey. It undermines the process, and removes any accountability from the judges. My wild guess is that the majority of people would have said Jessica should be saved no matter what. But what if during the song her voice cracked and she started singing off key? Not that it would have happened…I think she is the most “clutch” singer in the competition…but if it did, then the judges would have a decision to make and would have to be held accountable for it. But with what they did, no one will ever know. I’m definitely happy she was saved, and I think the judges were smart to hold on to the save for something like this, but if I’m going to be consistent with my opinions then I absolutely have to agree with you.

    • I totally agree.  It was very degrading to all the other conestants up there.  They are all very talented and Steven Tyler should not have made the remark “we are going to use our save tonight” before he even heard who the bottom “one” was.  Lost alot of respect for him.  Not just me, but every one I spoke with today felt the same.  He owes all of them an apology.  They are all very talented or they would not be where they are.  People need to vote for their favorites. 

      • I think he was speaking for all 3 judges. What they meant was that they were going to use their SAVE regardless of which of the 3 were on the bottom.  They’d already decided that.  The mistake was in making that comment BEFORE they knew who the bottom singer was and before the singing was done.

      •  Randy’s remark was much more insulting and humiliating to the other contestants…”one of the greatest singers in America”…did you see the look on their faces…I felt really bad for them, Randy owes them all an apology.

      •  Steven said that because he thinks all the bottom 3 weren’t supposed to be at the bottom 3. Because they find those 3 with exceptional talents. If Joshua or Elise was eliminated, they would use the save on either one of them too

    • I totally agree with that.  I believe Jesica is good and expected the judges to use their save, but why couldn’t they just let her sing her song and then save her like they would have done for others??  That was soooo unprofessional and had to make the other contestants feel like they were not worth anything, and apparently that’s how the judges feel!!  The judges need to apologize to the other 6 and stop telling America how to vote!!  American voters have ears and they can vote for whomever they want!  That is not the judges job to tell us who to vote for!!

  12. jessica im all yours baby 😉 were ganna send that stupid bitch elise packing you got all of new yorks votes honey you go girl sing ur ass off k.

    • And some of you wonder why there is Jessica backlash…..comments like this will make sure some of us NEVER vote for Jessica regardless of who she’s up against.

      • Gheez…. Don’t vote not because you don’t like what others think about their favorite. The contestant has nothing to do with that unless she isn’t your favorite. C’mon @d0264fed0e11d690ea3efbe22c6f7a47:disqus . I know who you like…. 

    •  you are not helping Jessica by calling names.  She has a great voice but i will never vote for her because of fans like you.

      • Are you kidding right now ?? How immature of you to say that !! If someone would praise your favorite in that same way, would you still have the heart to comment at all ?? Jessica is great because she sings great, she can also put off your vote because of her VOICE or what you think of her not because of this fan’s comment and what you think of THEM . . . If you were going to base votes on these types of comments all the contestants better pack and leave then

      • is that true? I can definitely sense that wut you’re saying is coming out of your nose. LOL

        You never like Jessica from the start ( i saw a lot of your comments about her) and you will never vote for her ever. Such a fake!

        Go Jessica! You have my votes girl and also Elise!

      • I know you’re Filipino since you have posted in our native language elsewhere in this forum, but I recoil at the sight of the odious, contemptible remarks you blithely make about people you hardly know.    For a tool, you’re not the smartest one in the shed.  I apologize for saying that, but your inapt and undeserved disparagement of others is intolerable.  Grow up.

  13. Still a lot of talk about Jessica, and still a lot of people bashing her because of her so called attitude and conceit. I used to think this same thing before the season went live, when I didn’t like her, but had never really listened to her. Now, after having paid attention, I like her a lot and want to see her win. Haters, answer me something…When asked if she was surprised to be standing there at elimination, what was her answer? When asked if she was overwhelmed by all of the necessary hard work, what was her answer? If you don’t know, then watch the show again. She answers both intently and sincerely in the same episode, and I promise you there is not one word of attitude or conceit. Just a humble and modest reply from a young girl who takes nothing for granted and knows she has to work hard to get anywhere. I know a lot of adults who could learn from this teenager.

    • Again…stop with the word hater. I am officially banning it from the English language.

      • LOL. No kidding. Apparently a lot of people are followers of the Kardashians. They use the word “hater” ALL the time.  It’s just so over-used.

    • i really agree with you, there’s a lot of people who doesn’t Jessica anymore because of how the judges acted on the result show.
      She’s done nothing wrong but try her best all the time. 

      • Yes, such humility and maturity from a young girl like jessica is really worth emulating. Id love my daughter to grow up like her – talented yet humble…..sweet yet a fighter. I couldnt ask for more. I will vote non stop for jessica. Ive watched ai since season 1, and ive never liked anyone as much as i like jessica now. Please dont get me wrong, this is just an opinion coming from a moher who doesn’t have anything against the other constestants. 🙂

      • OH shut up will you !!!
        Hey, James do you know how many people you turn off right now ??

    • I know a lot of adults who would love to trade places w/her and her millions of $ that await at the gate.  She says she worked hard all of her life..Lordy be, she’s 16.  Give it a couple of decades before you claim yourself to be a work horse honey.  Lucky is a better word.

      • Yeh, maybe a lot of adults who haven’t worked hard for anything in their life and just want to be handed the reward. Those are the same people who think that people have good fortune happen to them simply because they are lucky…that hard work had nothing to do with their success. Do you really think her talent is just luck and that hard work has had nothing to do with it?

      • She does have talent but her parents have been pimping her out to talent shows since she was practically a baby. It’s disgusting.

      • She’s already singing at a younger age. That’s what she meant by all her life. She’s also been auditioning to a lot of singing contests. She also sang the Star Spangled Banner in a football game. Well, she can sing so she might as well use that talent to raise money so she and her family could live. =)

      • You got it wrong I guess~ 
        You could watch past performances about her life to what she really meant about working hard~~ 🙂

      • I’m not replying to myself but all those below who disagreed.  I never said she couldn’t sing.  I said luck had something to do with it and you all disagreed.   Well if there wasn’t a save, which there shouldn’t be IMO, that’s spitting on America’s voting power, she would be OUT OF LUCK and watching in the audience.  So yes, she is lucky.

    • Both of those answers she gave have been discussed here on this site. I actually made a post that specifically asked the question of whether or not some of these kids get tired of the show because they had misconceptions of being in the music industry as an easy way of life. Most kids don’t want to work for a living and they think this isn’t work but they are badly mistaken. 

      I was indeed impressed by those answers but I also think they were prepared ahead of time. Jessica is a professional talent show contestant. Just like pageants, she is always gonna say the right thing and she is going to handle the pressure better than anyone. She is going to be very quiet and only speak when spoken to and when she is asked a question she is always going to have the perfect answer. 

      If the producers didn’t prepare those answers for her then she had them already lined up because she knows what is going to be asked due to her past experience in contests such as these. 

      They were in fact good answers and I was impressed. She did seem sincere and I was impressed by that. I may be wrong about the whole thing and I am prepared to eat my words if I am wrong but you can’t leave out the possibility that her experience makes her more prepared to answer every question exactly the right way. 

      I think the most telling thing was that the other contestants didn’t look so disappointed that she was in the bottom. Could be her off camera persona isn’t so great. I don’t know that to be a fact but you can’t leave that possibility out. Say the right thing, sing perfectly, and act like a robot is not a new concept. Look at all the beauty pageants across the world. Contestants perfect this on a regular basis.

      • Sure, I guess there’s the possibility that they fed her some questions ahead of time. I doubt it though, just based on watching how other contestants respond to their questions. Most of the time they’re not prepared for it. And remember, she had no idea she was being eliminated, so there was no way she could have been prepped for the question about if she was surprised to be standing there. To me that answer sounded like it came from the heart.

        I think your point about her being experienced in this venue is more likely to be why she is prepared to “say the right thing.” Though, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being poised from experience. I also think she has probably been confronted more than once about how much work it is or isn’t, and she was probably ready to answer just out of having answered it before. We’re probably both saying the same thing here.

        As far as other contestants not having a reaction to her elimination, I read interviews with others talking about how shy she is and that she is often quiet. So I would imagine she hasn’t formed any deep rooted friendships that would cause anyone to cry at her elimination (though she cries at everyone’s elimination). But also, I think they were all thinking she was the biggest obstacle in their way of winning the crown…and that obstacle was almost removed. Hard to cry at that. lol.

