American Idol Ratings Season 13 Episode 2 – Numbers Dip But Remain Strong

The American Idol ratings are in for last night’s Season 13 premiere wrap-up. Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban jumped between Austin and San Francisco looking for talent and an audience. It seems they found one of those two.

Ronald White on American Idol 2014
Ronald White on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Just like we saw on Wednesday’s premiere ratings for Idol, the numbers were down about 20% but the show still managed to take in a win for the household ratings, according to TV Media Insights. Of course it might not have hurt its chances to be up against repeats even if it did lose to “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Millers” running repeats. Ouch.

In the first hour, 8-9PM, American Idol ratings were around 11.8 million but had a very healthy jump to 13.8 during the second hour. It looks like that boost in viewers may have been travelers from CBS’s shows during the first half of last night’s auditions show.

So yes, the numbers were down for American Idol, but everyone expected it. Secondly the “down numbers” were still good ones especially when it’s winning time slots. Once word continues to spread on just how good this new season looks I think we’ll see things start to pick up for Season 13.

Video: American Idol premiere ratings are lowest ever

Source: TV Media Insights, TV By the Numbers, & MJs




  1. I guess people have been turned off to Idol because of last season but I agree once the word gets out and the season starts the numbers should pick up. I just LOVE these three judges. Harry Connick Jr. is a hoot!!!!!

  2. Too Many Reality Competitions!
    I think the ratings will never be same as Idol golden ages (season 4-5), But still Idol is the best (I dont give a S#.. about Emmy Award). Season 12 aside, look at season 10 and 11 winners career, they are already stars. I Think Idol have at least 11 M diehard fan who care about singers and will support them in their careers but The Voice viewers only want fun and entertainment and Voice will never have any to-be-star winner anytime soon.

  3. These are THE WORST judges in the 13 year history of the show, except for Nicki Minaj, who is the absolute worst judge that was ever on the show and perhaps will be credited with the shows obvious eventual demise. Harry Connick , Jr., is a close second.

    • I think IDOL needs someone like Harry Connick, Jr. The problem with the show is the way contestants are picked giving far more weight to some sappy contrived story over the depth of talent a contestant can delivering in a verse or two of one or two songs before they are either passed on to next round or cut. Thats show biz but not a really good way to thoroughly evaluate whether a person has the gumption and maturity to handle the pressures of performing on a big stage.

  4. Harry is a strict judge for those that will just get a free trip to Hollywood, CA and move “No further”!

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