American Idol Judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson Reunite?

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American Idol has being doing it’s best for years to prop up flagging ratings. They’ve tried new American Idol judges galore from talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to crazy fashion explosion Nicki Minaj. Every year, however, it seems harder for the show to recapture the magic of the old days.

So what might be the next step for American Idol 2015 or beyond? Well, why not out with the new and bring back the old? How about a reunion of original American Idol judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson? If Mr. Bad himself has anything to say about it, we might just see it happen!


In a teasing message posted on Twitter this week, Simon Cowell waxed poetic about the glory days of American Idol when he sat behind the judges’ table with Randy and Paula. With one little tweet, he basically threw the doors wide open to a possible invitation for him and his fellow former American Idol judges to return.

Now that The X Factor USA has been cancelled, we don’t see any reason why Simon Cowell couldn’t hop back on board the Idol train with baby momma Lauren Silverman and new son Eric in tow. But would bringing back the old American Idol judges be a good thing for the show?

Would you like to see the old crew return for American Idol 2015 or maybe for the final season whenever that happens? Or do you think Simon, Randy, and Paula are best left in the closet of past American Idol judges, never to reunite on the show again?




  1. i would LOVE to see simon back but i would keep harry connick jr., who also tells the truth without the sugarcoating. i’d also like to see kara diaguardi back. she was really good and fair as a judge.

    • @ pr63. Harry and Simon wouldn’t get along for five minutes. Simon is a has-been.

  2. I will stop watching if Simon returns. I never watched a single episode of X-Factor and will never watch anything involving Simon again.

    • I love Simon, he is the best. Harry is my favorite if Simon isn’t around to judge – although they are different. Harry wants to teach the contestants how to be their very best as singers and performers, and Simon wants to make the most money possible off of them.

      • People are not watching the show to take lessons !! JLo and Keith want to feel the music, which I would think all of us want.

  3. The final season of AI should end with a bang. The auditions that take place in different cities should be judged by the different judges the show’s had throughout prior years. The Hollywood week should be judged by bringing out the ‘Fab Four’. Each subsequent week of finals should have the different judges AI has had through the years (taking their seats at the panel of judges desk as they’d done in their respective seasons of judging). As a grand Finale, bring back the ‘Fab Four’ to judge the final competition. The final show would have all AI season’s judges seated in the audience. That would be a historical ending to a historic run!

    • Love your idea! Although I would like a reunion of Simon, Randy and Paula, and the chemistry from this year’s judges is pretty cool, it’s the singers who make the show. With few exceptions, this crowd this year is just not that talented. I watched the other night for the first time in a few weeks just to see if I erred. Beyond Caleb and Jena, the singers are pretty average. Nothing personal against them, just no better than a lot of high school singers. THus I co9uld not care less what happens and I just tune in every once in a while for fun.

      So although the original judges would be great, I just don’t think that’s enough to save Idol. Also, no offense, but Kara – OMG she was the worst of all time. If she said one more time, :I just don’t know who you are as an artist” I think I would kick in my tv – and I’m not prone to violence. Hated her. Then again I loved Nikki – odd person but she told it like it was and you always knew where you stood. Mariah was just too much of a diva and too busy worrying about her cleavage and her hair to be of any use, and Randy was just Randy. Poor Keith in the middle but he survived. Anyway I’m off topic. Sure bring back the original judges and perhaps they can be a bit more select in their “idols”. After seeing 100 thousand candidates, they have to be able to do a better job of bringing in some talent than this years judging panel.

  4. This would be a dream come true if it happens and I only want it to happen if its the final season of American Idol. Why? Because I really love these judges, the chemistry is wonderful between the three of these judges but if next season is the last season I want the original judges to reunite!!!!!!!!

  5. No, I am sorry I would not watch it the. The calibre of the judges this year is far beyond anything Idol has ever seen.