        But what do any of us really know…we’re all just spectators making a bunch of speculations. 🙂

      • That shyness could be the “be quiet and speak when spoken to” issue that I talked about. It’s hard to say the wrong things, come across in the wrong way or rub people the wrong way if you are not saying anything at all right?

        You are right about us just being speculators and spectators and that is why I say I will eat my words if I am wrong. 

      • On Twitter, Philip, Skylar, Heejun, Shannon, Jeremy, Brielle, Candice , Adam, Erika and Baylie all publicly supported Jessica and expressed how much they like her. The after show clip shows Colton and Hollie hugging her mom as she sang. Elise and Joshua beckoned her over after that save for a hug. I think they think of her as the little sis and she mentioned her admiration for the other’s work ethic on her top 13 video. So they get along better than their fans.

      • If a very popular contestant in the competition was about to be eliminated wouldn’t you want to be seen as their friend so maybe some of their supporters would switch over to you? It’s all in the strategy. It is just good strategy for the contestants to appear to be friends and to be sad when the others leave. All of them play this game. Some are genuine and some not. How are we to know which is which?

      • Because most on that list are no longer in the competition, they were rooting for Jessica during the show on Twitter. Philip tweeted that today and I think he probably read some of the negative stuff so he spoke his mind. Jessica talking highly about her competitors, well she’s either snobby or not. She’s either thinking only about her work ethic or not. We can’t have it both ways or else that means there’s really no open minds in the discussion.

  14. Im rooting for anybody but Colton and Phillip. It’s about time the army of teen girls don’t get the winner they want. But, if I had to pick 2 favorites, its Hollie and Jessica…

    • i guess my wife and kids will be disappointed to find out i’m part of the “army of teen girls” who like phillip.  i’ve never watched idol until this season but i like his sound and originality, plus the fact they he would be able to continue to write his own songs after the show ends is a plus.  i think elise is the only other one that has enough talent as a musician and not just a cover artist, which is why i’ve never gotten into idol before.  we have enough teen pop stars in the world already.

      i like phil because he sings the kind of music i like, i could not imagine listening to a cd from jessica or any of the others (maybe elise).  i dont’ think he’s the best technical singer on the show, but then again how would willie nelson or johnny cash have held up on american idol?

      • YAY for @Jeremy…Phillip is honest, takes his jabs and keeps on singing from his soul.  I think your wife and kids should be proud of you!

      • Ha..Jeremy! That’s awesome. I keep saying it isn’t just teenage girls but the Jessica fans don’t listen. I’m 45..female..and Phillip has been my favorite since the beginning. I really like Elise, Skylar, and Colton also.

    • Wonderful!  I’m glad to be considered a “teen girl” at the age of 39!  Ha!  Who knew?

    • Patrick please listen to Hollie.  She is a decent high school choir singer, but not even close to being a national star.   Like my grandpa, you like her bc she’s cute and sweet.  AWW

      • To be fair, Hollie can sing. However, a lot of AI contestants can sing better than her. She’s not even close to Carrie Underwood’s singing or voice. I even think Skylar and Elise sing better than her (among the girls)

  15. Did anyone notice that the other 6 didn’t really look that upset that BBChez was last in votes?

    I wonder why?

    • Because they knew it was all for ratings and drama.  Elise was laughing in the bottom 3, does that sound like Elise?  No.  It was all staged and Steven let the cat out.

      • What did Steven do? Oh, do you mean that no one was leaving.  The more time that passes, the more it seems like a big joke on us. 

      • She said she laughs when she gets nervous. That’s a very common thing for people to do. It’s hilarious how people think it was a ratings ploy because Jessica was dead last.

    • Maybe they were in on it!   At this point of the game, no one cares who goes, they want to win.  Little Hollie who hysterically cries every week as someone leaves was all smiles last night.  I bet she was saying damn that save.  It should have been for me!

  16. I would like to see Skylar sing……Ok this is crazy Patti LaBell “if you only knew”



    • I want to hear Jessica & Joshua sing “Somewhere Out There” from “An American Tale.”  It’s the Linda Ronstadt/James Ingram duet from the animated movie.  Their voices would be perfect for that.

      • yep :))) my god! we would be tortured for almost a week because of excitement! Two songs each! that’s fantastic!!!

        Btw, I got really frustrated because of the results 🙁 America got it soooo wrong.

      • Yeah, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Maybe they [America] got too confident that the three of them will be okay that they voted for the other three because they got low votes the other week. Even Skylar who was the singer of the night the other week came out quite low in the votes last thursday. That’s how I see it since I don’t want to theorize it’s all a conspiracy.

        If my thought is true, I don’t want Jessica to be in that thin layer of ice again next week. She really is deserving to be in the finale. Whatcha say?

    • Yeah that would be great!! I think they will consider that because there a few theme choices left…. But more then the excitement of anticipating what the next theme will be or how they will perform, MY MIND IS FOCUSED AND CONDITIOMED ON VOTING NON STOP FOR JESSICA!!!!! Its alright to enjoy the show but dont take for granted the most important phase of each season – V O T I N G!!! we almost lost jessica, we couldnt let that happen again! 🙂

  18. Whatever will be the result I am still Jessica’s fan.Listening to her is so
    addictive.If it meant for her to have a career the least,after the Al then
    so be it.Only her CREATOR knows.I am  THANKFUL that in my
    lifetime I get to hear one of the best voice there is.Just sad that might
    she will not win.I wish I am in the US so I could vote for her too bad
    I ain’t not.GOODLUCK,JESSICA!

  19. I just have to say-America voted?? or did the directors alter the vote for dramatic impact. To create more interest and suspense. If it is the true vote–as the panel always said  “It is the entire package we are looking for choosing The American Idol. Jennifer does not have the maturity or personality that most of the others have. Skylar and Elise both are more likeable. Colton and Phillip shine when it comes to appeal. Now that the judges have used their vote–next time Jennifer is the bottom–SHE GOES.

    • Was that a Freudian slip, saying “Jennifer” instead of “Jessica”?  Hmmm.  Anyway, I’m glad you’re finally suspecting that the producers control the vote…….

    • i almost believe it but decide no to when i read you mentioned Jennifer instead of Jessica hahahaha

    • Yes Jennifer is the bottom…the biggest bottom since Kim Kartrashian.  Hahahahaha…but I agree on what’s on ur mind, Jessica go home

    • Move on about that saving thing! You cannot un-do it anymore, so you have to deal with it, no matter how you try! Jessica is not going home, our votes will make sure of that. So, vote for your faves as well so they wont go home next week! lol 🙂

      • Hi idolcritique,

        I sure hope when you say “our Votes” you are hoping America will vote for Jessica and not someone else.   One thing that happened this week and it is not reversible is Jessica received the least amount of votes.
        It has nothing to do whether she sang the best or not.

        I would not count on the assumption that this is only a ratings gimmick
        by the producers , what if it is not?  Would you still assume that she will be safe next week?  The fact is no one as of yet had won Idol after being  eliminated and saved by the judges.  There are no more save by the bell this time, so if it happens that’s it.  keep that in mind.

        Have you ever considered and thought about it that her fans may have
        actually contributed to her going in the bottom.  Have anyone considered the possibility that the bulk of the voters though they are not visible here on this site is not voting for her anymore because of you guys?  Think carefully and consider what we are saying…………..

      • Hi ed…. I guess you do have a point there. I really would like to take full responsibility for my bevavior in this blog and if ever i said something overeboard i would like to express my heartfelt apologies. I realized that sometimes, the outburst of fans’ emotions is hurting jessica’s chances more than its helping her. And you are are right…if jessica kew a thing about what’s going on, she would probably say “please stop”. For now, we are happy and grateful and she was given another shot. We will support jessica in the best way that we can. But if jessica really got the lowest votes, and america decided for the second time that she really has to go, we have to accept and respect that and just hope that like any other contestants of the past seasons who did not make it to the top, there are possibly other blessings waiting for her outside amercian idol. After all that has been said and done, we owe the people, bloggers and commentors whose feelings we have hurt and whose ego we have tresspassed, a sincere apology. I just want you to know that our journey in supporting jessica does not end here and cannot be meaured by the amounts of votes that we cast. As what they always say, the real life of a talent begins after the competition. I extend my hand for truce. I hope it will be accepted 🙂

      • I applaud you for taking the high road on this.  I am Filipino-American but I do not vote for Jessica and for no other reason than her style is not in my preferred musical genre.  Although I have watched the show for several seasons, this is only my second day of posting here because I have never before felt compelled to speak my mind until after the results show this week; therefore, I do respect your perspective and recognize that, while motivations may be good, the resulting manifestations do not always come out as intended.  Your accountability for your behavior is admirable and a rare breath of fresh air in this chaotic forum – may it be a precedent for others.  🙂

