American Idol Judges on Why Majesty Rose Was Eliminated [Interview]

American Idol judges Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban were all sorry to see Majesty Rose York eliminated this week, but each of them had good reasons for why she went home. In post-eviction interviews on Thursday night with FOX Audio Central, the American Idol 2014 judges talked about what they think went wrong for Majesty Rose.


For J-Lo, Majesty just didn’t have enough time to grow into her potential. Harry felt like Majesty just wasn’t connecting with the viewers. Keith thinks Majesty’s last performance just wasn’t good enough.

Why do you think Majesty Rose was eliminated this week?

Jennifer Lopez: “I don’t know, I just think there was a part of us that all thought that Majesty could have won this when we first saw her in her city and then [again] during Hollywood week. She just stood out. She had a certain kind of earthiness and realness to her and her voice was pure. And I just think she just needed a little bit more time, so her performances weren’t matching up to what we knew she was capable of. But sometimes you just need time to get there. This may have been too fast a trajectory. But I still wholeheartedly believe in her as an artist and think that she should continue with her career. I mean she’s going to go on tour. She’s going to get all that experience and then everything is going to just take off for her I’m sure.”

Why didn’t America vote for Majesty this week?

Harry Connick Jr.: “It’s tough to try to figure that out, you know? I kind of felt that maybe she wasn’t connecting but it’s hard to say why. You know, all three of us are really proud of her and her journey and we all think she’s so extraordinary. I mentioned on the show last night that maybe it was because of such diversity in song choice. A lot of times you have to treat each single artist differently, and some people you would give some advice that you would not give to the next person. And I always thought that, I don’t know; this is just a guess: maybe Majesty was kind of spreading herself too thin stylistically. I’m not really sure, but we’re just sad to see her go.”

Majesty’s elimination proves that every performance counts…

Keith Urban: “I think it’s really about each performance. ‘Cause I think, you know, she’s been in the top three a lot and for whatever reason the performance last night didn’t register with everybody as much as previous performances have, so who knows? It’s a funny thing when we have to deliberate and make a decision. Everyone’s booing us not saving her, but what we’re really doing is agreeing with the rest of America.”

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  1. Majesty lost confidence when she was in the bottom. She got the MK”itist! Probably should have taken “Beta Blockers’ like MK. I heard that eating green apples before going in front of an audience helps also. Sam has also got the MK’itist! He also needs to get over it “fast” if he wants to stay much longer!

  2. Too many obscure songs on American Idol. While a lot of us know Florence and the machine most people don’t !! Look at the other song choices- same thing in alot of cases

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