  6. No no no. I actually like the judges we have this year, and I will not watch the show anymore if the old ones come back. Harry is fair but stern. He is honest on how things are and shows that in a respectable manner. Simon would just throw out blatant insults for rating boosts. No, keep the judges we have.

  7. Actually, I have been watching American Idol for years, and faithfully! Randy is truly annoying! If he says…”he/she’s in it to win it” one more time – I’ll shut my TV off! Don’t bring him back! Simon is Simon, but he actually came to be a bit nicer to the contestants, without as many negative comments – – he was actually very good on XFactor. I still like Simon – he’s very experienced. Paula is sweet – – but I LOVE Jennifer Lopez. Now…THAT is a classy woman! She is my idol…excellent actor, dancer, singer, and I LOVE the way she treats each contestant very special. There’s no need for negative comments. All the kids are up there being very nervous and excited at the same time. Something has to be said for that. I think all of the kids in their own way do a nice job and if for nothing else, they deserve honesty with respect. Don’t the judges remember when they were new and nervous? I think it’s great that these kids have a once in a lifetime chance to become the American Idol and get a recording contract. I hope it does continue on. Keith Urban is GREAT, too! LOVE HIM! He’s honest and respectful. Last year, American Idol was not that great – the judges were so/so. But this year is one of the BEST years I’ve watched. Harry started off great – very knowledgeable…but he needs to make a few less comments than he does. He goes a little too far sometimes and takes over too much. But I like him. He’s okay. I will probably still continue to watch American Idol along with all of the other TV singing shows, but I just want to say that I love this year’s judges and if next year they bring back the old judges, I will still enjoy the show, but don’t want to see Randy there! Good Luck! I do hope my son auditions again because he was REAL CLOSE to making it during Hollywood week. I’ll get the real deal on how it is if he finally does make it!!!! I’d be thrilled after watching the show for all these years!

  8. Defanitely no to the originals. I liked them then but their time has past. Keith and Harry have the best advice for the kids which it should be about.Jodeen Aven

    • @ Jodeen Your comment is exactly correct. Keith and Harry are great together and I can see they genuinely like each other.

  9. I would keep Harry & Keith and find someone new instead of JLo. Harry teaches the contestants how to make themselves better without the rudeness of Simon. Keith is the ‘uplifter’ for the most part. Both of them are more concerned with the contestants than themselves which is how I see JLo. She’s more concerned about herself (looks, singing, being in the limelight etc). We need a better role model for these young girls than a 40 something woman trying to be 21 again. Don’t get me wrong, I commend her for staying in shape I just don’t think she needs to flaunt it on AI.

    • @ Air I have to agree with you 100 percent. I also like JLo, but it is embarrassing watching her acting like a teenager. Love Keith and Harry. I also think they have the camera on JLo too much, I’d like to see Keith and Harry’s reaction to some of the performances instead of JLo all of the time.

  10. Greatest panel of judges this year !!! Love all three of them. Keith Urban my favorite and as long as Keith is on American Idol I won’t miss a second of it.

  11. I cannot believe they would ever consider bringing Simon back. I never watched one show of X Factor, he had his time, it’s over. I adore the panel of judges this year especially Keith and Harry !!!

  12. Not that anyone cares what I do, but when Keith Urban leaves, I leave also. He doesn’t get credit for giving stern comments, he does but says something nice after he tells them the truth.

  13. J-Lo won’t be back. Replace her with Paula, then add a fourth judge which is a rotating Idol alumni. For the Hollywood rounds this judge should be Simon. Film him with Randy, Paula and Ryan having dinner that is shown at the beginning of the first Hollywood round episode. Keep Randy in the mentor role. Then all original judges are back in some capacity, while retaining Keith and Harry.

  14. i like this years judges all three of them.. but i would love to see the three original back in action… even if they just brought simon back with harry and randy

  15. I say keep Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban, but have Jennifer Lopez leave the panel. There have been many people who don’t like how childish she’s been acting, and that may be what’s hurting the show. As a replacement, they should have someone that doesn’t act childish and is a true judge and tells things as it is.

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