  20. Lmao , ok Producers you got what you what , the Buzz will be getting your phone lines , online , and texting should be over the top for you ! It should be fun to hear Ryan tell us how many votes came in for the night ,

  21. Fans of Jessica Sanchez: what happened in the results night was a hard wake up all for all of us. We cannot help her if we’ll just comment here and say we love her, that she’s amazing, blah blah blah. WE HAVE TO VOTE FOR HER (especially those in America) if we want to see her on the finale. JSANs represent!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  22.  You know what peeps, I think there is no issue between the judges and
    the 6 other contestants. I believe that those 6 other contestants know
    Jessica’s talent and abilities. Sure of them that they believe that the
    save was destined  for Jessica. The people in this blog are the ones who
    put fire into it. Like us, judges are human too. They are entitled to
    their freedom to express themselves, besides this is a reality show.
    Full of drama, suspense etc. Its not easy being the judge to the
    competition. As they criticize the contestants, they were being
    criticized too by the viewers, and its hard peeps I believe. One more
    thing, if we like a certain contestant, better focus on our bet instead
    of bashing other contestant just to uplift our bets.

    Next week, it’ll be an exciting show for us to watch. All of them are great and very talented.

    Stop arguing with each other peeps as we all share the same goal…..And that’s for our IDOL to win this thing!

    • OMG, stop calling us peeps, it’s very strange.  And no, the judges are not like us.  They are paid millions of dollars to sit up there and honestly critique these people.  They are not supposed to have favorites, or show favortism, both of which they all do.   You have a kind heart to believe all of which you said, but it’s a crock.

      •  I’m sorry for my terms. I’m just saying that judges are humans too, just like us. I’m not defending them but c’mon, nobody’s perfect. All of us commit mistakes. I just dont want everybody arguing here. Why Essa? Is it bad to be at peace? Are you happy that everyone here argue.

      • and worst I pay the tv channel to watch the show – to me the judges from 2011 & 2012 are the worst – they have been paid million of dollars to entertain us, but all the did – anger many people – excited over nothing – 3 clowns of the year

    • I will use Matt’s line. We will be sure and not force these people to keep on being judges. If they find it too difficult for them then they are free to go ahead and leave the show. 

      I am quite sure that the pay is sufficient to tolerate the bad publicity that they are getting. 

      All they have to do is offer constructive criticism to each contestant and move on. They don’t have to be so blatantly biased toward one or the other. If they think the performance was perfect they should just say so and move on. Wait….isn’t that what they are doing? But are they being honest or are they trying to sway the vote? I think that’s obvious don’t you?

    • Sure they’re just as human as everybody else, but there is a glaring difference between us and the judges; that is, THEY ARE PAID TO DO A JOB!  Their job is to give critique to further hone the talents of the contestants; and when one is paid to perform a certain task, he or she cannot make blunders that result in major ramifications.  The word “judge” is defined as a neutral magistrate (the operative word being NEUTRAL); ergo, as PAID JUDGES, they are expected to remain neutral, impartial, unbiased, and objective!  No; what they did was not a mistake but a deliberate and calculated attempt at maneuvering the outcome of this competition.

      • I believe that their contracts obligate them to adhere to guidelines supplied by Nigel and his associates.  They are told whom to praise and whom to denigrate according to the wishes of Nigel, Jimmy etc.  Just as Ryan is forced by producers to stir the pot with embarrassing questions.

      • Hi, Templar.

        You do have a very valid point.  I guess my thoughts were screaming out the idealist in me, questioning the principles behind everything that happened.  I went to law school hoping to “change” the world (yup, I know how that sounds), but I guess it’s why I’m the minority when it comes to my field – and it’s precisely why I questioned the judges’  ethics rather than their contractual obligations.  I still hold a firm belief in my original post, but I really do appreciate your input.  Thanks so much!  I hope that what happened this week is a sign of an exciting remainder of the season.  🙂

  23. hell thisn whole was fixed the bottom three was the top three.  american idol did that for rating.  it was a joke.  my girl is skylar,  but jessica was not in the botton three.  so i will vote but rufuse to watch the rest of the season.  i believe this was a joke to permote jessica.  so i will change my channel when it comes on.  i’m so sorry skylar i wish u the best. let the rating go down.  randy,steven, and j lo, u should have more taste than that. liked stay in your seat and safe her

    • Absolutely.  The fix is in.  They wanted this girl from the get go.  They knew she’d get saved so she was never in jeopardy.  If it isn’t legit, what the hell bother.  Nigel is terrified of X Factor and the Voice and he should be..the show has turned into a joke.  Anyone who believes she went from number 1 far ahead of everyone to being eliminated is terribly naive.

      • She wasn’t number 1, she was #3 last week. Skylar was #1. That according to the only source I have which may or may not be legitimate.

  24.  You notice something about the JessPushers that really stands out. Most normal people talk about all the contestants, their weakness and strengths, and sure they will say who they’re favorite is and isn’t…and usually just a very laid back thing giving their opinions, what we all like to read.

    And then there is the the JessPushers…usually only mention how Jess is the greatest and that’s it, no mention of the others. If they mention the others, it’s just how bad they are and how no one deserves it but Jess.

    The JessPushers are Jess’s greatest enemy and the reason she won’t win. Do you have any idea how many JessHaters you have created?

    • I disagree. Most people don’t have the time to sit here and write every thought they have about every contestant. So they focus on their favorite. What I do find ridiculous is when someone spends all of their energy on one specific contestant they do not like. For example, when they run through a blog and copy/paste the same reply to denounce every post that says anything good about that contestant.

      • Just wait and see….Jess will be gone and the JessPushers are to blame.
        If you read any of my earlier post you would find out Jess was my fav, I’m trying to stop the backlash the pushers are causing

      • OK, that’s fair. But remember, a lot of the people you might be calling “pushers” are only responding to what they perceive to be bashers.

      • Hi kevin_writes,

        At least be honest on one thing, I have been observing the posts here for quite a while, both pros and cons and both sides of the spectrum.

        I have to agree with James comments, most of the bad posts I have read so far in support of Jessica are blind sided and arrogant to say the least.  Although a few of you at least is good enough to like other singers like” JoeLand0208″ but by far most of you cannot see anything farther than your nose and James is right, what you have accomplished so far in arguing and insulting  others here in this site is turn off more and more people and cause them not to vote for Jessica.

        What bothers me the most is if only Jessica herself knows what is going on here she will probably plead to you guys to stop it.  I honestly feel that you and the rest of her supporters here on this site is not helping her but actually causing her to be eliminated too soon, and that will be a crying shame since she is a good singer and deserve to go farther.

        I would not count in believing that this week’s travesty and the poor immature way the Judges handled Jessica’s salvation is a gimmick or
        a publicitiy stunt design to raise the ratings.  It is only giving a message to the american people that their votes don’t count and not important.

        Think about it ……………………..just saying…………….

  25. I want a Disney week. Remember I top 25 when Hollie sang reflection that was used in mulan???

    • OK If they do that I want a duet of
       P2 and Joshua doing “Bare Necessities” from Jungle Book
      Hollie doing “Once Upon a Dream” from Sleeping Beauty
       Jessica doing “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas
       Elise doing “He’s a Tramp”  from Lady and the Tramp
      Colton doing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” from Lion King

  26. When Colton was ask if the judges did ever stand for him he was like:
    Just gonna sit there and watch me burn, well that’s alright because i like the way it hurts.
    Just gonna sit there and here me cry, well that’s alright because i love the way (the judges) lie.

  27. My god people.  Stop taking this so seriously.  This is BY FAR the most talented group on Idol in a long time, probably ever, all deserving to win, all having their fans.  It’s a reality show.  I don’t know if it’s rigged or not, I hope it’s not, but they WILL play up the drama and most of you are falling for it.  What I do know is Jessica will have a recording contract REGARDLESS of what place she comes in.  I would say it’s safe that most of the Top 7, if not all, will have contracts.  Winning Idol is no guarantee of a great career and I’m sure if you gave them all the choice, they would pick long term success over a win any day.   Look at any list of the most successful Idols and there are just as many non-winners on it as winners.  Once they made the Top 10, they were all winners.

    Stop with all the hating on any of the contestants!  Except for Elise, they are ALL kids!  What kind of person would talk smack about a 16 year old girl!  Get a life!  Sit back and enjoy the performances every week, because quite frankly, most of them have been very good and entertaining.   The real competition starts when they release their own albums, then you can support your favorite and put your money where your mouth is (or steal from them as most of you will probably do).   Now do you see how pathetic this is?  We live in a messed up world.

    • Don’t hate on the AI enthusiasts. We just love the show and the fact that they try to trick us into thinking our input actually matters. We fall for it and that is what gets us all worked up. 

      We love the show and the discussion sites thrive on our desire to discuss it and express our opinions. We have POWER MUAHAHAHA!!! Don’t take it away from us.

      This is our sport and just like Monday night football we like to be Friday morning quarterbacks and say what should have happened and how bad the officials called the game and how the cards are stacked against certain contestants and in favor of others. Is that such a sin? We need this! It’s our drug of choice and we are addicted to it. Don’t take it away please!!!! 

      LMAO….No she is right. Don’t trash the youngsters and don’t call Elise a bitch. It’s in bad taste and goes against the ethics of Idolism.

  28. i really think that Jessica should and deserves to win.  She’s been consistent with unbelieveable performances week after week after week.  She’s like on another level apart from the others.  she is like Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and Mariah Carey good.  and Phillip just needs to get.  he’s not fit for the stage and majority of America wouldnt really listen to his music.  VOTE JESSICA

    • you said it yourself – she is like WH, By, MC – why would I want another of those singers – Whitney is ok ok to me, never like the singer of By or Mariah – it is about who we prefer, good singer, I agree, but not my cup of tea, thank you. I prefer Phillip, so am I wrong? or are you? I don’t think both of us are wrong – it is our own choice – democracy babe!

      • Oh yeah, and you think Phillip is different from other singers who are famous nowadays? Why would I want another of those singers? Singers like Whitney, Beyonce and Mariah are becoming extinct baby.

    • EVERYBODY has their own taste of MUSIC , but let me just say it is .
      who pick the best has a GOOD taste in music . and nowadays people who cant sing can penetrate to the music industry, no wonder there is alot of AUTO TUNED artist making it big! i dont wanna name names! we all know who they are .

      • Even if jessica is no longer around, for as long as you’re still on this blog, i bet there won’t be peace! lol hollie and jessica for the finale, wooo-hoooo!

    • it’s not like jessica is the best and everyone else sucks. thats not wat im saying.  everyone left is going to get a recording contract hands down, and i just believe that if Jessica gets signed with the right person, she could, in Akon’s words on wednesday night, become a legend.

    • Really? I honestly think MORE of America would listen to Phillip’s kind of music than another diva.

  29. I don’t understand why some people are thinking this Jessica stuff is racism. If she was number one last week, did all of the voters suddenly become racist and turn against her. That’s not really logical.
    I was surprised by what happened too, but it’s probably going to work for her good now anyway. Everyone will be frantically voting for her next time.
    I also think that the judges are kind’ve silly when they knock Hollie – if they think they can get rid of someone by putting them down, it doesn’t work and it was just embarrassing to watch their bias. It just makes the fans rally even more, like with Haley last year.
    I think that they are all pretty talented.

    • She wasn’t number one last week. She was #3 according to the only data we have which may or may not be accurate. Skylar was #1 last week.

      • OK, fair enough – but even if you drop from 3rd to last, it wouldn’t be because of a sudden burst of racism.

  30. Most of the posters here, including myself, do not dislike Jessica.. She does have great voice, pretty, seems to be humble. But her fans do not help her cause by accusing other people being stupid and racist. So instead of asking us stop “hating” her, ask her fans stop being mean and being arrogant.

    • i think she’s probably the “best” singer on the show.  however i would never buy her cd because i don’t care for that type of music.  it is pretty ridiculous to be throwing around the racism card over a tv show.  i guess i am racist because i don’t care for joshua or deandre’s song either.  wait, i don’t like hollie or colton’s singing either.  eh, unimportant.

      • I am racist too I guess because the only one I did like this season was DeAndre. Now he’s gone and I really don’t care anymore. I am just in it for the laughs now. But I did pick P2 to win so I guess I will stick around for the outcome so I can gloat if he does. It aint looking too good right now. BTW I am white so the racist thing might be a stretch.

    • What makes u all think that the person who is posting the “race card” issue is a real Jessica fan. It is easy to post anything on this blog and pretend to be a fan of Jessica. This is the old trick in the book. I’ve seen this every year. The only way to sway the non Asian to vote for the other contestants is to throw this racism thing in here. They can’t find anything wrong to use against Jessica so the Race issue seems like a good excuse to get other voters to their camp… It’s pathetic! And btw I am white and I use my brain to vote. I vote for who I think is talented and not because I read something about this person on a blog. Be smart!

      • I am from Malaysia, a Malay and I am not racist – racism is not in my vocab – I don’t think it is about racism – I agree Jessica has the voice, but she is just not the singer for me – she is good, but I prefer Phillip – well I am a girl, why would I want to really support any female singer? get what I mean?

      • No, I don’t. It doesn’t make sense. I’m a Phillip fan also but I also like Sklyar and Elise. Am I not supposed to because I’m female? 

      • Agreed….Maybe just like the military tactics of Divide and Rule type of game plan.

    •  Join my stop JessPushers campaign.
      Please stop the JessPushers, No Votes for Jess next week so we can enjoy the remaining weeks in peace.

      • Even if jessica is no longer around, for as long as youre still on this blog, i bet there won’t be peace! lol hollie and jessica for the finale! Wooooo-hooooo!

  31. american idol is no longer a singing competition!!! as what simon cowell used to say… >.<

    • Thats true! they should’ve change the name of the show into

       “AMERICAN 15 year old IDOL ” LOL! 

       i just cant believe JESSICA, ELLISE, and JOSHUA is in the bottom three knowing that they are gifted with talents and every week they showcase it .

      Its is very true that American Idol is n longer a SINGING competition.

      sad 🙁

  32. To all Jessica fans. Please vote, please vote, please vote!!!!!!!!!!
    We all saw Jessica almost go through elimination so we have to vote like those stupid annoying teenage girls til your thumbs break. I love jsan and I really don’t want to see her leaving anytime soon.
    I am a teenage girl but I’m not really a fan of Colton or Phillip cuz I’ll always be a Jessica Sanchez fan no matter what. JESSICA SANCHEZ FTW!!!!!!!!

      • Even if jessica is no longer around, for as long as youre still on this blog, i bet, there won’t be peace! lol hollie and jessica for the finale, wooo-hooo!

  33. 2 Songs~  oh yeah~ 🙂
    They can showcase  different side of them as a singer in one performance night~ 🙂

    • Yeah, I didn’t say you said that. I was just acknowledging what you said about 3rd place rather than 1st.

      • BTW, are you still in Australia or living here now? 

        If in Australia, did you follow “The X Factor” there? I think the talent on that show was just about the best I have seen in any show, in any other country. Massive talent in that one. I was really pulling hard for Andrew Wishart but Reece wasn’t a disappointment.

  34. If next week Jessica voted off who among the remaining AI11 will be the winner oh  my golly is this a joke?The most qualified since the beginning was not in the finals because of those cute guys with their massive fan base,anyway we can’t blame some teens how they vote.

      • Yes, you do; except that you do it in our native tongue – if you’re the same “elle,” that is.  I’ve seen your posts.

    •  I’m not a teen and thanks to you JessPusher, I wouldn’t vote for her now even if she was the re-incarnation of MJ…ok I would if she was MJ..

      Please stop the JessPushers, No Votes for Jess next week so we can enjoy the remaining weeks in peace.

      • Even if jessica is no longer around, for as long as you are still in this blog, i bet there won’t be peace! lol hollie and jessica for the finale! Wooo-hoooo!

  35. How many other discussion boards do you run Matt? Man you have got your hands full here. I bet you are just about cross eyed by now trying to keep all the inappropriate comments deleted. LOL I feel sorry for you. Really I do. 

  36. wow. . Look at this pic… Jessica is in the middle . Besides her are colton & philip along with elise… This could be the final four…  :)) I really hope so .

  37. Do you all people really think that these people who are saying “Jess is the next American Idol!” and “Jess is the best among the rest!” are true Jessica Sanchez fans? If you’re really a fan of the show, you will know what are these people trying to pull.

    I’m a fan of Hollie but I never say that she is the next American Idol.

  38. Hollie’s great! yea great with cracking her voice and being pitchy she always got that tendency to either be flat or sharp she’s not ready yet.. nervousness always gets in her way.. 

    • You can’t be serious. Scotty looked like the kid on the Mad Magazine covers! Phillip is cute.

  39. The judges seem to have already given the American Idol title to Jessica so why do they want to continue the show?  The other contestants need to just go home.  I think all 3 of the judges need to apologize.  The contestants  are all talented and obviously this is supposed to be up to the voters and they spoke.  

    • exactly! What randy did was disrespectful, biased, and showed favoritism towards the other 6 contestants. If the judges think that Jessica already won then give her the title, save us a few more weeks of agony and that’s that. The judges are there to judge not be biased, show favoritism, and bash other contestants to make them feel less confident . All of them are equally talented, and at this point any of them could get off the show, make an album, sell millions, and become an artist.

    • agree. though I’m not Jessica’s fan or any contestants in this competition, I think she’s the best amongst other contestants. but still judges should do wiser ways other than make them feel less confident.
      Jessica looked confused …
      In my opinion Jessica won’t win.
      It’ll be Colton vs Phillip, both two are teeny Idols.

      • correct! i think the battle is between colton and philip, no one can break WGWG lol not unless AI will change their voting system. AI is o longer a singing competition .

  40. im rooting for Jessica! i know she will sing an up beat song and one ballad for next week

  41. The only thing we can do to Jessica Sanchez is to support and vote for her till the end of the competition.. stay humble…

      • Even if jessica is no longer around, for as long as youre still on this blog, i bet there won’t be peace! lol hollie and jessica for the finale woooo-hoooo!

  42. I like all AI wannabe’s. They are the great contestants ever in AI. Please to all who want to post here, stop the bullying other contestants! We don’t know how much hardwork the’ve done in order for them to get to the AI stage. Let’s just be appreciative with what they offer. But ofcourse, we all have opinions and we should respect that. Thanks to all for understanding!

  43. Jennifer Hudson has been a guest performer on American Idol three times. EACH of those three times that she was at the show, the judges used the save. 
    Jessica became the first girl to be saved by the judges.  The save has always been used by Top 7 week.

    • In the south we say it aint over till the fat lady sings…….there are a few more shows to go….and noting comments on here jessica is not real popular….

  44. I like all AI wannabe’s. They are the great contestants ever in AI. Please to all who want to post here, stop the bullying other contestants! We don’t know how much hardwork the’ve done in order for them to get to the AI stage. Let’s just be appreciative with what they offer. But ofcourse, we all have opinions and we should respect that. Thanks to all for understanding!

  45.  I would love a “Then and Now” week like they had last year. One song from the past and one current song…wish they would also have a Dedication Night, we need to see he human side to these kids too!
    Not too sure how 14 songs will be…the show may get too long and boring if they dont do a good job! Oh well, more the better!

  46. I think the public is so over how the other contestants, esp hollie and elise, by the judges last week……because of that jessica will go home……or for some unknown reason be disqualified…….now wouldnt that be a shocker! Ha…..believe me i am no elise or hallie fan, but all the jessica fans have totally turned me against her…. jessica has been in the business for awhile….no major label has picked her up… this girl either needs to sign with disney or wait till shes old enough for vegas ….

  47. Last nights show was A fake. Jessica Sanchez was at the bottom tier because she is a ONE DIMENSIONAL SINGER.  The show just go cheapen by dupping the American audience to sell hook more viewers on this cheap advertising prank…She is not a number one singer.

  48. HOWever IT HAPPENED Unbeliavable

    Idol” versus “The
    Voice”: Times music and television writers, including Amy Reiter, are
    ranking the five best performers each week, regardless of venues.

    Ashley De La Rosa, “The Voice” 0.55%

    Cheesa Laureta, “The Voice” 1.39%

    Chris Mann, “The Voice” 0.73%

    Colton Dixon, “American Idol” 5.42%

    Elise Testone, “American Idol” 4.13%

    Erin Martin, “The Voice” 0.13%

    Erin Willett, “The Voice” 0.4%

    Hollie Cavanagh, “American Idol” 2.75%

    Jamar Rogers, “The Voice” 6.68%

    James Massone, “The Voice” 7.49%

    Jermaine Paul, “The Voice” 0.47%

    Jesse Campbell, “The Voice” 1.58%

    Jassociation SANCHEZ, “American Idol” 20.98%

    Jordis Unga, “The Voice” 0.63%

    Josh Ledet, “American Idol” 5.79%

    Juliet Simms, “The Voice” 10.05%

    Karla Davis, “The Voice” 0.14%

    Katrina Parker, “The Voice” 12.55%

    Kim Yarbrough, “The Voice” 0.35%

    Lindsay Pavao, “The Voice” 1.39%

    Phillip Phillips, “American Idol” 4.77%

    Pip, “The Voice” 1.18%

    Raelynn, “The Voice” 0.52%

    Sharon Mathai, “The Voice” 1.83%

    Skylar Laine, “American Idol” 3.9%

    Tony Lucca, “The Voice” 2.61%

    Tony Vincent, “The Voice” 1.57%

  49. Idol” versus “The
    Voice”: Times music and television writers, including Amy Reiter, are
    ranking the five best performers each week, regardless of venue. Readers are
    invited to cast their votes too. See who made the top five this week at “Los
    Angeles Times Entertaiment” Who do you think stood out? Use the poll below to
    make your picks. Check back to see if your favorites made the cut. The poll
    closes Monday at noon.

    Thank you for voting! April 13, 2012 Today


    Ashley De La Rosa,
    “The Voice” 0.34%  


    Cheesa Laureta,
    “The Voice” 1.98%  


    Chris Mann, “The
    Voice” 0.42%  


    Colton Dixon,
    “American Idol” 5.94%  


    Elise Testone,
    “American Idol” 4.2%  


    Erin Martin, “The
    Voice” 0.07%  


    Erin Willett,
    “The Voice” 0.23%  


    Hollie Cavanagh,
    “American Idol” 3.49%  


    Jamar Rogers,
    “The Voice” 3.43%  


    James Massone,
    “The Voice” 5.91%  


    Jermaine Paul,
    “The Voice” 0.27%  


    Jesse Campbell,
    “The Voice” 1%  


    JESSICA SANCHEZ, “American Idol” 38.63%  


    Jordis Unga, “The
    Voice” 0.43%  


    Josh Ledet,
    “American Idol” 7.09%  


    Juliet Simms,
    “The Voice” 5.27%  


    Karla Davis, “The
    Voice” 0.08%  


    Katrina Parker,
    “The Voice” 6.09%  


    Kim Yarbrough,
    “The Voice” 0.18%  


    Lindsay Pavao,
    “The Voice” 0.72%  


    Phillip Phillips,
    “American Idol” 4.93%  


    Pip, “The
    Voice” 0.64%  


    Raelynn, “The
    Voice” 0.32%  


    Sharon Mathai,
    “The Voice” 0.91%  


    Skylar Laine,
    “American Idol” 5.34%  


    Tony Lucca, “The
    Voice” 1.23%  


    Tony Vincent,
    “The Voice” 0.88%  

  50. ,,lets see what happens after AI.. if jessica wont win this thing.. nothing to loose if she couldnt make it to be successful in singing.. i am particularly worried to the winner if he/she couldnt make it to fame after AI.. jennifer hudson is a great example.. most AI winners are looser after AI becoz people chose the looks not the talent.. go jessica, you will be a star after AI, you will be guesting on AI and watch out for that HATERs..!! 100% sure of that..

  51. Oh! Wow! Cant believe anywhere I go I see Jessica`s name.. It`s trending  this  young Girl must really have something… maybe the greatness on her.   oh.. well

      • who the hell are you to stop the fans from voting  jessica sanchez and if you can’t handle jessica then just go to hell maybe they’ll accept you there

      • Even if jessica is no longer around, for as long as youre still on this blog, i bet there wont be peace! lol! Hollie and jessica for the finale! Woooo-hooooo!

  52. It is ridiculous to know the most qualified contestant been at the bottom in AI11?All the sites I had visited mostly are betting Jessica Sanchez to be the next IDOL this year,talk of the town globaly any news everywhere she is their topics,her personal twitter account is trending massively for supports.oh come on is this a joke?
    Is this a drama only or twisting the minds of all her followers to get more votes at the end.

  53. I think the theme should not be based on year or artists’ songs. I t should have been based on genres to assess the versatility of the contestants. The theme this week should be rock and ballad since each contestant will sing 2 songs. what y’all think? 🙂

  54. Jessica’s Humbled-Heart comes straight thru theTV Screen!.People might mistake her “Maturity” as being conceited! – JENNIFER HOLLIDAY

    • Jessica’s maturity and humility is worthy of emulation. I would love my daughter to grow up just like her – amazingly talented yet humble, sweet yet a fighter.

  55. Catchin up on idol. All of them are great this year. Jessica Sanchez is a STAR. Get the girl a microphone that can handle her big notes. – ADAM LAMBERT

  56. #JessicaSanchez on #AmericanIdol what a talent!!! Great job! &#Jennifer Lopez looks beautiful tonight! – LA TOYA JACKSON

    • LMAO…oh, well..since La Toya Jackson is behind Jessica, the rest of us must be nuts? This actually makes me feel better about NOT being a Jessica fan. Not sure I’d ever want to be on the same team As La Toya Jackson.

  57. We should name this show ..Lets Watch Jessica Sanchez win American idol while judges bash the other contestants …….If she wins I am done watching this ….

  58. I like all AI wannabe’s. They are the great contestants ever in AI. Please to all who want to post here, stop the bullying other contestants! We don’t know how much hardwork the’ve done in order for them to get to the AI stage. Let’s just be appreciative with what they offer. But ofcourse, we all have opinions and we should respect that. Thanks to all for understanding!

  59. I just wish the judges would stop trying to influence the voters…I am so sick of the standing ovations of some and then the constant ripping of others especially Hollie. Even if I did not like Hollie, I would vote for her because I feel sorry for her for all the horrible things the judges say to her. They beg for the public to vote for certain people…I am so sick of all the judges. Bring Simon back!!

  60. I want to hear songs from Melissa Manchester, Dianna Ross, Barbara Streisand, Angela Bofill, Rita Coolidge… big hits, great songs in those years!

    • To each his own, but if that’s what they did, myself and many others would tune out. I wish they would only do stuff 10 years or less and NO DIVA music, we’ve been DIVAed to death, enough already please. Myself, I find that kind of music very, very boring.

  61. this is carlo john
    hey idiots as said 2 days ago you cannot banned me hereespecially you branden & mathew
    your both gays hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    so many idiots here being played by the two gays that i mentioned
    hello joelando
    hello ed
    hello darren
    hello pally
    and to all other fans of me here 
    I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. this is carlo john
    see what i mean i can just create another profile to enter here hahahahahahahaha

  63. That’s it, I’ve had it with the JessPushers….
    I am begging all normal people to put an end to the JessPushers by pulling the plug on Jess this next week, please vote for everyone but Jess. Everyone should be allow to vote for who they want to and like who they want to without all the of the JessPushers pushing Jess down our throats, so please let’s end it this week…LETS GET RID OF JESS!!!

    You JessPushers will regret what you have done because you are losing it for her, she was my fav, thanks for ruining for her.

    • I agree, Jess should be voted off. These people have ruined my opinion on her. I thought she was actually an awesome singer, but because of these people pushing her down my throat, I’d rather not have her win. I don’t even really care who wins now, just as long as it’s NOT Jess.

    • Keep your hate to yourself @yahoo-NLBQMSKOOG2M5OSEPK4HZBYLEQ:disqus . No one is pushing you to vote or not vote for her. It’s just your ego that’s bugging you.

      If she was your fave, you’re not gonna hate her for this outrageous events. She has nothing to do with this. She’s the victim here. 

      • Typical response from a JessPusher. I said nothing hating on Jess….not even hating on the JessPushers. What I’m saying is when you shove something/someone down peoples’ throats, they are going to do one thing…reject what’s being shoved down their throat by PUKING . That’s what I’m asking people to do….reject Jess getting shoved down our throats by getting her off the show. If you JessPushers would stop, then I would stop my campaign to vote Jess off. I want to enjoy the final weeks of AI, and I don’t want to keep puking from you Pushers.

        Yes, Jess is a victim, of her pusher fans. Let me clarify, not all Jess fans are pushers, everyone knows what I’m talking about.

    • Even if jessica is no longer around, if youre still on this blog, i bet, there wont be peace! lol! Hollie and jessica for the finale! Woooo-hoooo!

      • I agree with you, as I notice, James is the one who is really igniting jessica’s fans to anger.  Let’s just ignore him, let’s not fall into his traps… he wants Jessica’s fans to lose temper and fight back.

    • What you just implied with your posts is a behavior of being annoyed. Being annoyed is keeping a little hate. A little hate grows and becomes too much. I’m not stating that I’m pushing everyone nor you to vote for Jessica. I’m just saying you need to get a hang of it. As much as I hate what is happening right now about this issue, you need not to get so over-dramatic.

      See, you just said that you are not generalizing Jessica’s fans as pushers. [The hell with that word—Jessica is not even a methamphetamine!].  But there you go, stereotyping me as one of them.

      If you want to enjoy the show—then go on. Sit on the couch and enjoy. You don’t have to instruct people nor us to be like you.

      I repeat. Giving my praise to Jessica is not an act of pushing. I hope that I delivered it into your senses. I hope that you are happy with what you are doing. 🙂 See you around here buddy. 🙂

  64. AI can’t afford to lose Jessica. She is the most watched finalist this season and one of the front runners as evidence by million views in video sharing sites . She also consistently topping polling sites. Her viewers are worldwide however she may not WIN this competition because of the regional limitation of the voting but definetely, when it comes to viewership she contributes A LOT. One of the Best!

    • You have a point. Well, it’s not the end yet. She’s the one for me. I like her just the way she is. I great representation of musical art.

    • The most watched? Now how could you possibly know that? Actually, I DVR the show and tend to fast forward through her. Polls don’t mean’s votes that matter. It’s not a regional limitation. It’s AMERICAN Idol…everyone in American can vote.

      • Please. cut it out Jesse. It’s fine and your choice to root for Jessica, just as others root for their respective choice. Stop bashing the other fans, it’s their opinion and their right to choose who to root for. You are just antagonizing people who may be sympathetic to Jessica’s cause. JMHO. Cheers!

      • Jeez! No need to get all butthutt about it! This is why I hate Jessica, it’s because of arrogant assholes like yourself who shove your opinions of Jess into our throats. 😐

      • Unethical? Hardly. Before you start using big words in the English language, you might want to consult your dictionary.

  65. Why not try a theme song from a “cartoon movie” lol but I think this is not that good at this moment since the battle is heating up! Or something “inspiring” :))

  66. America, you only have yourself to blame. In a pattern repeated for the past few seasons, “American Idol” viewers seem to get a little lazy this time of year and suddenly forget to vote for their favorites, putting one of the potential winners in jeopardy.

      • You too, James, cut it out, please. Praise or root for whoever you like, if any. You don’t have to tell people NOT to vote for Jessica or whoever they choose. It is their opinion and their right to choose. You are insulting their intelligence and good judgment by telling them what or not what to do. Chill out. Cheers!

  67. America, you only have yourself to blame. In a pattern repeated for the past few seasons, “American Idol” viewers seem to get a little lazy this time of year and suddenly forget to vote for their favorites, putting one of the potential winners in jeopardy.

  68. Just watched JSan’s “Love the way you lie cover” …singing and rapping…she’s amazing!

  69. Jessica Sanchez deserved to be saved. don’t hate on her just because on how the judges reacted. it was not her fault. she was there simply to sing her “save me song”. she can’t control how the judges would approach her “almost” elimination. if the judges overreacted, it wasn’t Jessica’s fault at all so don’t say anything bad about her. just sayin’. i still love her and colton. i am rooting for them. 🙂 

  70. The problem with Idol is the judging.  Not that it’s bad, it’s just not representative of who votes.  The judges are music professionals and the voters are “tweens” and grandmas, and mostly in the South (which is why country singers do especially well).  The judges are looking for pitch, range, control, power, charisma, and none of them have a country background.  So what appeals to them are the Jessica’s and the Joshua’s and the advice they give is what would generally be good for a mainstream pop/rock/r&b performer.   Even though they often contradict themselves, they are giving what they think is good advice based on their experience (again, not in country music).

     Now I think Idol is at the point where it’s lost it’s “cool” on the West and East coast, especially in the big cities.  It’s not getting people off their butts to vote from those areas.  I also think that mainstream and rock performers think of the contestants as from a “reality show” rather than paying their dues the hard way.  Kind of like the whole “street cred” thing with rappers.  Look at how pissed Aerosmith was when Steven started judging.  They thought it would ruin their rep as rock stars when in fact, it increased their record sales.   It doesn’t seem to be that way in the South and they are carrying their favorites through the show.  Jessica is the only one left not from the South so even though she is popular with the judges, she doesn’t have enough support from the southern “tweeners” and grandmas.   The judges praise her vocals and tell her to keep singing ballads, which  is good advice for a pop/r&b career, but not so good if she’s trying to get votes.  

    Bottom line is that none of this really matters because the only opinion that really counts is Jimmy’s (and other record company execs).  He’s the one handing out the contracts and he’s already said he’d give Jessica a contract on the spot.  In fact, he’s said that for Joshua and Elise too.   And the real contest is when they each release their first album, then all you arm chair record producers can put your money where your mouth is and buy your favorite’s albums.  

    •  I think the decline in the show is because many of the themes are…well boring and out of date. It’s not cool to rehash the 50’s. Someone suggested going to a different genre each show, I think that is a good idea as well as limiting the age of songs and the popularity of songs to top 25. Look at what the Voice is doing…nothing old or unknown. I think one round of original material which would be unknown as well would be good to show the song writer and arranging skills that some of these contestants have. Use the themes to better showcase their depth of talent…not that they are just lounge or wedding singers.


  72. “Shocking Elimination” happened yesterday right,,,,, this will boost massive votes for Jessica in next week event.It give some alerts to all followers of hers to be in jeopardy again.
    They swift their votes to Hollie knowing Jessica was in safe without them,but their expectation did’nt happened because Jessica fan base are rooting for both of them.
    It’s their time to show support to Jessica now,if not it will be off stage that nobody can save her again.Lastly some campaign are really happening now for her votes.I’m sure Hollie in bottom 3 again,I hope not I like the girl to be part of final 3 also.

  73. jessica is ugly! no IT factor. hollie is the next american idol!  she has the best voice among the contestants!

    • i respect your opinion if hollie is the one you’re rooting for but to say that jessica is ugly is too much. are they in miss universe? it’s american idol and it is a singing competition! why bash specifically on jessica? are you threatened by her? well, i can’t blame you. she may not be the best singer in america, ever, as the judges would say but she is miles better than your hollie. 🙂

    • Quit calliing any of the contestants ugly. It is pretty evident you prefer white, southern and blond, perhaps a hottie like yourself? It’s ok for you to profess your liking for one of the contestant but please, quit despising or heaping negative and derogatory comments on any contestant. They all are talented performers in their own ways. Let’s repsect what they are doing and their hard work in entertaining people like us. So cool it, please. Thanks.

    •  I think Jess is beautiful and hot as is Hollie. Elise and Skylar are less my types, but they are both pretty girls…not one of them ugly in my opinion.

    • oh really hollie has the best voice then why is she always in the bottom 3??? and jessica is ugly? who are you anyway you may look better than her but you’re still a nobody

  74. “Boy was that a great move on their (judges) part. What’s not to love about this girl? What a voice! And she’s what, 16? And how humble she was, too. She just wanted everybody to know, ‘I’ve worked hard all my life.’ Pretty amazing. Oh my God the judges were absolutely correct, I’m so proud of what they did!” – JANE LYNCH on Jessica

  75. I read the comments posted here and it’s all about hate. We should not promote hate.  I am rooting for Jessica but nearly all fans from all the idols are commenting done in bad taste. Let’s just root for our respective idols and respect the others as well. If one has to criticize be it constructive.  The race issue is also being played here. That is too bad. It’s 2012 not the 18th century.  Let’s make responsible comments and not resort to mudslinging. Let us not turn this blog page into a circus.

  76. So… you want us to take a guess on next week’s theme, huh?

    Okay, well, I recommend these themes (pick the one you like):

    1. Inspirational
    2. Songs from the Cinema
    3. Billboard #1 Hits
    4. Then and Now
    5. Michael Jackson
    6. Lennon-McCartney Songbook
    7. Shania Twain

    I personally don’t recommend these themes:

    1. Rolling Stones
    2. Motown (though some might disagree)
    3. Songs from the 1970s, 1960s, 1950s, or anything similar to that (the contestants might not be familiar with most of the songs produced during those times)
    4. Elvis (though some might disagree)
    5. Frank Sinatra (absolute no-no)

    • Actually, I believe there is no theme this week, per se.  I believe it’s one song picked by the judges and one picked by the contestant, as each singer will be doing two songs.

  77. OMG. stop bashing the judges, Without them who the heck are you even going to vote in the first place. They brought us these 13 finalists.

    • you are so right and without these judges who will be our guide in choosing the right person to be the next american idol

  78. AMERICAN IDOL will be BORING without Jesssica,and this site as well..Just like what ive said before,praise your idols,the best that you can,without saying bad things to other contestants..everyone is entitled to their opinions..STOP BASHING,STOP HATING,lets just RESPECT each other!

    • Cameo, I completely disagree. For me, Jessica is the boring part of the show. I give her a chance every week but end up fast forwarding through her songs.

      • OK no problem. But she’s gonna rock the AI show all the way until the finals, so you’re gonna have to brace yourself for more ‘boredom’.

  79. If you like JS to win then it’s very fine but do we still need to talk bad things about other contestant for that matter? AHH, I’m a JS fan yet I’m kinda hating other JS fan who continuously say bad things about others~ Haist~
    It’s not helping her~

    • you can’t avoid it dear and whether you like it or not the fans will fight for their idol no matter what it takes

      • How would you define fighting? Making saying bad things about others? Can we just cheer and support for he one we like~? I just think it would be better~
        At the end of the day, Our votes really count the most~ 🙂

    • This hate thing run both ways … I’m sad to say. I think Jessica and all the other contestants are getting their respective doses of ‘dissing’.

      It’s disturbing but it means nothing.

  80. Well, according to Wikipedia the theme is Songs from the Cinema/Motown (something new and never done before, uuuhh…)


    i advice Jessica to song “my heart will go on” Titanic theme & for Motown: “Respect” by Aretha Franklin OR “ain’t no mountain high enough” by Diana Ross.

  82. Okay guys, remember, even if your favourite doesn’t win, he/she will probably still make an album (like James Durbin). Sure it will be nice to have your favourite win, but favourites dont always win – but they do often make albums. So just vote for who you think the best is – and then if they don’t win, wait for their album. And please, don’t trash talk anyone, everyone is a great singer on this show – but everyone likes someone more than others. I’m rooting for Colton and Phillip!!!!

  83. I agree with the “Pinoy pride” causing Jessica to lose fans who are non Philippines. I didn’t believe it at first, but I think it’s true. Why only Filipino fans behaving this way? Why no other country? Not even one?

    • why? do you need to ask that question? filipinos are known for helping other people so they’ll do everything to help jessica and if you still don’t get it then that’s your problem and we filipinos are reacting because some jessica haters are really rude

    • I don’t think people rooting for their idol would be bad for Jessica. It just irritates a few bloggers but mobilizes the great majority of filams and asians to get behind Jessica.

      Keep on doing it guys. 

  84. American Idol fans are now dominated by teenage girls who are craving for the hands of good-looking guys in the competition. I wouldn’t be surprised if either Phillip or Colton wins. I wouldn’t be surprised as well if they don’t became popular. Take note of those who win AI but did not become that popular as to compare with Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. I think its time for the Americans to learn their lesson from the past seasons. Vote for the voice; not for the looks. 🙂

    • Colton and Phillip are amazing singers to. For people, it also depends on the style of music the people sing. 

    •  I’m not a teen girl and I have voted for Colton and Phillip. I vote for the person I think will mostly likely succeed commercially and who I would actually pay to download their songs. America is tired of Diva music and is why the girls haven’t done well the last few years. However, I think Skylar could change that, she’s not a Diva. I’m not a big country fan, but I can see Skylar being one of the girls who would sell lots of downloads with the country crowd. 

    • For the umpteenth time!! The median age that watches American Idol is 48!!! It has gone up 14 years since Kelly Clarkson won.  Just stop with the whole teenage girl thing.

  85. Oooh… Someone’s messing with Wikipedia today…

    I just saw this recently:

    Top 7 (second week) – Songs From The Cinema/Motown

    Mentor: TBA

    The contestants will sing 2 solos each.

    Song (original artist)

    Hollie Cavanagh
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Phillip Phillips
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Elise Testone
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Colton Dixon
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Skylar Laine
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Joshua Ledet
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Jessica Sanchez
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Elise Testone
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Joshua Ledet
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Jessica Sanchez
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Phillip Phillips
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Skylar Laine
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Colton Dixon
    “TBA” (TBA)

    Hollie Cavanagh
    “TBA” (TBA)
    It looks like some people are taking AI far too seriously…
    Well, the page will most probably be edited after I post this…

    Bottom line: Don’t ALWAYS trust Wikipedia.

  86. I can’t help noticing the result show this week and the contestants were very relaxed with smile on their faces, they did not look nervous at all.   Maybe they already knew that nobody would go home this week,  or maybe  they knew it would only be  drama…..drama……drama !!!   

    I think AI created this drama on the show and see how people react to it and I am sure there will be more viewers next week.

     I am start wondering whether my votes REALLY count AFTER ALL !!!!


  87. What if nobody is messing with Wikipedia and the results for next week were just leaked? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s only a set up! Well, if this are the results we’ll be here commenting next week

  88. I seriously think it was a matter of “everyone thinking everyone” would vote for Jessica so they voted for others.   There was no malicious intent there whatsoever!  Jessica is a great singer and so are the other contestants.  May the best one win!!

  89. Jessica she deserved to save the judges she deserve to stay. Good job judges!

  90. The producers are no dummies. They want two song each so they can stretch thier cash cow into a one hour show. With the lack of money they pay the performers, I would not be surprised if American Idol has grossed more profit than any show in television history.

  91. In my opinion, so far, this latest Jessica Sanchez fiasco is
    rivaled only by the Second Place finish of Adam Lambert.

    All, and I mean ALL of the American Idol Websites that I
    visit, message boards, discussion forums, feedback blogs, entertainment sites,
    and so on, clearly have Jessica Sanchez way out in front.  The opinion polls consistently put her way
    ahead of the competition.

    But here’s the deal, every site EXCEPT AMERICAN IDOL has a
    one vote per person method of voting.

    People who are even slightly tech savvy can figure out how
    to have a computer and/or iPhone vote for an A.I. Contestant a jillion times in
    a matter of moments.

    Even so, the difficulty with that theory is that it wouldn’t
    prevent others from voting  for Jessica.

    There’s no way to erase or delete a vote.  At least I’m rather inclined to believe that
    there isn’t.  I have little use for
    conspiracy theorists.

    So what’s going on? 
    Do the teeny tweeny girls have that much power and influence?  That seems to be a rather popular notion and
    theoretical explanation.  Again remember,
    no female has won since 2007, that was five years ago.

    Could Nigel be rigging this thing? I’m again not inclined
    toward such thinking, but I find it very difficult to come up with anything
    that resembles logic, reason and common sense.

  92. I do not understand why so many people are shocked that Jessica was in the bottome 3 last week.  I say this for two reasons:

    1- As great a singer as Jessica is, she is not a great performer. And because of that I and apparently a lot of other people seldom feel a connection to her performance.
    2- But the biggest reason see was in the bottome 3 is because Jessica is not a cute, young boy. And cute, young boys are the ones that most all the pre-teen girls vote for. And those pre-teen girl are the ones who vote 1000 time a night. And because of those pre-teen girl voters I highly suspect we will have mid level talants like Phillip and Colton facing off in the finale. Sad, but true.

    • Hi Foxstar,

      If this is acurate, how do you explain Deandre’s departure, perhaps the pre-teen girls  fell asleep?? Maybe homework,?or dad finally took the smart phone away? what about the time frame, voting starts at 10pm
      this is mid-week , school week, would you allow your pre-teen schooler
      stay past that hour so they can abuse the smart phones?

      How about this suggestion, have you considered older women voting for this guys????? We seem to blame the pre-teens only, I think there are other more significant factors that we fail to account.

    •  I disagree with your reasons,  what can you say about Joshua and Elise.   My opinion is that this is a reality TV show and producers sometimes have to make it more exciting and controversial to attract attention.    I could be wrong but it is just so unbelievable that the 3 best singers last week were in the bottom three.   As I have stated just my opinion and to the producers I could be wrong. 

  93. Why is it that the Jess fans are the only ones that get on this site and just beg and plead for votes? Supporting her and voicing your opinion on how wonderful she is is one thing, but getting on here and begging for people to Vote Vote Vote is pitiful! And if we voted for someone other than Jessica, that doesn’t make us ‘haters’ or racist, that’s just getting to be a bit ridiculous. She is Not my favorite but I do like her, but reading many of these posts I can see why some people are getting tired of her.

    • It could be that people are getting more tired of her fans’ than they are of her. Her fans are killing her dream for her.

    • well,  just in case you didn’t know, she got eliminated last week and was saved. It’s so simple, the fans are pleading to fellow fans who forgot to vote last week bcause they thought she was safe and didn’t care to vote.  

  94. It is hard to choose as they are all good. I do think Holly needs to step it up and find her confidence. She is amazing but she needs to believe she can do anything.I agree Judges were unprofessional esp. Jennifer. What is up with Steven lately he doesn’t seem like himself the last couple episodes. I also think Ryan should not ask the judges on who they believe is safe. That really upsets me as it feels as if they are trying to persuade my vote.

    • that’s what the judges are there for. are you suggesting that they just sit there and do nothing?

  95. Mu husband asked me too look at Skylar face, and I did. It didn’t look like Skyler was  happy that Jessica got saved.

  96. Dave Matthews Theme…..lots to choose from, very current, well known, and no Diva music. Could really push some of them to new heights.

  97. How about Viewer’s Choice? Since AI is very much on FB and Twitter, they might as well get a consensus on most suggested songs specially on episodes sing songsof their idols and this decade. Almost everyone commented on wrong song choices, might as well give in to what their viewers want to hear them sing. Then let us see who they blame now…

    • great idea but the powers that be are not intelligent enough to listen to your suggestion!!

    •  For Movies, What I want:
      Skylar- Ever Ever After From Enchanted
      P2- Another Day from Rent
      Jessica- And I Am Telling You or Listen from Dreamgirls
      Hollie – Go The Distance from Hercules
      Colton- I Caught Myself from Twilight
      Joshua- Run And Tell That from Hairspray
      Elise- Hallelujah from Shrek

  98. How about Oscar-winning songs for one song and singer’s choice for the other.
    Really, I’d like any song that gets a good performance from the contestant, some intelligent, helpful comments from the judges, and  no nasty remarks from the bloggers about hate or race. Guess I have about as much chance of all that as winning the lottery!

  99. if you think that jessica doing nothing with the ‘stuttering’ song, try to sing it pitch correctly first….
    it’s tough man…

  100. TMZ REPORTED 5-16-2012

    AI producers knew Jess got lowest votes and informed the judges prior to the show and encouraged them to use their save

  101. American Idol finalist Phillip Phillips’ family can’t afford to watch
    him perform live in Hollywood — so his hometown in Georgia is banding
    together … to raise money to send ’em there .

    According to sources, it costs about $3,000 to fly out Phillip’s family
    from Leesburg, GA to Los Angeles — and the Phillipses simply can’t
    afford to make the trip … despite their son making it to the finals.

  102. Jessica performed songs that were  forgotten and revived them(especially ” everybody has a dream” can’t stop playing it), now that’s guts and talent.

  103. Jessica’s supporters became so confident that they forgot to cast their votes last time. hope they will be more vigilant this time and never let the opportunity slip away. so VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! for Jessica until she’s proclaimed the WINNER this year.

  104. The judges are right Jessica Sanchez is a great singer ever, Americans please vote for an idol who really deserves to win She’s not an American by blood but she’s the best singer.

  105. The judges are right Jessica Sanchez is a great singer ever, Americans please vote for an idol who really deserves to win She’s not an American by blood but she’s the best singer.

  106. Jessica’s last song was pretty bad, yet the judges fail to critize her.
    Give me a break.
    Skylar seems to be the most entertaining, don’t know if she has the best voice though.

  107. Jéssica,
    Meu nome é Leila, moro em uma cidade chamada Belo Horizonte no estado de Minas Gerais, no Brasil. Gostaria de agradecer primeiro à Deus, por ter te dado a oportunidade de poder desfrutar do que há de melhor, que é a vida e, gostaria muito de poder agradecer ao programa por ter nos dado a oportunidade de ouvir a melhor voz deste mundo, que é a sua. Este dom que Deus te deu, está trazendo a felicidade para muitos, pois, a minha família ama poder ouvir você cantar e, os meus filhos ficam muito emocionados por saber que você é tão jovem e já transmite esta responsabilidade, segurança, confiança, competência… enfim, tudo isso no que você faz.
    Desejamos à você toda felicidade do mundo e, que você possa conquistar não só o programa, mas, como todo o mundo!

  108. I want to no we’re Elise gets all her clothe or were I can get her similar style thank you

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